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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Jim Niessen, Secretary

WESS Executive Committee Meeting
Wyndham Magnolia Room, Orlando
Monday, June 28, 2004 12:00 PM

(Attending: Gordon Anderson, Sam Dunlap, Hank Harken, Tom Izbicki, Thea Lindquist, Eudora Loh, Rebecca R. Malek-Wiley, Jim Niessen (recorder), Kati Radics (chair), Robert J. Rohrbacher, Pam Snelson (ACRL Board Liaison), Ann Snoyenbos, Brian Vetruba, Heather Ward)

1. Approval of agenda and of the minutes for San Diego. Kati Radics determined that, with the absence of only two committee members, there was a quorum for the present meeting.

2. Reports of WESS Committee Chairs including Action Items

  • Conference Planning Committee:
Heather Ward reported the topic of the 2005 program will be the digitization of manuscripts. There will be an ongoing discussion with vendors, and SEES will bring the program non-ACRL support. We will explore possibilities of additional co-sponsorship, both for publicity and to encourage other possible funders.
  • Research & Planning Committee:
Ann Snoeyenbos reported a recommendation of the committee that its Subcommittee on Recruitment be raised to the level of a full standing committee. Excessive proliferation of committees should be avoided, but foreign language skills are at a crisis level in academic libraries. Subcommittee chair Jerry Heverly distributed a draft brief charge and extended rationale for the creation of the standing committee. He pointed out that, while the subcommittee had done much, its activity was still needed and the crisis in foreign language skills would only become more urgent. Pam Snelson noted that the new strategic plan of the ACRL, approved Saturday, includes recruitment. The Executive Committee discussed in turn whether the charge of the new committee should include recruitment of persons with subject expertise as well as language skill, and whether its work could be adequately covered by the Membership Committee. ExCom moved, seconded, and unanimously approved the following resolution:
The WESS Executive Committee establishes a new standing committee: the Committee on Recruitment to the Profession. By collaborating with various organizations, making presentations, and otherwise disseminating information, the committee promotes academic librarianship as a career path for individuals with foreign language skills.
This paragraph shall be included in the WESS Manual.
The new committee will be chaired by Jerry Heverly. Jerry and the Committee’s members will be nominated by Tom Izbicki, incoming Chair.
In view of the creation of the new committee, Radics asked WESS chairs to survey their members as to the desirability of reducing the number of WESS committees and discussion groups.
  • Ad Hoc Committee on Paris Planning:
The Executive Committee discussed the various reports submitted by Ad Hoc Committee Chair Jeffry Larson about the Paris Conference. It was agreed that the “lessons learned” by organizers are very important and should be preserved for the use of future organizers. Radics moved the following three resolutions, each of which was in turn seconded and unanimously approved:
1. The WESS Executive Committee accepts Jeffry Larson's report on the WESS International Conference 2004, and discontinues the "WESS 2004 International Conference Planning Committee" and all its subcommittees.
2. The Executive Committee of WESS congratulates the organizers and presenters of the 2nd International Conference entitled "Migrations in Society, Culture, and the Library" on the successful organization and high scholarly level of the conference.
The Executive Committee is especially grateful to Jeffry Larson, Chair of the Paris Conference Planning Committee, the Chairs of its Subcommittees, and its members for their hard work for the success of the conference. We also thank ACRL, and especially Margot Sutton, for their contribution.
3. The WESS Executive Committee proposes to the upcoming Executive Committees of the organization that they initiate planning activities leading to a third international conference to be held in Europe within 5-7 years.

3. French-American Resources Project

Radics reported that Tom Kilton had presented a paper at the Paris conference about the possibility of a French-American Resources Project dealing with bibliographic control, collection development, digital libraries, document delivery, and other issues. The participants of the conference in Paris approved a resolution about the need for a feasibility study to be carried out by a committee. Kilton would chair an ad hoc committee for this purpose; several volunteers have contacted the Paris Conference Planning Committee. Eudora Loh pointed out that the AAU/ARL Global Resources Network has determined not to establish any new global projects in 2004; but it would certainly welcome a feasibility study for further consideration. The Executive Committee moved, second, and unanimously approved the following resolution:

The WESS Executive Committee appoints an ad-hoc Committee with the charge to investigate the feasibility of a French-North American Resources Project. The Project's purpose is to facilitate cooperative programs between French and North American libraries that would benefit libraries and their users on both sides of the Atlantic. Such a project would provide for the establishment of personal ties among library specialists in multiple areas.

The incoming Chair will appoint the committee: Tom Kilton (Chair), Yvonne Boyer, Denis Lacrois, Kati Radics, Elizabeth Remak-Honnef, Kathleen Rutter, Barbara Walden, Sarah G. Wenzel, and Heather Ward.

The Executive Committee will ask Kilton to present a report at ALA Annual 2005 in Chicago.

4. Problems with the WESS Roster

Sam Dunlap, as Nominating Committee chair, had requested a copy of the WESS roster from Mary Jane Petrowski and had found its usefulness was seriously limited by lack of information on years of membership in the section and the date of prospective lapsing of membership. Pam Snelson suggested that part of the problem was a stipulation by members that their personal information not be disseminated. But it is necessary to clarify whether we are talking about membership lists for internal use or the mailing lists made available to vendors.

5. Wording for the WESS Manual about the composition of the Nominating Committee

According to the resolution approved at the previous Executive Committee meeting, Radics and Izbicki presented the following wording:

Given the responsibilities of this committee, it is usually comprised of no more than four members including more experienced members of the section (such as former committee chairs and section officers). Members should serve one-year terms. In order to provide for committee continuity and for the sharing of previous committees' information and work, at least one member should be reappointed for a second (one-year) term. No person shall serve more than three consecutive one-year terms.

6. Possible ACRL Dues Increase

Pam Snelson asked on behalf of the ACRL Board for feedback concerning a possible ACRL dues increase. The two topics being considered are a flat increase from $35 to $50, versus a three-tiered increase, graduated according to members’ salaries at $35, $50, and $75 with the bulk of the members paying $50.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jim Niessen, WESS Secretary 2003-4

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