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A subcommittee of the WESS Recruitment to the Profession conducted a survey of academic librarians in Canada and the United States about foreign language skills. Specifically, the survey looked at four main questions:

  • Are foreign languages required to work in academic libraries?
  • Do academic librarians and libraries value foreign language skills?
  • To what degree are foreign-language skills used by academic librarians?
  • Which languages are most common and at what level of training/expertise are these languages known?

Survey subcommittee members: Laura Dale Bischof, Heather Moulaison, Brian Vetruba

SurveyMonkey was used to create an anonymous online survey of 20 question. Emails with links to the survey were sent to 47 professional librarian. The survey was open from May 21 to July 6, 2007.

Responses were collected from 1,994 librarians.

Subcommittee members are analyzing the results and plan to publish their findings.

Questions about the survey can be directed to Brian Vetruba (bvetruba@wustl.edu)

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