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General Membership Meeting Minutes
Jim Niessen, Secretary

WESS General Membership Meeting
Wyndham Magnolia Room, Orlando
Monday, June 28, 2004 10:30 AM

(Attending: Andy Alferovs, Frances Ott Allen, Gordon Anderson, Anne Barnhart, Helene Baumann, Nancy Boerner, Yvonne Boyer, James Burgett, Paula Carns, Sam Dunlap, Nancy DuPree, Michelle Emanuel, Dick Hacken, Hank Harken, Jerry Heverly, Tom Izbicki, Ineke de Jong, Sean Knowlton, Dennis Lambert, David Lincove, Thea Lindquist, Eudora Loh, Rebecca Malek-Wiley, Mike Markiw, Jon Marner, Shawn Martin, Candace Miller, Jim Niessen (recorder), Heleni Pedersoli, Kati Radics (substitute chair), Bryan Skib, Ann Snoeyenbos, Emily Stambaugh, Heather Ward, Paul Vermouth)

1. Substitute Chair

In the absence of Beth Remak-Honnef, WESS Chair Kati Radics chaired the Membership Meeting.

2. Reports of WESS Committees

  • Coutts Nijhoff Award Committee:
Gordon Anderson reported on behalf of the committee (Alferovs, Anderson, Niessen, Snoeyenbos) that amid several excellent applications the committee selected Helene Baumann’s proposal. Alferovs made a presentation to Helene on behalf of Coutts-Nijhoff. She then spoke briefly about her project: to translate into English the German thesaurus of the Frankfurt City and University Library’s online German colonial Society Archive, and to carry out a scholarly study of the archive.
  • Membership Committee:
Thea Lindquist reported that a planned dinner social on Saturday evening in Orlando, which replaced the annual cruise for budgetary reasons, had to be cancelled due to under-registration. This was due to lower attendance at Annual after the Paris conference, among other factors. More than 20 showed up for an informal dinner at the same location.
The new Membership Committee will work on plans for a cruise at ALA Annual in Chicago.
The committee discussed how to expand membership in WESS-L, which includes only half of WESS’ 600 members. Marje Schuetze-Coburn is manager of the list, and Candace Miller is incoming chair of the committee.
  • Publications Committee:
Rebecca Malek-Wiley reported that, in view of only four committee members being able to attend, the committee refrained from formal actions. There was a consensus of attending members and non-members, however, on two matters. It was agreed, first, that revisions might be made to the text of the online Newsletter without special notice if they are not substantive, and with a note if they are substantive. Second, the members in attendance agreed with Tom Kilton’s proposals that the editorial committee of the Paris Conference Proceedings be entrusted with this editorial work as a subcommittee of the Publications Committee, and that the proceedings be published with ACRL. There were reports about WESSWeb and the Membership Directory.
  • Research & Planning Committee:
Ann Snoeyenbos reported that the committee had a discussion about the work of the Subcommittee on Recruitment, and would recommend to the Executive Committee that the subcommittee be given full committee status. Research & Planning will organize 10-20 minute presentations on ongoing research for Midwinter. It will issue a call for presenters to go out in September or October.
  • 2004 Paris Conference Planning Committee [ad hoc]:
Kati Radics summarized a report sent via email by committee chair Jeffry Larson. The March 22-26 Paris conference had 114 participants. After hearing many excellent papers, the participants passed two resolutions: recommending that WESS initiate planning for a third international conference in Europe within 5-7 years, and that it establish a committee that would investigate the possibility of establishing a French-American Resources Project on the model of the German Resources Project.
  • Cataloging Discussion Group:
Jon Marner reported that the committee’s meeting had an open agenda. Discussion topics included OCLC cataloging of parallel titles, RLIN21, recruitment issues, and an initiative by Harrassowitz to create fuller records.
  • Classical, Medieval, & Renaissance Discussion Group:
Jerry Heverly reported that there were two presentations in response to requests made in San Diego: Tom Izbicki and Jerry Heverly each spoke for 30 minutes about the basics of collection development work medieval and classical studies, respectively. They will consult about how to disseminate the reports. Karen Green is the incoming chair.
  • Germanist Discussion Group:
James Burgett reported there were two presentations: by Frances Ott Allen about the German-Americana Collection at the University of Cincinnati, and by Dick Hacken about a Tuvan writer in German. Following the presentations there were discussions about other German-American collections and non-German writers in German.
Sam Dunlap is the incoming chair of the discussion group.
  • Romance & Special Topics Discussion Groups:
Emily Stambaugh reported that the two discussion groups held a joint meeting. There were two presentations: by Mary Wilke of the Center for Research Libraries on cooperative collection development in Mediterranean studies, and by Mary Gay Anderson of Florida International University on the implications of EU expansion in language practices and law. Then there was a discussion of the WESSWeb subdirectories for Romance areas, with presentations by Heleni Pedersoli and Dick Hacken about the French and Iberian pages, respectively. Bryan Skib is the incoming chair.
  • Scandinavian Discussion Group:
Gordon Anderson gave an update about the group’s meeting in San Diego and announced he plans on attending the Gothenburg (Göteborg) Book Fair in September. There was a discussion of immigration and globalization in Scandinavia, and it was noted that the IFLA meeting in 2005 will be in Oslo. The group examined the periodical indexes that are freely accessible on the home pages of national libraries in Scandinavian countries.
  • Social Science & History Discussion Group:
There was an open agenda meeting, touching on issues in library work in European studies, the impact of budgets on foreign language acquisitions, the status of foreign language specialist positions, the use and placement of bibliographies in libraries, journal cancellations, e-journals and e-books, newspaper subscriptions, and the SS/H website. David Duncan was elected secretary of the discussion group, and Thea Lindquist is the incoming chair.
  • Program Planning Committee for 2005:
Heather Ward reported that the program will be in Chicago on Monday June 27 on digitizing manuscripts, East and West, in conjunction with SEES. Good contacts have been made for presentations on Byzantine and Slavic manuscripts, and the committee is looking for ideas and contacts with respect to Western manuscripts. Eudora Loh noted that there has been an ARL survey of special collections that may be useful in identifying relevant collections.

3. Other Reports

Gordon Anderson reported on current plans for the Frankfurt Book Fair, which will take place on October 6-10. Dr. Andreas Werner has organized a preconference for October 4-5, to be chaired by Jeff Garrett. The Arab World is the fair’s honored guest this year, and we hope that ACRL will once again offer as many as four travel stipends. Plans are being made for staying in Gelnhausen. It was suggested that we ask ACRL-AAMES (the African, Asian, & Middle Eastern Section) to help invite applications for stipends. The WESS Executive Committee will solicit and judge applications for stipends.

Kati Radics thanked the attendees for a good year and for coming to Orlando.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jim Niessen, WESS Secretary 2003-2004

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