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ALA Midwinter Meeting, Philadelphia
Monday, January 27, 2014
10:30-11:30 A.M.
Pennsylvania Convention Center, 109B
Chaired by Timothy Shipe, WESS Chair

I. Welcome and introductions
Attendees: Jon Marner, Gaby Divay, Dick Hacken, Kristen Totleben, Jeff Staiger, Lbby Chenault, Katie Gibson, Marcus Richter, Heidi Madden, Brian Vetruba, Tim Shipe, Sarah Sussman, Gordon Anderson, Mary Ann Sheble
II. Approval of and additions to the agenda (Tim Shipe)
III. Updating WESS Governance Procedures regarding discussion groups and discussion group conveners (Tim Shipe)
-Tim presented a proposed addition to the WESS governance documents. The difficulties in locating discussion group conveners were discussed.
-Proposed additions to WESS governance documents to include a definition of discussion group conveners’ responsibilities, and processes for appointment
-Suggested additions:
-Deadline for posting conference agendas deadline (suggested by Brian Vetruba)
-Communicating re. A/V needs (suggested by Brian Vetruba)
ACTION ITEMS: Tim will make the changes, and call an email vote, which will be confirmed at annual conference
-College and research libraries discussion group
-Marcus Richter and Katie Gibson- would like to see it continue
-Marcus Richter volunteered to act as convener in a temporary unofficial capacity
-Katie Gibson raised a question brought up in the General Membership meeting: What are we getting from this discussion group that we don’t get anywhere else?
-Special Topics discussion group
-Discussion group has been inactive
-Possible solutions
-Ad hoc group
-Venue for presentation of research
-Ad hoc group that works with the a discussion group
-Proposed change: Chair of research and planning will be de facto convener for special topics
-For annual, we will work on a section in the governance documents for committee chairs
IV. Funding of next year’s study grant (Tim Shipe)
-SEES has agreed to split the cost of the DeGruyter travel grant again, so it is available to apply for in the coming year
V. ACRL Update (Mary Ann Sheble)
-Section Funding updates
-ALA will allow members to add as many sections as they would like without extra charge beginning after annual in 2014
-Proposed, will be voted on later today at the ACRL board meeting: Basic section allocations will be frozen at Aug. 2013, levels for 3 years while they explore the new model
-WESS can go to the ACRL board for more funding for special initiatives through a board action plan
-Leadership council: met to discuss ideas for strategic planning
-Proposal at ALA council to remove some of the restrictions on programming at Midwinter. Thoughts on that?
-Could cause problems with our terms and appointments of our officers, committee chairs, and volunteers
-Program review timelines would overlap
-There might be a need for 2 committees with overlapping responsibilities, one for Midwinter programs, one for Annual
-Could pose problems with our collaborators. We often collaborate with sections who do not meet in person at Midwinter.
-Questions for Mary Ann:
-Heidi: Confusion about who is expected to attend ACRL Leadership meetings
-Mary Ann will check and report back
-How do we get off of ACRL leadership mailing lists at the end of your term?
-Email list owner (who owns a mailing list can be found here: http://lists.ala.org/wws/lists -KG)
-The Bayrische Staatsbibliothek has asked to archive WESSweb. Mary Ann will bring this question back to ACRL and will give us more information about whether this is possible, and if so, the next steps.
VI. SEES update? (Tim Shipe)
-No new updates
VII. New Business
-How can we improve new member - vendor introductions?
-Can we turn to discussion group leaders to help make those connections?
- Membership offers to introduce new members to vendors in new member emails (Katie Gibson)
ACTION ITEM: Brian Vetruba will email the offer to WESS-L
-Several committees would like to investigate the possibility of hosting a webinar or a series of them
-Explore CRL first since they seem to be doing similar things
-ULS has them as well
-Proposal for working group to explore what’s been done and to propose suggestions of what we can do (Katie Gibson)
-Check with ACRL about what kind of support is out there
-Form working group charged with exploring what has been done, make recommendations for ALA Annual
-The chairs of the Membership, Recruitment to the Profession, Publications, and Research and Planning Committees will each nominate a member. There was also a nomination for Adán Griego to participate, if he is willing. He and Deb Raftus have a book on a similar topic
-The Possibility of working with RUSA for discussion groups came up in the Social Sciences
-Consensus is that there is interest if they approach us with WESS related programming.


-Email the offer to introduce members to vendors to WESS-L (Brian Vetruba)
-Committee chairs of Membership, Recruitment to the Profession, Publications, and Research and Planning each will nominate a member to the webinar series working group. (Katie Gibson, Molly Poremski, Libby Chenault)
-Update the proposed changes to the governance documents, initiate an email vote, which will be confirmed at annual conference (Tim Shipe)

Submitted by Katie Gibson, Secretary (gibsonke@miamioh.edu)

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