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Western European Studies Section
Executive Committee Meeting, ALA Annual Conference 2010

Meeting held on June 28, 2010, 10:30 A.M.-12:00 noon, Hyatt Regency Washington, Capitol Room.


Committee members: Laura Dale Bischof (Univ. of Minnesota; Past Chair; Chair, Coutts Nijhoff Study Grant Jury), Sarah How (Cornell Univ.; Chair), Tom Izbicki (Rutgers; Chair of Fundraising Committee), Heidi Madden (Duke Univ.; Chair of 2010 Program Planning Committee), Jon Marner (Texas A&M; Chair of Publications Committee), Shawn Martin (Univ. of Pennsylvania; Member-at-Large), George I. Paganelis (California State Univ. Sacramento; Chair of Recruitment to the Profession Committee); Timothy Shipe (Univ. of Iowa; Secretary; Chair of Research and Planning Committee), Ann Snoeyenbos (Project MUSE; Chair of Membership Committee), Brian Vetruba (Washington Univ.; Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect), Sarah G. Wenzel (Univ. of Chicago; Co-Chair of WESS-SEES Task Force)

Guests: Mary Carr (Spokane Community College; ACRL Board Liaison), John Cullars (University of Illinois at Chicago), John Giullian (University of Kansas; representing SEES), Gail Hueting (Univ. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; incoming Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect), Rebecca Malek-Wiley (Tulane Univ.), Kara Malenfant (ACRL staff), Heather Moulaison (University of Ottawa; incoming Chair of Research and Planning Committee); Deb Raftus (Univ. of Washington), Marcus Richter (Alma College; incoming Chair of Fundraising Committee)


The meeting was called to order at 10:30 A.M..

1. Introductions.

The attendees introduced themselves and signed an attendance sheet. How thanked Mary Carr for her service as the section’s ACRL Board liaison.

2. Approval of agenda and minutes (How)

The meeting’s agenda was approved with revisions. The minutes of the Midwinter meeting were approved.

3. ACRL update (Carr)

Carr reported that the ACRL Board is considering asking for a membership vote on linking dues increases to an inflation index.

Since the discontinuation of ACRL Action Plans, the Board has been considering a change in the way funds are allocated to sections. A proposal is coming before the Board to make the base allocation to sections $1,000, with an additional allocation of $0.75 for every section member above 200. How raised the issue of rolling over our vendor donations. The inability to carry these funds over to the next fiscal year is very problematic for relations with our vendors. Vetruba asked whether ACRL would object to using WESS’s current excess balance to pay the deposit on the cruise at the 2011 conference. Malenfant agreed to follow up on this question. A second question for ACRL is whether in the future there would be a way to carry unspent vendor funding over to the next fiscal year. Carr indicated that this would be difficult to implement, and suggested that we work with donors to ensure that checks are cut in the fiscal year when the funding will be spent. The Board is planning to change its approach to appointing Council liaisons.

4. LES/WESS proposal for an ACRL Liaison to the Modern Language Association (How)

The committee requested clarification of the status of the MLA liaison. It is our understanding that the liaison was approved on a two-year provisional basis, but no notification was received from ACRL. Carr will follow up. The committee voted to select (by e-mail) two members of a joint LES/WESS task force that will propose the name of an individual to serve as ACLA liaison to the MLA, pending confirmation from ACRL that this position will exist.

5. International conference planning (How)

The Executive Committee agreed not to reappoint the ad hoc committee and thanked the outgoing committee for its work. We will suspend planning for an international conference; the Executive Committee will review the economic climate and member interest in such a conference annually.

6. 2010 Annual Conference issues (How)

Several issues were raised with ACRL. First, there was poor collocation of WESS meetings at this conference, with sessions scheduled for widely separated venues. Second, publicity for our programming was poor; in particular, WESS programming was not linked to the relevant ALA program tracks. Finally, there were restrictions on our use of Web 2.0 features on the ALA website.

7. Collaboration within ACRL; SEES-WESS Task Force report (Giullian)

The joint task force recommended increased cooperation between SEES and WESS. Giullian presented some potential areas for collaboration, including sharing information on preservation issues, cooperating on the annual cruise, exchanging information on cultivating vendor relationships and on recruitment and retention of members, and formal dialogue between the two cataloging groups.

8. Fundraising (Izbicki)

The section received very good support this year, and was able to cover all of the expenses for the cruise and the program. We are grateful to our donors: (for general purposes and for the social event) Aux Amateurs de livres, Brepols, Casalini, De Gruyter, Harrassowitz, and ProQuest, and (for the program) Touzot. The committee discussed how to make members better aware of our vendors and their services. Wenzel suggested that individuals could serve as “vendor mentors.” This discussion will be continued by the Executive Committee by e-mail.

9. 2011 Program Planning (Vetruba)

Vetruba reported that the 2011 Program Planning Committee is working with SEES on a joint program on European cinema.

10. Publications (Marner)

Next year’s Publications Committee will draft a question concerning a possible title change for the section newsletter; the question will be submitted for the forthcoming membership survey.

11. Research and Planning (Shipe)

As previously requested by the Executive Committee, the Research and Planning Committee presented a revised charge for consideration. The Executive Committee approved the charge with one revision. The approved charge is as follows: “Promote research in European Studies, with a particular focus on library-related research. Assist in the dissemination of research results through conference programs, publications, and other means. “Conduct planning activities on behalf of the section as charged by the section chair or the Executive Committee.”

12. College and Medium-sized Libraries Discussion Group (Richter)

Richter agreed to serve as convener of the group, and to explore ways of continuing it as a virtual discussion group that would not hold meetings at ALA conferences. The committee approved.

13. Membership survey (Snoeyenbos)

The incoming WESS chair will appoint a task force to formulate the survey. After the Executive Committee approves the survey, the Membership Committee will administer it using Survey Monkey.

14. Introductions and farewells (How)

How introduced the incoming WESS officers. She thanked the outgoing officers and committee chairs for their service. The section thanked How for her service as section chair.

Meeting adjourned at 12:10 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Timothy Shipe
WESS Secretary

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