Membership Committee Agenda - 2011 Midwinter

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WESS Membership Committee Agenda: Midwinter 2011. San Diego, CA

Meeting info: Saturday January 8, 2011. 10:30-12 Manchester Grant Hyatt, Del Mar B

Chair: Ann Snoeyenbos ( Members: Diana Chlebek, Colin McCaffrey, Robin Canuel (not attending MW), Chella Vaidyanathan (not attending MW),

I. Introductions

II. WESS schedule for Annual 2011

June 24 2011 Friday: 5-9pm Happy Hour June 26, 2011 Sunday: 10:30-12 WESS Membership Committee June 26, 2011 Sunday : 6:30-10pm WESS dinner/cruise

III. WESS social events A. MW happy hour San Diego and happy hour New Orleans Recap and aspects to be improved

B. Annual cruise/dinner New Orleans

IV. Buddy and mentoring programs

V. Vendor pages

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