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WESS Executive Committee Meeting
ALA Annual 2011 Meeting in New Orleans
Monday, June 27, 2011, 10:30-12noon at Hilton Riverside (HIL), room Grand Salon B


Members present: Gordon Anderson (Chair, WESS Study Grant ad hoc Committee; U. of Minnesota), Eileen Bentsen (Chair, Recruitment to the Profession Committee; Baylor), Adan Griego (Chair, 2012 Conference Planning Committee; Stanford), Dick Hacken (WESSWeb editor; Brigham Young), Gail Hueting (WESS Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect; U. of Illinois), Heidi Madden (WESS Member-at-Large; Duke), Jon Marner (WESS Secretary; Texas A&M), Deb Raftus (Co-chair, 2011 Conference Planning Committee; U. of Washington), Marcus Richter (Chair, Fundraising Committee; Alma College), Tim Shipe (Chair, Publications Committee; U. of Iowa), Ann Snoeyenbos (Chair, Membership Committee; Project MUSE), Brian Vetruba (WESS Chair; Washington U.—St. Louis) Members unable to be present: Anna Bjartmarsdottir (Co-chair, 2011 Conference Planning Committee; U. of Washington), Sarah How (WESS Past Chair; Chair, Coutts-Nijhoff Study Grant Jury; Cornell Univ.), Heather Moulaison (Chair, Research and Planning Committee; U. of Missouri—Columbia)

Guests present: Adam Burling (ACRL staff liaison), Michele Emanuel (incoming WESS Secretary; U. of Mississippi), Katie Gibson (Miami Univ. (Ohio)), Julianne Haahr (U. of Wisconsin—Madison), Tom Izbicki (Rutgers), Thea Lindquist (U. of Colorado), Amauri Serrano (Appalachian State Univ.), Rebecca Malek-Wiley (Tulane), Louis Reith (Georgetown), Mary Ann Sheble (ACRL Board liaison)

1. The meeting was called to order by Chair Brian Vetruba, and introductions were made.

2. Approval of and additions to the Agenda (Vetruba)

Announcement of new Newsletter editor
Information concerning ALA Emerging Leaders program
Upon a motion by Eileen and a second by Ann, these items were approved as added to the agenda

3. Ratification of decisions approved previously by Email/Virtual Meeting (Vetruba)

2011 ALA Midwinter minutes (approved by e-mail, March 6, 2011)
Move of WESSWeb to new host: SiteGround (approved at virtual meeting, April 15, 2011)
Approval of co-funding an ALA Emerging Leader for 2012 with LES. WESS will contribute $500
Minutes of the April 15 virtual meeting (approved by e-mail, May 23, 2011)
Marcus moved and Gail seconded; approved

3A. Emerging Leaders Program (Gail)

Our discussion at the April 15 virtual meeting was summarized. The proposal is to co-sponsor (with the Literatures in English Section of ACRL) one participant in the ALA Emerging Leaders Program for this year. Each section would contribute $500. Our responsibility need be only financial; program support could lie with another section.
Deb is an alumna of this program, and spoke highly of its possibilities. Essential to a successful experience is a solid project, with full participation of the Emerging Leader and the relevant section’s liaison with this person.
Tim moved and Gail seconded; approved our financial co-sponsorship for 2012

4. Changes to Past Chair’s Duties in WESS Governance Procedures Proposed changes in RED. (Vetruba)

Now that our Bylaws have been superseded by the Governance Procedures, changes need only approval of the Executive Committee, not of the full membership.
The following changes are now being proposed:
Serves as an officer of the section, and assists in advancing the goals and objectives of the section and ACRL.
As a member of the Executive Committee, attends meetings of the Committee at Annual and Midwinter conferences.
Serves as Chair of Coutts-Nijhoff International of the Western European Study Grant jury.
ADD: The Past Chair serves in an ex-officio capacity on the Fundraising Committee.
Performs other tasks as assigned by the Executive Committee.
This changes the name of the Grant, since the funding body will be changing, and codifies current practice with regard to the Past Chair’s duties.
Deb moved and Ann seconded; approved. Brian or Michelle will update WESSWeb to reflect these changes.

