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An Inventory of Digital Projects in German Studies
or From German-Speaking Countries

The links below are arranged by broad subject categories,
based on those used by WEBIS Sammelschwerpunkte (areas of collection emphasis) in the left-hand column
as well as by format, genre or multidisciplinary categories in the right-hand column.


  • Area Studies
    (Geographically focused multidisciplinary studies)


Consult the following sites for major interdisciplinary project listings:

Digitized pre-1800 imprints.
Portal zu Bibliotheken, Archiven, Museen.
A useful list of links compiled for German public libraries.
Literally hundreds of millions of digitized photos from German cultural institutions.
A guide to hundreds of German digital projects and the sponsoring institutions.
A guide to digital collections from European museums, archives and libraries.
  • Vascoda (2003-2011)
    Interdisciplinary internet portal sponsored by the DFG, now defunct.


See also the selective listing of digital projects at the WESS German Studies Web List of Digital Texts & Images


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and by the West European Studies Section
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