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WESSWeb > History of WESS > Discussion Group Chairs 2003-2004

Cataloging Discussion Group
Chair: Thom Edlund (Brigham Young University)

Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Discussion Group
Chair: Gerald Heverly (New York University)

College and Medium-sized Libraries Discussion Group
Chair: Hank Harken (Arizona State University)

General Membership Discussion Group
Chair: Beth Remak-Honnef (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Germanists Discussion Group
Chair: James Burgett (University of Kentucky)

Romance Languages Discussion Group
Chair: Emily Stambaugh (Wake Forest University)

Scandinavian Discussion Group
Chair: Gordon Anderson (University of Minnesota)

Social Sciences and History Discussion Group
Chair: David Lincove (Ohio State University)

Special Topics Discussion Group
Chair: Jane Faulkner (University of California Santa Barbara)

WESSWeb > History of WESS > Discussion Group Chairs 2003-2004

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