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WESS Executive Committee Meeting
ALA Midwinter 2011 Meeting in San Diego
Monday, Jan. 10, 2011, 10:30-12noon at San Diego Conv. Center, Rm. 19


Committee members: Eileen Bentsen (Chair, Recruitment to the Profession Committee; Baylor), Anna Bjartmarsdottir (Co-chair, Conference Planning 2011 Committee; U. of Washington), Dick Hacken (WESSWeb editor; Brigham Young), Gail Hueting (WESS Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect; U. of Illinois), Jon Marner (WESS Secretary; Texas A&M), Heather Moulaison (Chair, Research and Planning Committee; U. of Missouri), Marcus Richter (Chair, Fundraising Committee; Alma College), Tim Shipe (Chair, Publications Committee; U. of Iowa), Ann Snoeyenbos (Chair, Membership Committee; Project MUSE), Brian Vetruba (WESS Chair; Washington U.—St. Louis)

Guests: Gordon Anderson (U. of Minnesota), Adam Burling (ACRL staff liaison), Adan Griego (Stanford), Louis Reith (Georgetown), Mary Ann Sheble (ACRL Board liaison)

1. The meeting was called to order by Chair Brian Vetruba, and introductions were made.

2. Approval of and additions to the Agenda (Vetruba)

Upon a motion by Eileen and a second by Ann, the agenda as published was approved.

3. Ratification of decisions approved previously by Email (Vetruba)

Decisions made by e-mail during this past fall were ratified. This included approving the minutes of the Oct. 21 virtual WESS Executive Committee meeting, the appointment of Rowena Griem and Gail Hueting as WESS representatives to the WESS-LES Task Force, and the nomination of Sarah Wenzel as the first official ACRL liaison to MLA (Modern Language Association).

4. WESS study grant funding (Vetruba)

WESS received notice this fall that Coutts-Nijhoff will discontinue their support of a European study or research grant. Assuming that some sort of grant continues to be valuable, Exec brainstormed on some options.
First of all, we attempted to determine the reason behind the change. Perhaps a factor is a reduced lack of focus on European issues by Ingram, the parent company. This led to the recommendation that any future request for funding should, as much as possible, match a sponsor’s strategic goals and interests.
The profession as a whole has benefitted from these grants, due to research and its subsequent dissemination. However, would a re-designed grant, perhaps benefitting more people, or WESS somehow as a whole, be looked upon more favorably by potential sponsoring organizations?
Caution as to the exact nature of any funded activity needs to be taken: if this is an award, and not a grant, then 20% administrative costs are taken by ACRL.
Timing is also an issue; any grant for 2012 would need to be publicized by ACRL by September 2011 at the latest.
Gordon reminded us of the long association that Coutts-Nijhoff has had with the grant, and suggested that formal recognition of this be given. A motion by Eileen was approved that Fundraising, Membership, Research & Planning Committees develop a thank-you to Coutts, to be presented probably at the WESS Happy Hour in New Orleans.
Brian proposed setting up a task force to develop ideas for continuing funded activities from sponsors that would support individual research needs or WESS as a whole. The task force would report back to WESS Exec at Annual 2011, and a plan would be finalized at Midwinter 2012. This proposal was adopted, and Brian appointed the following members to be on the group: Gordon Anderson, Ann Snoeyenbos, and Anna Bjartmarsdottir).

5. ACRL Update (Mary Ann Sheble and Adam Burling)

Due to schedules, this agenda item and the following one were reversed from the published agenda schedule.

Brian asked if vendor funds could be used to support librarians speaking at ALA programs. Yes, lunches can be paid for by Basic Services funding, but registration cannot be covered.
Brian asked when the 2011 Annual Schedule will be issued. Adam said that a preliminary schedule will come out in the spring, and the final schedule (with room assignments) in May.
Ann asked what the source of membership reports was; these come from ALA.
Mary Ann reported on the proposed bylaws revision that provides for incremental dues increases.She further said that ACRL is considering a new requirement that sets a floor of 500 members to be called a section; we noted that WESS membership has now dipped below this level.
In light of our discussions with SEES about a possible merger, we asked if there are procedures in place for mergers of existing sections. There are none currently; ACRL may develop one, and would likely ask WESS to provide input.

6. Vendor Information Page on WESSWeb (Snoeyenbos, Richter)

The Membership and Fundraising Committees are developing guidelines on this, which will be presented to WESS Exec at the spring virtual meeting (probably end of March or beginning of April).

7. Visit by ACRL Vice-President/President-Elect Candidate Tom Abbott

The expected visit did not occur. Brian encouraged all to consider the statements of both candidates.

8. Review ACRL Strategic Plan (Vetruba) ACRL Draft Plan for Excellence

Brian reminded us that ACRL is soliciting feedback on this; either supply this directly to them, or to Brian by Martin Luther King, Jr., Day (Jan. 17).

9. Assessment of WESSWeb (Shipe, Hacken)

Publications Committee is planning a membership survey to assess reception of the changes in the WESSWeb homepage. A draft will be submitted to WESS Exec at the spring virtual meeting, with the goal of distributing the survey in paper at ALA Annual and virtually thereafter via WESS-L.

10. Membership Survey (Vetruba)

This has been sent out by Brian; the deadline for responses is Feb. 18.

11.Committee Updates

Most committee information was already taken care of via the previous agenda items. Some further updates are as follows:
We have confirmed that librarian presenters can be funded for lunch.
The Recruitment to the Profession Committee re-emphasizes that they wish to recruit potential members with a broad and diverse range of skills and backgrounds.

12. New Business

Brian mentioned that a white paper on the future of ALA Midwinter Meetings has been developed by ALA. He has forwarded this on WESS-L for members’ perusal, and he will follow up with Mary Ann about this. The white paper can be found at the following address:


Respectfully submitted Jon Marner, Secretary

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