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WESS Executive Committee Meeting
ALA Annual Meeting 2012
Monday, June 25, 2012 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM Disneyland Wilderness (Frontier Tower

Attending: Gordon Anderson (U of Minnesota), Eileen Bentsen (Baylor U), Michelle Emanuel (U of Mississippi), Katie Gibson (Miami U), Dick Hacken (Brigham Young U), Gail Hueting (U of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), Heidi Madden (Duke U), Jon Marner (Texas A&M U), Heather Moulaison (U of Missouri), Marcus Richter (Alma College), Louis Reith (Georgetown U), Mary Ann Sheble (ACRL), Timothy Shipe (U of Iowa), Brian Vetruba (Washington U)

1. WESS Chair Gail Hueting called the meeting to order.

2. Approval of and additions to the Agenda (Hueting)

3. WESS study grant funding (Vetruba) Discussion of grant administrative fee.

4. ACRL Update (Sheble) As long as we have more than 400 members minimum, we are safe. Will SEES have to reconsider their merger with us? They might prefer to consider themselves an "interest group", which would get less funding and staff support from ACRL, but they might not mind. The strategic planning cycle will begin this fall, and that committee will ask, "what are the core values of ACRL?" Expect surveys to follow.

Mary Ann is our liaison to the ACRL board. Megan Griffin is our staff liaison, and does not attend ALA conferences.

5. WESS communication (Hueting) Should we consider ALA Connect for our listserv? or an ALA listserv? or a Google Group? Brown has a searchable archive, digest form, etc. Heidi will investigate and we will discuss her findings at Midwinter.

6. WESSWeb Wiki hosting with SiteGround (Hacken) We have been paying for SiteGround with Brian Vetruba's personal credit card, for which he is reimbursed, but since he is rotating off the executive committee, he has asked that someone else's card be used. Hosting + daily backup + domain protection = $376 (2 years), also includes foreign transaction fee because SiteGround is in the UK. As incoming vice-chair/chair elect, Tim Shipe agreed to take on this burden, and his credit card has no foreign transaction fee.

7. Committee Updates The meeting agreed that committee reports from the General Membership Meeting would suffice since all had been present at the earlier meeting.

Eileen Bentsen reported that the external hard drive and video card being used for the recruitment project will eventually be returned to WESS.

Heather Moulaison asked if Research and Planning should change its name? Topics in European Studies is having a hard time getting people to come to present. But R&P can also include report writing, strategic planning, etc. Should it be a forum for finished projects instead of formal presentations? (no) Ask grant recipients to present their findings. Make use of Midwinter to plan for Annual; for example, make use of Chicago and CRL.

Both Fundraising and Research and Planning will need a chair for this coming year.

There is no term limit on discussion groups, but committee members can only serve 2 consecutive terms. The Past Chair is ex-officio on the Fundraising Committee, and the Secretary is ex-officio on Publications.

8. New Business

Scheduling. Would it be possible to schedule business-type meetings with dependent agendas at the same time in the same room? For example, membership and fundraising? or membership, fundraising and the program planning committees? Would scheduling them together also free up time slots to give to overlapping discussion groups? Will try membership and fundraising together at Midwinter to see how it goes.

[Meeting minutes recorded by Michelle Emanuel, WESS Secretary 2011-2012]

WESSWeb > WESS Committees > Executive Committee > 2012 Annual Minutes

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