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WESS Membership Committee Minutes: Midwinter 2011. San Diego, CA

Meeting info: Saturday January 8, 2011. 10:30-12 Manchester Grant Hyatt, Del Mar B

Chair: Ann Snoeyenbos (AnnS@muse.jhu.edu) Members: Diana Chlebek, Colin McCaffrey, Robin Canuel (not attending MW), Chella Vaidyanathan (not attending MW),

I. Introductions

II. WESS schedule for Annual 2011

June 24 2011 Friday: 5-9pm Happy Hour. Note: This will be moved to 6-8pm at Annual.

June 26, 2011 Sunday: 10:30-12 WESS Membership Committee. Note: this is the proposed time but it hasn’t been finalized yet.

June 26, 2011 Sunday : 6:30-10pm WESS dinner/cruise

III. WESS social events A. MW happy hour San Diego and happy hour New Orleans Recap and aspects to be improved: Be sure to bring stick on nametags and a marker so that those who haven’t been to registration yet can have a name. Be aware of the acoustics in the next happy hour place. Call the venue in advance so they know to have wait staff and individual checks. It would be ideal to have a separate room for our group.

B. Annual cruise/dinner New Orleans

IV. Buddy and mentoring programs Ann described the programs. She didn’t do this during the fall but will resume in spring. Need to make sure the WESS-L signup info is on the buddy message and on the welcome message

V. Vendor pages— Need to define who qualifies as a “vendor” (Goethe Institute?) Membership (Colin, Ann, Diana, Katie) will work on this now and then run it by Marcus (Fundraising) and Tim Shipe (Publications) then discuss with WESS Exec at the march phone call. We will want to create a schedule for populating the new pages and also for regular updates, photo guidelines, logo guidelines, max number of contact names? Who is now responsible for the Membership Directory? Should the same person responsible for the vendor pages too or should the vendor pages be owned by Membership or Fundraising? We need to rough out an html file to present to WESS Exec at Annual in New Orleans.

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