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Meeting in Philadelphia, PA, Jan., 2008


Committee members: Gordon Anderson (Univ. of Minnesota; Chair of 2009 Conference Planning Committee), Laura Dale Bishof (Univ. of Minnesota; Vice Chair), Rowena Griem (Yale; Secretary; Chair of Membership Committee), Tom Izbicki (Rutgers; Chair of Fundraising Committee), John Marner (Texas A&M; Member-at-Large), Shawn Martin (Univ. of Michigan; Chair of Publications Committee), Timothy Shipe (Univ. of Iowa; Chair of Research and Planning Committee), Bryan Skib (Univ. of Michigan; Past Chair; Chair of Coutts-Nijhoff Study Grant Jury), Brian Vetruba (Washington Univ.; Chair of Recruitment to the Profession), Sarah Wenzel (Univ. of Chicago; Chair of Executive Committee)

Guests: Adam Burling (ACRL), Paula Mae Carns (University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign), Mary Carr (ACRL), John Cullars (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago), Adan Griego (Stanford), Dick Hacken (Brigham Young Univ.), Jeffry Larson (Yale), Anne Oechtering (Yale), Paul Vermouth (Harvard College Library)


1. Introductions

The attendees introduced themselves and signed an attendance sheet.

2. Approval of Minutes from ALA 2007 Annual Washington, DC

The Executive Committee agreed to approve the minutes with some minor editorial changes. Sarah asked that the minutes be approved more quickly in the future.

3. International Conference 2010? (Sarah Wenzel)

Sarah announced that El Instituto Español de Comercio (ICEX) has pledged to offer financial and logistical support for the WESS International Conference if it is held in Spain in the next two years. If the conference can not be organized for 2010, then we would hold it in 2012, possibly in Germany, and look for a different sponsor. ICEX has offered to fund simultaneous translations and organize reduced airfare with the airline Iberia. The conference could coincide with the Madrid Book Fair (last week of May) or LIBER, the Spanish book fair, (last week of September and first week of October). According to the recent survey distributed on WESS-L, these are preferred travel times for participants.

Sarah introduced Adan Griego, who has agreed to serve as its Chair of the International Conference Planning Committee, which the Executive Committee approved. Adan discussed the possibility of organizing the event with another organization such as SALALM (Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials) or WESLINE (Western European Studies Library and Information Network). He also mentioned that ICEX’s support is dependent on the results of the Spanish election in March.

4. Coutts-Nijhoff Update (Bryan Skib)

The funding for the Coutts-Nijhoff Award, which is distributed through WESS, has been reduced from €4500 to $3000. In addition, Coutts-Nijhoff International will fund a $2000 award through ALCTS for innovation in electronic resource management.

The award recipient for this year was selected but can not be announced yet. Bryan encouraged people to apply for the award in the future.

5. Book fair Attendance Coordination (Timothy Shipe)

The Research and Planning Committee will be primarily responsible for updating the book fair section of the WESS Web wiki.

Timothy proposed that the Research and Planning Committee ask WESS members attending a book fair to act as an unofficial coordinator to the book fair for WESS/ACRL. In this capacity, they must be willing to carry WESS brochures and organize the WESS presence. The Committee needs to develop a process for selecting this person if more than one person is interested. The Executive Committee approved Timothy’s proposal.

6. Action Plan 2009 (Laura Dale Bishof)

Laura Dale passed around a copy of the 2009 Action Plan which will promote academic librarianship for scholars with Western European language skills. Recipients must have a paper accepted at the conferences of different learned societies. A $500 award is available to two WESS members annually. An additional $100 will also be given from WESS’ Basic Services budget, making the total award for $600. Award recipients must be WESS members in good standing, and the funds must be spent by a certain date, for example on airplane tickets, even if the event itself has not yet taken place. Unused monies do not carry over into subsequent years. Recipients will be expected to make some sort of follow-up report to WESS.

A selection committee will be appointed by July 2008, and the first awards will be available by July 2009.

7. Liaison work

a. Council of Liaisons (Sarah Wenzel)

ACRL is still looking for volunteers to serve as liaisons to learned societies for three-year appointments, with the possibility of reappointment. While ACRL has already targeted specific societies, would-be volunteers can recommend additional organizations if they already have a relationship with them. These representatives are expected to advocate for librarianship as a career. For additional information and application forms, see: http://www.ala.org/ala/acrl/acrlissues/councilofliaisons/liaisons.cfm The deadline to volunteer is Feb. 15, 2008.

b. WESS/LES Liaisons to MLA (Sarah Wenzel)

Sarah asked for volunteers to act as liaisons to the Modern Language Association (MLA) along with representatives from the Literatures in English Section of ACRL (LES). Shawn, Rowena, and Sarah agreed to participate in the program. The Executive Committee approved Sarah’s proposal.

c. Library History Round Table (Sarah Wenzel)

The Library History Round Table has asked WESS to cosponsor a program at Anaheim entitled “Public Library History in the Late 20th Century: A Comparative Perspective.” It will include speakers from the U.S., Britain, and France. The tentative date is Sunday afternoon, June 29, 2008. Cosponsoring the event would not require WESS to contribute funding, only moral support and publicity. The Executive Committee approved this proposal.

8. ACRL 2008 Midwinter Leadership Council (Mary Carr)

ACRL is considering changing its bylaws to add Interest Groups to respond to emerging areas of interest in academic librarianship. These would differ from Sections, because they are impermanent and may reach across Sections, but are like Sections because they have formal members and receive funding (unlike Discussion Groups). Twenty five people are required to form an Interest Group which can transform into a Section if there is enough interest.

The Committee discussed ALA’s proposal that all ALA listservs be “transparent” to anyone interested. Several people expressed concern about privacy issues, especially for groups discussing issues such as award juries, fundraising committees, and other closed meetings.

9. Committee Updates

Updates on all Committees and Discussion Groups were covered during the WESS General Membership meeting this morning.

a. Fundraising Committee (Tom Izbicki)

The Fundraising Committee was satisfied that fundraising for the program in Anaheim is complete; there is also an interest in sponsoring visits to book fairs. Exploratory discussions are being held with selected vendors. Fundraising is continuing for the reception at Annual. ACRL rules require that these funds be in hand before the event can be announced. The Fundraising Committee agreed to take on fundraising for the International Conference, so that vendors are not approached by multiple supplicants.

Tom asked about the possibility of setting up special funds for larger events so that the money is not lost at the end of the fiscal year. A representative for ACRL agreed to look into this.

Sarah mentioned that it is not possible to receive ACRL funding to sponsor speakers from European libraries. It was pointed out that this policy makes sense for U.S. librarians, since they presumably should be members of ALA, but not for librarians from other countries. The current policy seems outdated in a global society. The ACRL representative said that she could petition ALA on this matter, since it may be their policy.

b. Membership Committee (Rowena Griem)

Rowena reported on the Membership Committee’s decision to organize a reception at a Disney hotel in Anaheim instead of the traditional cruise.

10. Announcements

Paul Vermouth is about to complete his third year as editor of the WESS Newsletter, and he is unable to continue for another term. He mentioned that several aspects of the position have changed: the newsletter is now only available in electronic format and the wiki allows columnists to complete their own sections. Anyone interested in serving as editor should contact Paul or Laura Dale.

Sarah asked that anyone requiring A/V equipment at Annual should let her know by Feb. 15.

The meeting was adjourned by 3:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Rowena Griem, Secretary of WESS

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