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WESS Executive Virtual Meeting
Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010, 10-11am (Central Time)



Brian Vetruba (Chair), Gail Hueting , Jonathan Marner (minutes), Anna Bjartmarsdottir, Deb Raftus, Heather Moulaison, Marcus Richter, Ann Snoeynbos, Eileen Bentsen, Richard Hacken

Due to a scheduling conflict, Heidi Madden could not meet. She teleconferenced with Vetruba an hour before the meeting. Her comments and suggestions are also reflected in the minutes.

Virtual Meeting held using a free account from the virtual meeting provider DimDim (http://www.dimdim.com/). For audio or voice, attendees needed to call in a toll number or using voice over Internet protocol.


1. Executive and General Membership Meetings at Annual 2011 in New Orleans (Vetruba)

Due to ALA’s no conflict time for Mondays at Annual from 10:30 – 12noon, it was suggested to schedule the General Membership and Executive meetings together in one block from 8am – 12noon. The general membership meeting will be the first 1.5-2 hours followed by the Executive Committee meeting. Vetruba has submitted the combined meeting and we’re waiting to see if this will be approved.

2. Budget (Vetruba)

WESS has received its budget for this ALA fiscal year (Sept. 2010 to Sept. 2011). This year ACRL Board implemented a new basic funds allocation by which each section receives a base allocation of $1,000.00 with an additional $0.75 per section member over 200. As of Sept. 1, 2010, WESS had 510 members and was allocated a total of $1,233.00. $300 has been transferred to the budget for the WESS/SEES program at Annual 2011. This leaves us a balance of $933. These funds need to be spent or invoiced by Aug. 30, 2011.

3. WESSWeb changes to home page (Vetruba)

Based on suggestions from Vetruba, Publications Committee and Hacken have implemented changes to WESSWeb’s homepage. These include reorganizing links into three categories: Member Resources, Become Involved!, and Organization. Executive decided not to include questions about WESSWeb in the upcoming membership survey (See 4 below). Publications was asked to create some sort of assessment activity for WESSWeb to be conducted at the General Membership Meeting in New Orleans. A short paper survey which could be distributed, filled out, and collected at the meeting was suggested. The assessment should also include subscribers of WESS-L who may or may not attend our meetings.

4. Survey to Membership (Vetruba)

A Taskforce (Robin Canuel , Chellammal Vaidyanathan, Brian Vetruba, Sarah Wenzel) was formed after Annual 2010 to create a survey for the section to assess WESS’s activities and to gauge members’ interest in having virtual meetings for committees. The draft including specific goals was sent to members of the Executive Committee and Membership Committee for comment on Oct. 11, 2010. Vetruba reported that comments received include: (1) a suggestion to include a question about whether libraries are providing funding for conference travel and at what level; (2) include suggested title changes for the WESS newsletters; and (3) add an item to one question about how valuable members find listservs and/or blogs, and the Facebook page. No one on Executive felt the survey (currently with 18 questions) was too long. Given the recent changes to WESSWeb, it was decided not to ask about it in the survey. Publications will be asked to assess WESSWeb at Annual 2011 (See 3 above.) ACRL will create the survey in SurveyMonkey and it will be sent out to official WESS members via email early December or after Midwinter. Details about analysis and outcomes will be discussed later.


Membership (Snoeynbos)

1. Happy Hour at Midwinter 2011 will be from Friday, Jan. 7th 5-9pm at Buster’s Beach House and Long Board Bar. It was extended to 9pm so that vendors could attend.

2. Cruise update – looking for various options for one on the Mississippi. One estimate is $5,160.

Recruitment to the Profession (Bentsen)

Committee is updating links for the recruitment website. Looking at how to improve the job shadowing program; distance between shadowees and librarians seem to be a problem. Literatures in English Section (LES) expressed interest in collaborating on the job shadowing program. The Committee is looking at ways of expanding outreach to foreign language departments and participating at career fairs.

Publications (Vetruba/Hacken)

1. As noted above, Publications implemented changes to WESSWeb. Vetruba will ask Publications to look into assessing WESSWeb (see #3 above).

2. Members will be asked in survey about possible title change for the newsletter.

3. As the WESS-SEES merger is dead, Publications is looking at privately hosting the wiki to avoid dependence on an institution as well as registering the domain name.

4. Discussion about adding a vendor page to WESSWeb to help introduce new WESS members to vendors. What to include, especially equity issues were discussed. Vetruba will ask Membership and Fundraising to create a taskforce to create guidelines for what to include. Due by Annual 2011.

5. Change of editors for WESSWeb. Nathalie Soini from Queens University will be the main editor for the French Studies and Italian Studies guides; Joleen Westerdale for German Studies, and Dick Hacken for Dutch Studies.

6. Committee members are also assisting Hacken with the wikification of WESSWeb pages from the Darmouth, the former host.

Program Planning (Raftus/ Bjartmarsdottir)

“Current trends in European film", the joint program with SEES will be held Saturday, June 25th 10:30 – 12 noon. There will be a panel of a three speakers and a moderator. All panelists and the moderator have confirmed: Prof. Nancy Condee from Univ. of Pittsburgh, Milos Stehlik, Director of Facets Multimedia and Worldview’s Film Contributor, and Carleton Jackson, a librarian from the Univ. of Maryland. Michelle Emanuel will be the moderator.

Research and Planning (Moulaison)

Call for presentations for the Topics in European Studies has gone out. Committee is vetting submissions and planning MW meeting.

Fundraising (Richter)

In process of planning for MW meeting.

Coutts-Nijhoff (How, reported via email beforehand)

The Committee consists of Sarah How (chair), Thea Lindquist and Bryan Skib. They plan to meet virtually before ALA midwinter. The award was publicized in C&RL News in September and a flyer will go out to WESS-L this week. Please forward the flyer liberally and talk yourself -- or your colleagues -- into applying.

Nominating (Vetruba)

No direct news, nomination process is completed for 2011 election cycle.


1. Let Dick Hacken know about times and meetings for San Diego so he can add to wiki. The official schedule should come out in November.

2. Question about DimDim. No problems with scheduling, etc. Potential problems with VOIP and telephone conferencing integration, although Moulaison was able to use VOIP and there were no problems. ACRL open to other possibilities besides DimDim.

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