German Academic Libraries -- New Trends in Management

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Mon. June 26, 10:30 – 11:30am, McCormick Place West - W181a

Academic libraries in Germany are constantly changing due to new developments in higher education influenced by digital transformations in research and instruction and study, as well as in reaction to scientific-political impulses. The changes occur in multiple fields, at various speeds, and sometimes simultaneously or unexpectedly. This results in continuous change management that encompasses various factors, such as organizational and personnel development, the library’s service offerings and cooperation with partners within and without the university. Using various examples, new trends in German academic libraries will be illustrated.

Karl-Wilhelm Horstmann
Stuttgart-Hohenheim University
Director of KIM (Center of Communication, Information, Media)

Ewald Brahms
Hildesheim University Library

Robert Zepf
Rostock University Library

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