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Danish language

  • Danish Grammar   (by John Madsen) - an excellent online guide ranging from pronunciation to idioms, with links to further Danish grammars and dictionaries.

Danish literature

  • E-manuskripter - From Det Kongelige Bibliotek manuscript facsimiles from all ages of Denmark's history and literature.
  • Literature in Denmark - promoting Danish literature (among other Danish art forms), including works in translation.



Finnish language

  • Finnish Grammar (by Kimberli Mäkäräinen) - a barebones online guide for novice Finnish speakers, including a basic vocabulary section.

Finnish literature



Icelandic language

  • Mimír: Icelandic Grammar Notebook (by John Tebbutt) - a hypertext-based tool which allows the user to search and reference Icelandic grammar, including hyperlink examples between sections.

Icelandic literature

  • SagaNet (The National and University Library of Iceland and Cornell University, with the Árni Magnússon Institute) - a cooperative project of large scale digitalization of 380.000 manuscript pages and 145.000 printed pages.
  • Jörmungrund - Eddic and Skaldic poetry, some (e.g., Völuspá) with annotations and variant readings.



Norwegian language

  • Norwegian Grammar (Norwegian Teachers Association of North America) - a short guide to Norwegian word forms and word order.

Norwegian literature

  • Boknett (Forlagsentralen) - a central site for books of Norwegian literature
  • English Translations of Norwegian Children's Books (Scandinavian Studies Web/Capital Children's Museum) - a bibliography for "Trolls, Mrs. Pepperpot and Beyond: Celebrating Norwegian Children's Books," a traveling exhibit by Capital Children's Museum,  Washington, D.C.
  • Ibsen senteret (Universitetet i Oslo) - includes biographical and other information, as well as the international Ibsen bibliography (Den internasjonale Ibsen-bibliografien), with English pages.
  • Norla - Norwegian Literature Abroad. NORLA is a government-funded, non-commercial foundation which provides information on Norwegian literature and Norwegian authors.



Swedish language

  • Swedish Course (by Björn Engdahl) - a paced course for Swedish that includes audio files and (horrors!) a "final exam."

Swedish literature

  • Litteraturbanken - large collection of Swedish literature from various authors.
  • Projekt Källtext - medieval Swedish literature and a dictionary of medieval Swedish.
  • Svensk Bokhandel - serial publication with basic literary information, including book reviews, articles and prizes.

Multiple Countries

Scandinavian/Nordic languages

See Scandinavian Reference Shelf for further dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Scandinavian/Nordic literatures

  • Project Runeberg - the largest Nordic literature site on the web. Numerous literary texts online, as well as a great deal of information about Nordic literature.

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