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WESS Executive Committee Meeting
ALA Midwinter Conference
Monday, January 28, 2013
10:30AM, Westin Hotel, Seattle

Attendees: Gordon Anderson (University of Minnesota); Libby Chenault (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill); Richard Hacken (Brigham Young University); Heidi Madden [WESS chair] (Duke University); Rebecca Malek-Wiley (Tulane University); Jon Marner (Texas A&M); Mary Ann Sheble (ACRL Board); Tim Shipe (University of Iowa); Jeff Staiger (University of Oregon); Kristen Totleben (University of Rochester); Brian Vetruba (Washington University)

The meeting was chaired by Heidi Madden, WESS chair.

Mary Sheble, ACRL

ACRL changed the funding formula for ACRL sections. Each section will receive $1,000, an increase from $750. Also, each section will receive 75 cents per section member over 400.

ACRL’s resources are shrinking and it wants to ensure that sections maintain at least 400 members to stay viable over the next 2 years. Sections that do not meet the membership criteria may be discontinued. This policy could take affect in 2014 if it is approved by a vote of the ACRL membership. If approved there will be a phrase-in period of 3-4 years. The Slavic and East European Studies Section (SEES), which has fewer than 400 members, would have 3 years to merge with WESS if they cannot maintain the minimum membership, if SEES members choose to pursue a merger and the members of WESS also approve.

Mary was asked about the requirement that a possible merger of SEES and WESS would require a two-thirds vote of WESS members. The requirement refers to members not voters. Such a high percentage of members is unrealistic given the history of voting in the section. Mary was asked to talk with ACRL about this problem.

ACRL funding of WESS scholarship awards may be more limited. Funds must be spent by August 31st each year. So far 26% of the funds for 2012/13 have been spent. Mary heard complaints about the cost of the administrative fee for the scholarship fund. Underwriters of the funding do not want to pay for the administrative fee in their donations, and the level of the fee is quite high for WESS to pay. Mary said she would discuss this issue with Mary Ellen Davis, ACRL executive director.

New Business: Heidi Madden

Heidi spoke about the initiative to encourage WESS leaders to reach out to new members of the section and get them involved in WESS activities.

The discussion groups should organize their discussion programs so that discussion themes are known ahead of conferences.

Future WESS programs will have a 1.5 hour slot because of the way programs will be scheduled by ALA. Discussion group chairs will be asked to come to the WESS program early to help greet people arriving for the program.

WESS will continue its commitment to hold meetings at midwinter conferences. We need to clarify policies about virtual meetings in WESS.

There is a need to find experienced people to run for WESS offices. We also need to recruit people to serve as discussion group chairs.

There was brief discussion about a preconference in 2016.

DeGruyter Study Grant

If WESS will pays for the administrative fee, it would not sponsor Emerging Leaders as it has previously. There was a discussion about the pros and cons about WESS funds should go to the fee or Emerging Leaders. There was discussion about making the study grant a joint award with SEES and Literatures in English Section (LES) so that the administrative fee could be split. SEES will be asked to share the funding of the fee.

David Lincove, WESS Secretary

WESSWeb > WESS Committees > Executive Committee > 2013 Midwinter Minutes

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