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Purpose and Origins

To provide a discussion and information-sharing forum for librarians with particular interests in the German-speaking nations or in any aspect of German studies.
The Germanists Discussion Group, established in 1988, has a convener; it meets at the Annual and Midwinter ALA Conferences.

Current and Past Leadership


2018-2019: Kelsey Anna Sorenson
2017-2018: Diana Brooking (University of Washington, Seattle)
2014-2017: Brian Vetruba (Washington University in St. Louis)
2011-2014: Lidia Uziel (Yale University)
2011-2012: Libby Chenault (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
2010-2011: Sebastian Hierl (Harvard University)
2009-2010: Anna Shparberg (Rice University)
2008-2009: Heidi Madden (Duke University)
2007-2008: Kizer Walker (Cornell)
2006-2007: Timothy Shipe (University of Iowa)
2005-2006: Michael Seadle (Michigan State University)
2004-2005: Sam Dunlap (University of California, San Diego)
2003-2004: James Burgett (University of Kentucky)
2002-2003: Helene Baumann (Duke University)
2001-2002: Gail Hueting (University of Illinois)
2000-2001: Kati Radics (UCLA)
1999-2000: Marje Schuetze-Coburn (University of Southern California)
1998-1999: Reinhart Sonnenburg (University of California, San Diego)
1997-1998: Jeff Garrett (Northwestern University)
1996-1997: Heidi Hutchinson (University of California, Riverside)
1995-1996: Sem Sutter (University of Chicago)
1994-1995: Michael Olson (Harvard University)
1993-1994: Stephen Lehmann (University of Pennsylvania)
1992-1993: Barbara Walden (University of Minnesota)
1991-1992: Tom Kilton (University of Illinois)
1990-1991: Richard Hacken (Brigham Young University)
1989-1990: James Campbell (University of Virginia)
1988-1989: James Spohrer (University of California, Berkeley)

Meeting Schedules and Agendas

To create a new agenda:
(1) add a new line for an updated meeting date in edit mode below (following the examples below);
(2) make a copy of the template from edit mode and place it inside the link created in step 1.

Agenda Annual 2018 (New Orleans)
Agenda Midwinter 2018 (Denver)
Agenda Midwinter 2017 (Atlanta)
Agenda Annual 2016 (Orlando)
Agenda Midwinter 2016 (Boston)
Agenda Annual 2015 (San Francisco)
Agenda Midwinter 2015 (Chicago)
Agenda Annual 2014 (Las Vegas)
Agenda Midwinter 2014 (Philadelphia)
Agenda Annual 2013 (Chicago, IL)
Agenda Midwinter 2013 (Seattle)
Agenda Annual 2012 (Anaheim)
Agenda Midwinter 2012 (Dallas)
Agenda Annual 2011 (New Orleans, LA)
Agenda Midwinter 2011 (San Diego)
Agenda Annual 2010 (Washington, DC)
Agenda Midwinter 2010 (Boston)
Agenda Annual 2009 (Chicago)
Agenda Midwinter 2009 (Denver)
Agenda Annual 2008 (Anaheim)
Agenda Midwinter 2008 (Philadelphia)


To create new minutes:
(1) add a new line for an updated meeting date in edit mode below (following the examples below);
(2) make a copy of the template from edit mode and place it inside the link created in step 1.

Minutes, Annual 2018 (New Orleans)
Minutes, Midwinter 2018 (Denver)
Minutes, Midwinter 2017 (Atlanta)
Minutes, Annual 2016 (Orlando)
Minutes, Midwinter 2016 (Boston)
Minutes, Annual 2015 (San Francisco)
Minutes, Midwinter 2015 (Chicago)
Minutes, Midwinter 2013 (Seattle)
Minutes, Annual 2011 (New Orleans)
Minutes, Midwinter 2011 (San Diego)
Minutes, Annual 2010 (Washington, DC)
Minutes, Midwinter 2010 (Boston)
Minutes, Annual 2009 (Chicago)
Minutes, Midwinter 2009 (Denver)
Minutes, Annual 2008 (Anaheim)
Minutes, Midwinter 2008 (Philadelphia)
Minutes, Annual 2007 (Washington, DC)
Minutes, Midwinter 2007 (Seattle)
Minutes, Annual 2006 (New Orleans)
Program, Annual 2005 (Chicago)
Minutes, Midwinter 2005 (Boston)
Minutes, Annual 2004 (Orlando)
Minutes, Midwinter 2004 (San Diego)
Minutes, Annual 2003 (Toronto)

Electronic Discussion List

German-E is a listserv that grew out of the Germanists Discussion Group but also includes non-WESS members in Germany and the United Kingdom. It features news and discussion for librarians who work with materials from the German speaking countries.
To be included, enter a Subscription Request through the Duke Mailing List Manager. Post messages to

Other Resources

Special Collections in German Studies in North American Libraries
(a work in progress)
Reference Books
A compilation of old-fashioned reference tools.

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