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WESS Membership Committee

2013 ALA Midwinter Conference
Virtual meeting

Membership numbers

  • Numbers are close to 400, what can we do to support and recruit new members?
  • Get to know WESS sessions before happy hour, social, and annual conference program
  • Promotional materials
  • Flier - "WESS Can help you..."
  • Update new member page on the wiki

ACRL Survey of membership

Midwinter social 2013

  • What can be better for next year?
  • promote social to new members directly
  • Notes on this location for future conferences
  • recommended, worked well

Social for Chicago

  • Cruise: vendors interested in supporting specifically the cruise, we'll proceed to plan cruise
  • To accomodate members unable to attend a cruise, we'll also plan for an informal happy hour gathering
  • Would it be a good idea to plan a happy hour for ACRL in Indianapolis?

Buddy and mentoring programs

  • "Conference mentoring"--pair a new member attending conference with an experienced WESS member
  • Invite most recent 2 years of new members to events in addition to our usual event promotion
  • Reminder: be sure to send messages to mentoring program assignments, we report these statistics to ACRL

Action Items

  • Everyone: Send mentoring program messages
  • Everyone: Send Blake possible happy hour locations in Indianapolis by March 1
  • Ann: Send Katie notes on flier and new member page by March 1
  • Blake: Happy hour reservation by mid-March for promotional materials
  • Ann & Katie: Revise new member page and create flier by mid-March
  • Katie: Send messages for conference mentoring program by mid-March for ACRL annual conference
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