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WESS Executive Committee Meeting
ALA Midwinter Meeting 2012
Monday, January 23, 2012
10:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Sheraton Dallas Lone Star Ballroom A3

Heather Moulaison (U. of Missouri), Ann Snoeyenbos (Project MUSE), Brian Vetruba (Washington U.), Michelle Emanuel (U. of Mississippi), Heidi Madden (Duke U.), Gail Hueting (U. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), Katie Gibson (Miami U.), Dick Hacken (Brigham-Young U.), Adan Griego (Stanford U.), Libby Chenault (U. of North Carolina Chapel Hill), Marcus Richter (Alma College), Tim Shipe (U. of Iowa), Jon Marner (Texas A&M), Louis Reith (Georgetown U.)

1. WESS Chair Gail Hueting called the meeting to order and asked the attendees to introduce themselves.

2. Approval of and additions to the Agenda (Hueting) Minutes from Annual 2011 were accepted via email. Committee decisions made by email must be ratified at the next ALA meeting (midwinter or annual) Motion to accept: Ann Snoeyenbos Seconded: Libby Chenault Accepted by acclamation

3. WESS study grant funding (Hueting/Vetruba) DeGruyter has agreed to sponsor our study grant, thereby replacing Coutts (formerly Coutts-Nijhoff) without interrupting the award. Unlike our previous arrangement, we will need to reapply to the DeGruyter Foundation every year to continue funding. Their board meets twice a year: in late winter/early spring and in the fall. Our request is for $3000 + ACRL fee, so that the award recipient receives an even $3000. It was decided that it will be the responsibility of the award jury to submit the application for the next year, including information on the current recipient and project for that year. The recipient must submit a 4000-word report to ACRL and DeGruyter that is suitable for publication and an abstract for the WESS Newsletter as well as CRL News, and is asked to make a presentation to the WESS membership. There was discussion at the meeting of whether this presentation should be made pre-travel to Research and Planning (so methodology can be suggested), or post-travel to one of the discussion groups (Romance Languages, Germanists, Scandinavian, etc.). Consensus indicated that it really depended on the project. The recipient must be a member of ACRL, but not necessarily of WESS. Obviously, we hope they will join us.

4. ACRL Update (Sheble) Mary Ann Sheble attended the Executive Committee on behalf of ACRL. She congratulated WESS on securing replacement funding for the study grant, so that it may continue. She reported that ACRL considers WESS a solid section, as our membership is over 100, therefore we are allowed to continue as we are, without intervention. The committee restructuring process (leadership group) has expressed difficulty with the process itself. Changes coming to Ethics and Communication with Membership was “deeply flawed” in terms of the distribution of the recent ACRL Membership Survey. A task force is going to study suggestions from the survey and make recommendations. The task force looking at reworking the organization of sections – as it concerns funding and membership minimums – is currently studying recommendations. The Executive Committee requested that we get those recommendations before Annual 2012 so we can discuss them in groups in Anaheim, instead of waiting for Midwinter 2013. The discussion of whether the sections will continue to meet at Midwinter (or move to virtual meetings only) is still on the table. Questions about ACRL/WESS should be directed to Mary Ann, our liaison. Megan Griffin is the ACRL Staff Connection for all sections, but Mary Ann is assigned to work with WESS (among other groups).

5. WESS communication (Hueting) It behooves us all to keep in touch with what is going on with the section, and the primary vehicle for communication within WESS is the WESS-L listserv. There are members of WESS not subscribed to WESS-L who are missing out on announcements, specifically about section meetings and events during Annual/Midwinter. It is not necessary to be a current member of WESS to subscribe to WESS-L. It was suggested that periodic reminders to join WESS be posted to WESS-L to appeal to the lurkers. Some ALA/ACRL members are making use of ALA Connect. We need to look at what it reports about WESS. Katie will ask for a current membership list from ACRL and a listserv list from Dominique Coulombe, compare the lists, and see who is missing.

6. WESSWeb Wiki hosting with SiteGround (Hacken) Our wiki transition to SiteGround is complete and our renewal will be due before Annual in June. Dick suggested renewing with a multi-year contract for a cheaper rate. Brian agreed to continue to use his personal credit card, provided he is promptly reimbursed by ACRL.

7. Committee Updates (15 min.) The meeting agreed that committee reports from the General Membership Meeting would suffice since all had been present at the earlier meeting.

8. New Business (10 min.) Katie reported that the Membership Committee would like to establish a generic email account for WESS in order to set up a Twitter account. [This led to a discussion of whether young people really use Twitter, or is it just older folks trying to feel younger? But Washington University at St Louis has a Twitter team, so it must be catching on.] Membership has been empowered to experiment with social media and report to Exec. They will give the password to this new email address to the Exec committee; the twitter password will match the email password. Motion that membership establish a generic email account: Brian Vetruba Second: Marcus Richter Accepted by acclamation

WESSWeb > WESS Committees > Executive Committee > 2012 Midwinter Minutes

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