Executive Committee Minutes - 2014 Annual

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ACRL West European Studies Section
Executive meeting
June 30, 2014, 10:30am 

ALA Annual Conference
Las Vegas 
Chaired by Timothy Shipe, WESS Chair

Attendees: Rebecca Malek-Wiley, Jon Marner, Gaby Divay, Katie GIbson, Dick Hacken, Libby Chenault, Kristen Totleben, Brian Vetruba, Jeff Staiger, Sarah Sussman, Tim Shipe, Heidi Madden, Gordon Anderson, Molly Poremski, Mary Anne Sheble

1. Welcome and Introductions (2 minutes)

2. Approval of and additions to the Agenda - prioritize items brought up in membership meeting and in individual committee meetings (3 minutes)


3. Updating of WESS Governance Procedures regarding Discussion Groups and Discussion Group Conveners (Shipe) (confirm decision made by e-mail) (5 minutes)

Decision confirmed

4. Support for MLA Liaison (Shipe) (5 minutes) We were able to support Sarah’s travel to the Vancouver conference

  • Do we want to try to codify our support in governance documents?
  • Concerns about stipulating a specific amount
  • WESS isn’t exclusively literature and language in our topic coverage
  • Could we ask the MLA liaison to act as a membership recruiter for WESS?

Proposed addition to the governance documents:

  • “The section strongly supports ACRL liaisons to academic societies and seeks to encourage activities of ACRL liaisons as well as to create avenues to bring what ACRL liaisons have learned back to the larger membership. To that end WESS will provide financial support, subject to availability for liaison activities.”
  • Vote on possible language: Unanimously approved

5. Proposal from Webcasting working group (Gibson et al.) (10 minutes) Proposed next steps: Working group will work with the Recruitment to the Profession Committee to create a trial run online discussion for library school students and will draft best practices and procedures documents.

  • Unanimously approved

6. Proposal for vendor panel (Totleben) (5 minutes) [Deleted from agenda, discussed at the General Membership Forum]

7. WESSWeb issues (possible need to upgrade our service with SiteGround). (Hacken) (5 minutes) Because of increased traffic on WESSweb, there is the possibility the SiteGround costs for hosting the page will increase

  • Will be monitored


  • Proposal to move WESS-l and WESSrom-l to a new host since our WESS member at Brown has retired
    • Publications committee with a representative from Romance languages to investigate possible alternatives
    • Recommendations will be put to an email vote asap

8. ACRL update (10 minutes) Information literacy framework will be taking comments until July 15

  • Not a final form, has no date for roll out

ACRL Scholarship fundraising

  • ACRL has started a fundraising effort to raise money for scholarships to their conference. Sections are encouraged to participate and can raise funds for a named scholarship.

Possible merger with SEES:

  • A merger is not their only option: discussion group is an option, that has funding for programming
  • New board contact, but Mary Ann will work and follow up on issues that come up in this meeting, but after that, it will be our new person
  • ACRL Board didn’t come up with merger guidelines because all mergers will be different
  • Both groups will need to fill out a board action form
  • Is a membership vote necessary? Mary Ann will check and get back to us.

9. Possible WESS-SEES merger (Shipe et al.) (10 minutes) Update on the next steps for SEES, discussion will be happening prior to midwinter

  • Will memberships be required to vote? (Mary Ann Sheble will check with ACRL and get back to us)

Things to consider in a possible merger

  • Budget allocations
  • Scheduling
  • What percent of vote would approve the merger
  • New title for the organization
  • Elections
  • Committee structures
  • Web presence
  • Libby Chenault will be WESS representative and point person at the SEES task force
  • Need for discussions with WESS members

10. New Business (from item 2 above) (5 minutes) None

Submitted by Katie Gibson, Secretary

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