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                   ACRL West European Studies Section Executive Committee
                    July 1, 2013, 10:30am, ALA Annual Conference, Chicago
                                      HYATT Columbus AB 

Attendees: Libby Chenault (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Heidi Madden (Duke University), Brian Vetruba (Washington University), Kristen Totleben (University of Rochester), Katie Gibson (Miami University [Ohio]), Tim Shipe (University of Iowa), Gail Hueting (University of Illinois UC), Jon Marner (Texas A&M), Rebecca R. Malek-Wiley (Tulane University), Dick Hacken (Brigham Young University), Eileen Bentsen (Baylor University), Gaby Divay (University of Manitoba, Canada), Gordon Anderson (University of Minnesota), Jeff Staiger (University of Oregon), David Lincove (Ohio State University)

Chaired by Heidi Madden, WESS Chair

Heidi led discussion on the following topics:

-Collaboration with the Slavic & East European Section (SEES) is a good thing because SEES and WESS are able to share resources and draw larger audiences for programs. Mary Shebly (ACRL representative) will be asked about the status of SEES as an ACRL section. We hope there will be a resolution to the uncertain future for SEES by the midwinter conference. WESS counts on their support in the coming year.

-If SEES does not continue as a section WESS will need to look for other collaborators because their funding support for projects is very important.

-WESS has $1200 basic budget and there are funds from fundraising. It is a good idea to use of the funds to pay for food at the happy hour social on the Friday of the conference.

-WESS, SEES, and the Literature in English Section collaborate in the Emerging Leader program. WESS pays one-third of the fee. The membership committee will be asked to help with the selection of a person. Kristin Totleben suggested that the program can help recruit new librarians into WESS.

-Vendors loved the cruise flyers that expressed appreciation to vendors for contributions that made the cruise very affordable for attendees. A thank you flier for future cruise tables should be assigned to the fundraising committee.

-A section report is due to ACRL by the end of July

-WESSweb can be used to preserve WESS historical documents. A section of WESSweb can be constructed that requires password entry

-Heidi will chair the DeGruyter study grant for 2013/14

-Scheduling for future conferences: Few members of WESS, aside from board members and committee chairs, are attending the general membership meeting on Monday morning at conferences. Should the general membership meeting day be changed as a way to boost attendance? After extensive discussion the general opinion of the participants is that a change should not be made.

There was discussion about using time at the all committee meeting time for an open forum for general business. No decision was made.

-The term for discussion group conveners is limited to 1 year plus 1 renewals (2 consecutive terms). Heidi will propose a change so that conveners may serve 3 consecutive terms. Discussion group chairs are asked to include on their meeting agendas the election of a new chair or ask for a volunteer. The call for volunteers may be at the meeting and also online.

Discussion with Mary Ann Shebly (ACRL)

-2015 change in membership selections will allow members to select as many section affiliations desired. There is concern, however, about an influx of persons into sections who are not very interested in the work of a section. It is not known how this policy will effect ACRL or the work and strength of the sections.

-There is no update on the status of SEES. Shebly will keep WESS posted

-Heidi said that WESS needs to know what SEES is planning to do. Brian said that only 12 members of SEES are not members of WESS. This means that merging the sections will not bring a lot of people and resources to WESS.

-The ACRL board approved the name change to the WESS study grant award. It is now called the WESS-SEES De Gruyter European Librarianship Study Grant. See [1]

Recruitment (Eileen Bentsen)

Eileen spoke briefly about increasing the diversity of members in WESS

Discussion on transition to new chair and vice/chair elect Outgoing board members and committee chairs provided useful information regarding the transition to new persons in each post. It is hoped that communication between outgoing and incoming board members and chairs will improve the transition.

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