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APRIL 15, 2011

The meeting came to order around shortly after 11:30 am CDT. Participants included the following: Brian Vetruba (Chair, WESS), Gail Hueting (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, WESS), Jonathan Marner (Secretary, WESS), Heidi Madden (Member-at-Large, WESS), Anna Bjartmarsdottir (Co-chair, 2011 Conference Planning Committee and Chair, ad hoc committee on Study Grants), Deb Raftus (Co-chair, 2011 Conference Planning Committee), Marcus Richter (Chair, Fundraising), Ann Snoeyenbos (Chair, Membership), Tim Shipe (Chair, Publications), Dick Hacken (WESSWeb manager), Eileen Bentsen (Chair, Recruitment to the Profession), and Heather Moulaison (Chair, Research and Planning). The meeting concluded at approximately 1:00 pm CDT.

1. Introduction (Brian)

The agenda that Brian had distributed via e-mail was approved. Items 9 (budget) and 10 (fundraising) will be reversed.

Thanks are given to Ann and Project MUSE for hosting this meeting.

Brian reminded all that the ALA election period is open until midnight, April 22. He will further send a reminder to the membership on WESS-L.

2. WESS Study Grant ad hoc Committee—done later (see below)

3. WESS membership survey results (Brian)

A response rate of 49.3% (183 out a possible 422) was achieved. A full report with recommendations will be submitted to Exec at the next Annual Conference. Some preliminary findings are that the survey respondents preferred meeting face-to-face at Annual Conference, while the preference at Midwinter was for virtual meetings. Also, as only approximately 16% thought the WESS Newsletter should have its title changed, it may be best at the moment to just leave the title as is.

4. Vendor directory guidelines update (Ann)

Discussion was conducted on whether the directory should wait until we migrate to another server, or go ahead now. The consensus seemed to be that we should go ahead and mount the directory whenever it is ready, regardless of which server is hosting us at the time.

The issue of eligibility for inclusion came up; Brian wondered whether written criteria need to be formulated, or whether the list of vendors would be sufficient guidance.

Brian would like to have a mock prototype ready by Annual, including a list of vendors that Ann would formulate.

Dick assures us that, as needed, password-protected (“gated”) sections of the web can be created.

[2]. WESS Study Grant ad hoc Committee (Anna)

At this point all connections were in place, and Anna and Deb could make their report. This committee was formed at Midwinter, due to the fact that our long-time sponsor of study grants, Coutts/Nijhoff, had indicated their discontinuation of funding for the program.

Anna referred to the documentation they had sent to us, indicating that there was a positive correlation between publicity and the number of applicants.

Awards in the form of flat amounts also seem to be favored by granting agencies.

We need to keep in mind that if this is done through ACRL funds, an overhead fee of 20% will go to ACRL.

Perhaps future grants could be of similar amount to currently: ca. $3000-4000.

The scope and purpose of future awards was discussed. Would these fund primarily attendance at book fairs, or for research, which has been our traditional focus?

Discussions have taken place with one vendor as a possible new funder of grants. The committee will discuss these and issues further with that vendor, and hopefully most details might be obtained by Annual. This would help ensure that there is no gap between the past and future grant programs.

5. Recruitment video (Eileen)

The committee has drafted a script that includes 5 questions to be asked of WESS members. Adam Burling (ACRL) has said that no permission is needed for videotaping on the conference floor, but that consent forms will need to be filled out for those who provide interviews.

Video equipment has been obtained from Appalachian State University.

A letter asking for volunteers to provide interviews will be sent prior to Annual.

An amount of $500 is estimated for editing. Funding could come from unspent WESS money that needs to be spent this fiscal year, as well as submitting a grant proposal to ACRL Friends (deadline is May 5). We hope to get two bids for editing.

Venues for interviews could be the Conference floor, at Registration, Exhibits, WESS cruise, etc. Ann will check to be sure this is permitted on the cruise ship.

6. WESSWiki hosting (Dick)

The advisability of finding a central hosting site, that would be permanent as opposed to migrating among university servers, has been discussed before.

Dick has researched various possibilities. ACRL will be switching to Drupal, but that will not offer wiki-compatible features until spring 2012.

It has been determined that ACRL approval is not needed if we contract with a commercial site for hosting.

Dick has sent us information that recommends we go with the company SiteGround. It does provide wiki capabilities, and is relatively inexpensive.

Discussion on this proposal ensued. Eileen suggested obtaining a client list from SiteGround, so that we could inquire about their work. Ann mentioned that the projected longevity and stability of the company were important factors to consider.

Upon a motion by Ann, and a second by Marcus, we unanimously approved the move of our web to SiteGround, and we will pay them for a one-year term of service. We specify that this will come out of the unspent funds available in this year’s fiscal year budget. We anticipate that the move of information will be complete sometime this summer. In the interim, the current site at Brigham Young University will remain up.

7. WESSWiki survey (Tim)

The Publications Committee is finalizing a survey of the membership as to their experiences with our wiki. Tim feels that this can go ahead and will not need to wait until the server site change.

It is proposed that that paper surveys be distributed at Annual, with electronic surveying done afterward.

Brian will re-send the survey draft to Exec members for comments.

8. Co-sponsoring a 2012 Emerging Leader (Gail)

WESS has been approached by LES (the Literatures in English section of ACRL) about co-sponsoring an Emerging Leader for 2012. There is an imminent application deadline, so we would like to make a decision today regarding this.

The total funding is $1000, which would split this evenly with LES.

Various Exec Cmte participants talked about their knowledge and participation in this program. ALA instituted the program in 2007. A specific project would need to be defined, and individuals would need to spend time in a mentor relationship with the selected participant.

It appears that the Emerging Leader money would need to be a FY 2012 item.

Heather mentioned that some participants of the program in the past have experienced disappointment, but that all depends upon good planning and a feasible project.

Gail will touch base with LES to see if they have a current project proposal; Gail will continue to keep in contact with Liorah of LES.

9. Fundraising (Marcus)

Available funds currently total $4450; Marcus is projecting a surplus of around $100 after cruise and program expenses are paid.

Funding from Touzot, one of regulars, is unknown for this year; Marcus will touch base with Anna and Deb concerning this.

The ticket price for the cruise needs to be set soon.

10. Budget (Brian)

$933 needs to be spent by August 31, or else it will revert to ACRL.

We have received permission to pay for cruise tickets for our speakers.

Other expenses include the move to SiteGround and the recruitment video.

Eileen suggests that a Facebook ad be taken for recruitment purposes.

11. Membership/Cruise update (Ann)

Cruise ticket pricing is now estimated at $46.90. This includes the cruise, dinner, and complimentary soft drinks.

5 new WESS members will also receive free tickets

12. Conference Program (Anna and Deb)

These individuals needed to leave the virtual meeting before this point, but they have already e-mailed information on the program to us. The program, co-sponsored by SEES, will focus on “Current trends in European film.”

Minutes respectfully submitted by Jon Marner, Secretary

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