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We are now into the second year of the merger of WESS and SEES. The structural elements are in place but we still have work ahead of us as we figure out how to join our websites, committees, and discussion groups. I think the social part of the merger is just as important as the structural parts and we are still getting to know each other’s names, faces, and job responsibilities.

This fall, ESS will be conducting a survey in order to get to know our members a little better. The membership of WESS and of SEES has shifted over time due to retirements, job changes, and changes to library structures. We want ESS to meet the needs of its members and to do that we need to know more about your job responsibilities and the types of things you’d like ESS to help with. Along those lines there will be a meeting at MidWinter in Seattle called “Special Topics: Slavic structures for ESS” (tentatively scheduled for 1-2pm Sat. Jan 26) where we’ll consider whether we might create new Discussion Groups or Committees within ESS to better support those working in Slavic Studies. Also, I will be attending the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies meeting in December to try understand how ASEEES and ESS can complement, but not duplicate, each other in supporting Slavic Studies librarianship.

Larisa Walsh has updated the authority records for SEES, WESS, and ESS. Joanneke Elliot and Manuel Ostos have created an ESS “catalog card” (Larisa created the call number for it) which we will use to promote the section at conferences. This is a reboot of a catalog card Katie Gibson created for WESS a couple of years ago.

We managed to compress the schedule of ESS meetings for MidWinter 2019 in Seattle into just two days: Saturday and Sunday (plus a Happy Hour Friday evening for those who are available). This is an experiment in scheduling, made possible by the high number of virtual meetings being held in lieu of face to face meetings at MidWinter. I’m not sure we’ll be able to do the same thing for Annual in Washington, DC, but we will try. Program planning for the 2019 Annual conference is well underway, lead by Co-Chairs Joe Lenkart and Adan Griego . We’ve got a great lineup of speakers for an ESS program called “Digital Humanities: A Pan-European Perspective”. Many of the Discussion Groups will offer programming at Annual, but DGs enjoy a more flexible timeline for scheduling, so those details won’t be announced until spring.

If you have thoughts on ways we might make ESS more valuable to those working in European Studies librarianship, please let me know.

Ann Snoeyenbos

WESSWeb > WESS Newsletter > Fall 2018 > Notes from the ESS Chair Fall 2018

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