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Column Editor: Sharon Clayton

Vol. 41, no. 1

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Personal News

Bronwen Maxson
WESS member Bronwen Maxson, has left her previous position at IUPUI, and started this July as the Romance Languages Librarian at University of Colorado Boulder.

Michelle Urburg
WESS member Michelle Urberg, is continuing as a cataloging metadata librarian at ExLibris (a ProQuest Company) in Seattle, but she has also taken on a contract at The University of Washington to work with Cate Gerhardt to learn the cataloging of scores, recordings, and video as a part of a larger project to add robust video metadata to the 360 KB at ExLibris.


Bronwen Maxson, University of Colorado Boulder, has co-authored the article, "The Boolean is Dead, Long Live the Boolean! Natural Language versus Boolean Searching in Introductory Undergraduate Instruction" along with M. Sara Lowe, Sean M. Stone, Willie Miller, Eric Snajdr, and Kathleen Hanna. It will appear in College & Research Libraries soon.

Institutional News

WESS Member Taru Rauha Spiegel, Reference Specialist,European Division, at The Library of Congress has shared news of several recent European initiatives there.

Skaryna Genesis
These blogposts from the European Division highlight a number of news items related to Europe, including the 500th anniversary of printing in Belarussia.

St Mihiel Offensive
Austrian Assassination

This post highlights Exhibits and lectures related to World War I currently at The Library of Congress. From the post: "With its unparalleled World War I collections, the Library of Congress is uniquely prepared to tell the story of the United States' participation in the Great War. The Library of Congress is commemorating the 100th anniversary of U.S. entry into the war with exhibitions, lectures, symposia, film programs, recordings, publications, veterans' stories, educational tools, and research guides to the Library's remarkable World War I resources."

Russian Revolution Propaganda
WESS Member Liladhar R. Pendse, Librarian for East European and Eurasian Studies Collections at Doe Library, University of California at Berkeley, reports a new exhibit there: "Politics, Propaganda and People's Art of the “Great” Socialist October Revolution" on the Centenary of the Russian Revolution.

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