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ACRL West European Studies Section Executive meeting
July 1, 2013, 10:30am
ALA Annual Conference, Chicago
HYATT Columbus AB

Chaired by Heidi Madden, WESS Chair

1. Welcome and Introductions

2. Approval of and additions to the Agenda - prioritize items brought up in membership meeting

3. Discussion and review of WESS Governance Procedures


Discussion on on transition to new chair and vice/chair elect; coordination of transition in

• collaboration with SEES (on the study grant and programming-as well as possible merger)

• budget issues

• vendor relations

• projects

• the report to ACRL by the current chair due after ALA

• discussion on how to preserve and share unofficial WESS documents like study grant, report, program outcomes, etc.

4. WESSWiki hosting with SiteGround update [and feedback on how to preserve and share WESS working documents that are not public but should be available to new officers]

5. WESS Study Grant ad hoc Committee Report and clarification of Past Chair duties in regards to the grant

6. Committee Reports and Discussion Group Reports; we will start with committee reports: emphasis on challenges-since the longer report on accomplishments and trends was given in the membership meeting

• Fundraising (Kristen Totleben, Chair)

• Membership Committee (Katie Gibson, Chair)

• Nominating Committee (Gordon Anderson, reporting for Thea Lindquist, Chair)

• Publications Committee (Timothy Shipe, Chair)

• Recruitment to the Profession Committee (Eileen Bentsen, Chair)

• Research and Planning Committee (Libby Chenault, Chair)

• GNARP (report by Brigitte Doellgast)

• CIFNAL (report by Libby Chenault)

• Conference Program

• Discussion group chairs only as needed/at discretion of DG chair

• All committees and discussion groups: please let us know if you intend to hold a virtual meeting at midwinter, so that members of your group can me informed via the minutes as soon as possible

7. ACRL Update

8. New Business

9. New Chair/Vice Chair Elect announcements

WESSWeb > WESS Committees > Executive Committee > 2013 Annual Agenda

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