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DRAFT WESS Publications Committee Minutes

ALA Annual Conference – Anaheim

Saturday 23 June 2012 from 4:00-5:30 P.M.

in the Disneyland Hotel Columbia Room


Committee members: Jennifer Bonnet (newsletter editor), Michelle Emanuel (WESS Secretary), Dick Hacken (Webmaster), Timothy Shipe (Publications Committee Chair)

Guests: Gail Hueting (WESS Chair)

1. Newsletter

Bonnet reported that the first two issues she has edited have gone well. WESS members are providing an increased number of good contributions. Bonnet was given a file of back issues in paper form; she will pass these on to the ALA archives.

2. WESSWeb

Hacken reported continued satisfaction with SiteGround’s hosting of WESSWeb. Since the migration to Wiki format in 2006, there have been almost 4 million views and 20,000 edits (counting both the BYU and SiteGround incarnations). There are currently 199 registered users, and the site is at 50 percent capacity. The committee agreed that we must again remind committee and discussion group chairs of their responsibility to keep their portion of the site current (especially with regard to agendas, minutes, and committee memberships). Hacken will ask the Executive Committee to identify a new member to provide personal credit card information to SiteGround.

Respectfully submitted, Timothy Shipe

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