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ALA Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL
Saturday, June 29, 2013
10:30-11:30 A.M.
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Columbus EF

I. Membership numbers updates:
-We continue to hover around 450
II. Happy hour debrief
-Helping people meet each other went well
-35 people attended
-Free food for next year, ask fundraising for special consideration on that
III. Cruise logistics
-Membership members will be appointed to give directions to the members as they arrive
-Katie at the gate to check attendance
-Leave by 5, arrive to welcome people
-Helping people meet each other, membership committee pay special attention to introductions and new members
IV. New member programs
-Conference mentoring - no participants yet, but worth continuing to offer it
-Messages and "buddy" program - especially important to contact your new members
V. Brainstorm possible additional outreach to our members
-Twitter info. out to Membership, so we can all post
-Reach out to retirees--knowledge that is leaving
-Discussion series, virtual brown bag?
-Webex in European speakers?
-Ways to be more virtual and streamline meetings to make the conference shorter
-Guidelines for presenting a professional development series and a structure
VI. Membership survey, and what we are going to do about it
-Compare ACRL findings with our membership survey, that had more responses, present findings to Exec. later
VII. Other items that came up in the meeting:
-Update our WESS flier? Important information is out of date.
VIII. Action items:
-Work with Tim to select emerging leader?
-Set up a way for the committee to start gathering ideas for Philadelphia and Las Vegas
-Investigate possibilities for online presentations
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