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Scholarly Societies & Institutions

Note: The following is a select list of resources.
From the University of Waterloo, which organizes the WWW pages of Scholarly Societies throughout the world.
For more links to Scholarly Societies & Institutions, see the Scholarly Societies Project
Maintained by the CICLIM (Coordination Internationale des Chercheurs sur les Littératures Maghrébines).
The overall goal of ELRA is to provide a centralized organization for the validation, management, and distribution of speech, text, and terminology resources and tools, and to promote their use within the European telematics R&TD community.
Web site on Christian Hagiography.
(Épopée animale, Fable, Fabliau)
Listing of publications, bibliography of works by Voltaire, some texts, images, etc.

Research Centers & Laboratories

From Ministère de l'Éducation Nationale

Electronic Publishing

by The Modern Language Association's Committee on Scholarly Editions.
By Charles W. Bailey, Jr. Presents selected articles, books, electronic documents, and other sources that are useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing efforts on the Internet and other networks.
Directory of online references and resources

Citation Style

This resource links to various types of citation formats.

Lecture Series

From Stanford University Libraries. The programs will explore new roles and relationships for the Humanities and Arts in the academic community as we enter the 21st Century.

Scholarly Electronic Conferences of Interest to Librarians

Deals with a variety of questions, e.g., ethics in acquisitions policy, how to fire a vendor, good sources for foreign books, and the renewal policies of Commerce Clearing House. Occasional papers about aspects of acquisitions, including collection development, appear. The listserv maintains a searchable archive.
A mailing list for French-speaking librarians and people with a professional interest in that domain.

Grants & Other Funding Sources

Maintained by the American Library Association.
The grant supports a wide variety of research topics pertaining to Western European studies, librarianship or the book trade.
Contains deadlines, guidelines, and application forms for grants.


WESSWeb > French Studies Web > French Professional Information

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