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WESS Executive Committee
June 26, 2017 10:30-11:30 am
Hilton Chicago, Conference Room 4C

Present: Lindsay Hansen Brown, Katie Gibson, Ann Snoeyenbos, Manuel Ostos, Adan Griego, Kelsey Corlett-Rivera, Mara Egherman, Sarah Wenzel, David Lincove, Kristen Totleben

I. Introductions of new Executive members

II. New business from committee meetings at Annual

1. Funding for MLA liaison

-- Funded by groups who are interested in being represented to the MLA (WESS, LES), have a say in what the liaison is and what they do.

-- LES funds the liaison out of the next year’s budget.

-- ACRL uses the financial support to gauge interest, looks good for us.

-- Liaison reports back in the spring newsletter about what’s been done at the conference.

-- We support the liaison out of what’s left at the end of our budget, but we’d like to change that: End of year money has to be spent by Sept 1, which is pretty much supporting the flight. Changing this would allow for more flexible planning on the part of the liaison.

-- We’ll vote on: what to do about money leftover for this year, and allocating money for MLA liaison.

-- Once we have information from Megan, we’ll send out more info and electronic vote (which will be confirmed w/ in-person vote at Midwinter).

III. WESS/SEES Merger updates - see notes from General Membership

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