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WESS Publications Committee Minutes

ALA Midwinter Meeting – Dallas

Sunday, January 22, 2012 from 4:00-5:30 P.M.

in the Dallas Convention Center, A134


Committee members: Michelle Emanuel (WESS Secretary), Dick Hacken (Webmaster), Timothy Shipe (Publications Committee Chair)

Guests: Gail Hueting (WESS Chair), Brian Vetruba (WESS Past Chair)

1. Newsletter

Jennifer Bonnet, the new editor of the newsletter, reported through Tim Shipe that the transition had gone smoothly, and that she had received plenty of content from cooperative WESS members. Committee members expressed their approval of the latest issue and their thanks to Jen for taking on this responsibility so ably. April 15 was suggested as a deadline for submissions for the Spring issue.

2. WESSWeb

Hacken had no major issues to report in connection with our use of SiteGround as a hosting service. Our service will be automatically renewed unless we cancel by May 16. The charge is billed to Brian’s personal credit card; it will presumably eventually be necessary to change this arrangement. This hosting service is so far looking quite favorable for our WESS needs, but we will re-evaluate it in the summer.

Anthony Oddo, who was unable to attend Midwinter, compiled the responses to the survey of the WESSWeb that the committee administered last summer. The remainder of the meeting was devoted to a discussion of the results.

A total of 26 responses were received, all from section members. The responses reflected a high level of satisfaction with the site. Virtually all of the respondents consult WESSWeb at least once a month, and they consult all areas of the site, but with much heavier use of internal information about the section than external information such as the subject portals. Responses were quite positive regarding ease of navigation and use, as well as ease of editing the wiki.

There were a few suggestions of additional features that might be desirable. A number of these would be difficult to implement either because of the wiki format or because of limited bandwidth and storage space.

Many of the most significant comments seemed to relate more to section communication in general rather than the WESSWeb specifically. In particular, individuals commented on the need to keep information more current.

The committee wishes to remind all section officers, including committee chairs and discussion group leaders, that it is their responsibility to keep information on their groups current.

The compilation will be made available on the committee’s section of the WESSWeb.

Respectfully submitted, Timothy Shipe

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