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ALA Annual Meeting
Saturday, June 28, 2014
10:30-11:30 A.M.
Las Vegas Hotel-Ballroom G

I. Welcome and introductions

Attendees: Katie Gibson, Ann Snoeyenbos, Kristen Totleben, Tim Shipe, Sarah Sussman, Molly Poremski, Jo Crawford, David Oberhelman

II. Membership numbers

-Numbers update
-Possible merger with SEES might help
-Talk to vendors to let us know when they see new Western Europe librarians
-Watch numbers when we’re allowed to have more than 2 sections at no charge

III. WESS Happy Hour recap

-Around 30 attending
-Happy hour in Chicago
-NOT the place we went for annual last year, maybe later 7-9
-Food AND drinks since it will be over the dinner hour
-Yelp reviews about noise
-Check with Sarah Wenzel, lives in Chicago

IV Planning for WESS social

-Fewer registrants at this conference
-Possibly fewer people attending this conference
-Same level of advertising
-Welcoming committee, room setup logistics

V. New member programs updates

- conference mentoring: still no participants, but this is something we want to continue to offer

VI. Webinar working group progress update

-Recruitment to the Profession has agreed to be the trial group
-Other avenues for information directed at new selectors: WESSweb might be the best means to convey this information
-Agreement it is best to record and post sessions

VII. Possible new chair for this committee

-not an issue until next year, will look in to a possible co-chair for the coming year to pass along committee information

VIII. Fundraising

-Interest from vendors in having a panel discussion

Submitted by Katie Gibson, Chair (gibsonke@miamioh.edu)

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