5. WESSWiki hosting with SiteGround update (Hacken/Vetruba)

Dick reported that the migration to SiteGround took place on May 16, with few hitches. Our initial contract is for the migration and one year of service, which includes daily archiving. The rate we paid was $47.40 plus $35.40 for backup services, totaling $82.80. We were able to receive discounts on this; the full price would have been about $200. Due to ACRL policy (an expense less than $500), this needed to be paid by an individual who then receives reimbursement; we are thankful to Brian for doing this.
We currently utilize about 50% of our capacity. As our utilization increases and/or we need to obtain more capacity, our bill will increase. If we were to mount videos (such as the upcoming recruitment video) on our wiki, this would use up quite a bit of memory, but instead we plan to host the video elsewhere and just link to it. Dick will give a report at Midwinter on our utilization.

6. WESS Study Grant ad hoc Committee (Gordon Anderson)

Gordon’s committee has been in contact with a vendor, and it appears likely that we will again have sponsorship for a study grant. Discussions are proceeding well, and it is anticipated that arrangements will finalized in time to meet the September deadline for inclusion in 2012 ACRL publicity. When specifications are worked out with the vendor, an approval from Exec is needed (we can do this via e-mail).

7. WESS membership survey (Vetruba)

Brian referred to the report and recommendations which he sent to us via e-mail before Annual, and distributed copies of the comments submitted by members. He particularly highlighted the finding that 1/3 of the membership does not subscribe to WESS-L. According to ALA policy, we are not allowed to automatically enroll members in the discussion list. However, we will make a concerted effort to encourage members to sign up, when we talk with them and through messages on the wiki.
Another finding was that 30% of the responding members said they were not planning to attend Midwinter or Annual Conference this year. In light of this, we need to re-think our strategy of utilizing virtual meetings. LES will for the first time be holding its Midwinter meetings virtually starting in 2012. One key element would be any ACRL financial and/or technical support for holding virtual meetings. We were fortunate at our April 15 meeting by having Ann secure Project MUSE support for holding the meeting.
The report was officially accepted and approved by Exec, upon a motion by Adan and a second by Ann. The report will be posted on WESSWeb.

8. Budget (Vetruba)

Brian distributed copies of the WESS budget. We have $670.09 in funds that need to be spent by August 15, or else they revert to ACRL. It is unsure if the Friends of ACRL funding for the recruitment video (approximately $500) would come out of FY 2011 or FY 2012 funds. Brian will check if there are any other expenses for which we could use FY 2011 funds.

9. Committee Reports

Membership (Snoeyenbos)

a. The Membership Committee would like to experiment using Twitter for announcements. Upon a motion by Ann and a second by Adan, this was approved.
b. Ann distributed mockups of the proposed vendor directory entries on WESSWeb. Vendors would be able to edit their own pages within guidelines promulgated by WESS, and would receive yearly reminders to send in any updates. Templates have been developed to facilitate entry of information. A link to the directory would reside on the main page, under Member Resources. Upon a motion by Jon and a second by Gail, the committee’s report was approved.

Recruitment to the Profession (Bentsen)

Two interviews have been conducted so far, and more will be done this afternoon. A possible site visit to complete a video is planned.

Publications (Shipe)

a. New agenda item: at the Publications Committee meeting at this conference, Jen Bonnet (U. of Michigan), a current member of the Committee, was appointed as the new WESS Newsletter editor. It is additionally announced that Katie Gibson (U. of Miami (Ohio)), another Committee member, will assist with design of the WESSWeb.
b. WESSWeb Survey
A survey gauging members’ use of and comments concerning our web was distributed in paper form at the General Membership Meeting, and Tim will send this via e-mail to members.
c. The Committee is questioning whether links to commercial resources should be included on WESSWeb. The current consensus is that links of this type would be included in the Vendor Directory page, and must conform to guidelines developed by the membership Committee and approved by Exec.

10. ACRL Update (Mary Ann Sheble/Adam Burling)

Adam said that New Orleans is again appreciative of ALA for holding its convention here.
He reminded us that sections are not required to submit program proposals every year, and that in fact, due to scheduling constraints, some proposals for 2012 have been declined.
The Executive Committee’s previous understanding has been that the WESS brochures (which are out-of-date and contain some typos) could be edited and re-issued only after the current stock is depleted. Adam provided information on some possible alternatives to this. A small run of new brochures would cost about $400-500. One ACRL section contracted for a small run, not done according to the standard ACRL format that cost $100.
In response to a question, Adam said that the Friends of ACRL funding could only be used for the purpose for which the section applied for funds. .
Upon entering our meeting venue today, WESS leadership determined that the General Membership and Executive Committee meetings were being audiotaped. We do not recall submitting a request for this. These tapings would not be in our best interest if the funding were assessed against our budget, and there might be privacy concerns with taping the Exec meeting. Adam will check with ALA Conference Services regarding this situation.

The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Jon Marner, Secretary

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