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ALA Annual Meeting, Orlando
June 27, 2016, 10:30-11:30 A.M.
Hilton Orlando, Conway Lake

Facilitated by Katie Gibson, WESS Vice-chair/Chair Elect


I. Welcome and introductions


Beth McNeil, ACRL Board Liaison. (Iowa State U.); Brian Vetruba (Washington U in St. Louis); Rebecca R. Malek-Wiley (Tulane U); Ann Snoeyenbos (Project Muse); Katie Gibson (Miami U of Ohio); Deb Raftus (U of Washington); Kristen Totleben (U of Rochester); Adan Griego (Stanford U); Sarah Sussman (Stanford U); Jon Marner (Texas A&M).

II. Approval of and additions to the agenda

Additions to agenda:

1. Proposed new name and charge for fundraising.

2. We should engage more with Twitter.

  • Hashtag (especially during conferences). Let’s use #wess
  • WESS member Twitter handles. Membership committee: add Twitter handle to directory for members to enter.
  • And have someone connect Facebook and Twitter.

3. WESS-L list vote

4. Recommendation: The budget should be more transparent.

III. MLA Liaison funding (ACRL Liaison, 3-year term)

Executive needs to officially approve the funding, but did not at this meeting, due to outstanding questions, and the need for formal procedures.

  • Sarah G. Wenzel is the current liaison, July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2018. [1]
  • How much funding? $273 in 2015.
  • The application for ACRL/MLA liaison is online: [2]

IV. Update on meeting with SEES and governance procedures

  • Online vote: New executive committee will vote by end of July, then will send draft of the transition plan to Beth in December for comments. Send to ACRL Board by Midwinter.
  • We will have plans in place for revisions and flexibility to meet our needs. Things that will be more procedurally encumbered, let’s think carefully.
  • There have been sections changing to interest groups, but we think we’re the first merger.
  • Careful consideration of publications, name, committees and discussion groups, newsletters, financing.
  • We can get guidance from Megan Griffin on election procedures.
  • The Chair can create an ad-hoc committee. Doesn’t need to be officers. Consider past chairs.

V. Pressing WESSWeb issues

  • We’ve been hitting a monthly limit of site hits to Siteground, due to bots and spiders, and users get blocked out every now and again, but it’s too expensive to upgrade.
  • We will explore ACRL Libguides.

VI. Discussion regarding the request for a national scholarship contribution from WESS

  • Scholarship drive for new members to go to 2017 ACRL National.
  • Let’s focus our efforts on ALA Annual and Midwinter. WESS doesn’t have any presence, not a good investment of funds. We’d be more willing to fund someone to come to annual.

VII. Motions Passed

1) Executive committee voted in approval (unanimously) of changing the name and charge of the Fundraising Committee to Vendor Relations Committee.

The Vendor Relations Committee:

  1. Conducts outreach or coordinates fundraising campaigns to support WESS activities
  2. Helps with budget and fundraising for special events (e.g. international conferences)
  3. Serves as primary liaison to vendors and organizations for outreach and fundraising purposes
  4. Works closely with ACRL, and other WESS Committees regarding finances

2) The Executive Committee unanimously approved the following motions concerning the WESS-L list

  • The list administrator will serve as a member of the Membership committee, and will be included in communications from the Publications committee.
  • The WESS Secretary will serve as back-up list administrator (job description needs updating to reflect this).

3) ACRL LibGuides account

  • Executive committee voted on and approved setting up an ACRL LibGuides account to experiment with for now.

VIII. ACRL Board updates from Beth McNeil, ACRL Board Liaison to WESS

  • LoC Outreach National and international – guest speaker
  • Information literacy framework update:
    • Old standards were rescinded officially, with an agreement to support those who have relied on the old standards, create learning goals and companion documents for the new framework.
  • ALA President Update:
    • Changes for Midwinter meeting are in discussion, but no concrete details were given.
  • The ACRL Policy on open access scholarship was approved.
  • On Monday’s agenda:
    • Budget
    • Advocacy
    • Intellectual freedom update
    • Discussion about diversity alliance. U of Wyoming, Iowa, and 2 other schools. 3-year librarian jobs from underrepresented communities. There is a potential for ACRL partnership.

Secretary’s note for future meetings

The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure (Alice Sturgis) cheat sheet: [3]

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