College and Medium-sized Libraries and Social Sciences and History Discussion Groups Minutes Midwinter 2015

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ALA Midwinter Meeting, Chicago Sunday February 1, 2015 3:00-4:00 pm Sheraton Chicago, Parlor F

Welcome and Introductions

  • Marcus Richter, moderator
  • 18 attendees

Ebooks discussion

  • Introduction of vendors
    • Steve Hyndman, YBP
      • Primarily US, UK, English language
      • Licensing
      • Working with about 1,600 US publishers each with their own expectations about their content in ebooks
      • Platform needs
      • Trend towards collaborative collection development
      • Budget and space driving librarian’s moves towards ebooks
      • Preservation and degradation is going to be an issue, digital or print
      • Demand driven acquisition is tough on publishers - purchasing decreases
      • Publishers are starting to examine what they are making available in PDA programs
    • Michele Casalini, Casalini Libri
      • Niches and sub-niche publishers in Social Sciences and History
      • Proportions are smaller (print runs)
      • Humanities books that aren’t used might be relevant later
      • Balancing needs of publishers and libraries
      • Publisher interests
      • Casalini works with 200 publishers who agree on licensing and platform features (on the Torrossa platform)
      • .pdf and EPUB format
      • Cost of conversion from .pdf to EPUB
      • simultaneous users
      • Protections on the digital files
      • Keeping authors happy and getting their work disseminated
      • Libraries’ interests
      • Access rights
      • metadata
      • simultaneous users
      • Issues relating to college and medium sized libraries
      • Pricing models often price small libraries out of ebooks
      • Issues related to social sciences and history
    • Other discussion
      • Quality of print-on-demand ebooks?
      • Some publishers outsource
      • Some libraries have purchased their own print on demand machines

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