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New Publications of Note

Column Editor: Robert L. Kusmer

WESS Newsletter
Spring 2000
Vol. 23, no. 2


RK = Robert Kusmer

JKL = Jeffry K. Larson

SFR = Susanne F. Roberts

JBR = John B. Rutledge



Béthery, Annie, & Gascuel, Jacqueline. Revues et magazines: guide des périodiques à l’intention des bibliothèques publiques. 4e éd. Paris: Éd. du Cercle de la librairie, 1997 Paris. 409 p.; 24 cm. (Bibliothèques ISSN 0184-0886) ISBN 2765406790. 260 FF.

A classed, generously annotated selection guide to periodicals for French public libraries, preceded by a long overview. Contains several general news, cultural, and literary titles that are in neither RLIN nor OCLC. Includes an index of names and titles. The previous edition was noted in our Spring 1992 issue. Critical review in Bulletin critique du livre français, Jan. 1998. [JKL]

Bibliographie des écrivains français/Bibliographica (ISSN 1245-2505) Paris; Roma: Memini. 18: Beugnot, Bernard; Martel, Jacinthe; Veck, Bernard. Francis Ponge. 1999. 266 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8886609221. 350 FF. 19: Mortelette, Yann. José-Maria de Heredia. 1999. 220 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 888660923X. 330 FF.

Two more installments in a series of classed annotated bibliographies on French literary authors whose first number was noted in our Spring 1996 issue (see also our last 4 issues). Includes indices of keywords, outstanding studies, theses, authors of book reviews, and authors and translators. This number also appears without the electronic copy on floppy disk that accompanied the early numbers; the series editors indicate that the entire series will be available online and on CD-ROM, but offer no details. This series is being critically reviewed in IFB, hence in IFBA and RRE. [JKL]

Chalonge, Florence de, & Duchet, Claude. Bibliographie du dix-neuvième siècle: lettres, arts, sciences, histoire: année 1998. At head of title: Société des études romantiques et dix-neuvièmistes. [Paris]: Sedes, 1999. 227 p. ; 25 cm. ISBN 2718192720. 140FF.

A selective, annotated, multi-disciplinary, and avowedly experimental bibliography of studies on 19th-century Europe published in 1998, with some entries from 1997. Contains the following chapters: textual editions, single-author works, collective works, periodical contents, and, finally, the 19th century on the internet with dated URLs (by Marianne Pernoo-Bécache of the BNF) reproduced at her personal site: http://membres.tripod.fr/Marianne/dixneuf.html). Includes an index of broad themes, of 19th-century persons, and another of modern critics, editors, publishers, etc. [JKL]

Dictionnaire de Don Juan. Ed. Pierre Brunel. Paris: R. Laffont, c1999. xli, 1025 p.; 20 cm. (Bouquins) ISBN 2221078667; LCCN: 99459240. 189 FF.

What you always wanted to know, hypocrite lecteur, about (the literary history of) womanizing but were too hen-pecked to ask. Contains a 2-page "Bibliographie pratique." [JKL]

Dieudonné, Julien, & Cacqueray, Aurélie de. Familles d’écrivains. Paris: Archives et culture, 1999. 262 p.: ill.; 24 cm. (Généalogies; 3) ISBN 2911665317. 139 FF.

Albertine Sarrazin didn’t have one and Chateaubriand’s was the longest: she was a foundling (and hence doesn’t figure in this ouvrage), while his goes back to Geoffroy dit le Bâtard in the 11th or 12th century. Such are the gems to be gleaned from this book of genealogies of fifty 19th- and 20th-century French authors, from a publisher of popular genealogical titles. A typical entry includes a very brief literary biography, a 2-page family history, a schematic family tree, and a brief indication of sources. Includes an index of personal names. [JKL]

La France des écrivains. [réd. par Michel Caffier, Sandrine Azoulay, Frédérique Nguyen Huu, et al.]. [Paris]: Nouveaux loisirs-Gallimard, 1997 impr. en Italie. 224 p.: ill.; 23 cm. (Sur les routes du monde; Coll. principale: Guides Gallimard) ISBN 2742403701 (br.); FrBN022691289. 98 FF.

A travel guide to the presence of literary authors in French provinces, arranged geographically by province listed alphabetically. Contains some 60 signed brief essays on authors or themes. Each chapter includes a directory of authors’ houses or museums. Includes a 5-page bibliography of literary texts cited. [JKL]

Hostein, Patricia. Le guide du théâtre. Paris: Dixit, 1999. 240 p.; 24 cm. ([Le guide du producteur], ISSN 0988-1042) ISBN 2906587958. 180 FF.

Almost a directory, but not quite, of the theater of France, and especially of Paris. Chapters describe how theatrical activities are organized: private/public sectors, state support, prizes, publishing, festivals, drama schools, etc. No bibliography or index. [JKL]

Le Nail, Bernard & Jacqueline. Dictionnaire des romanciers de Bretagne. Gourin: Keltia Graphic, 1999. 360 p. (Patrimoine littéraire de Bretagne) ISBN 2913953018 . 149 FF.

A collection of bio-bibliographies of 645 Breton authors from the 17th through the 20th centuries, with 5000 works cited and more than 200 pseudonyms uncovered, according to the back cover blurb. Entries are complemented by primary and secondary bibliographies. In appendix: index of pseudonyms, general bibliography, geographical index (by commune) of Breton authors, lists of Bretons in the Académie Française, literary prize winners, novels by outsiders set in Brittany, and foreign authors of Breton origin. Includes an index of real and fictional personal names. [JKL]

Pia, Pascal. Les livres de l’Enfer: bibliographie critique des ouvrages érotiques dans leurs différentes éditions du XVIe siècle à nos jours. Nouv. éd. augmentée. Paris: Fayard, c1998. 887 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 2213601895; LCCN: 99190099. 290FF.

A posthumous edition based on the author’s compilation of the restricted erotic collection in the Bibliothèque nationale in Paris (first edition: 1978), adding over 200 (marked) new entries, the bulk of which are from the sale catalogs of the Roger Peyrefitte and Michel Simon collections. The generously annotated entries are arranged in alphabetical order by uniform title, with their editions in chronological order. Includes cross references, a separate list of titles in the BN’s Enfer, and a voluminous index of titles and names of authors, publishers, collectors, etc. [JKL]

Le Robert des grands écrivains de langue française. Sous la direction de Philippe Hamon et Denis Roger-Vasselin. Paris: Dictionnaires Le Robert, 2000. xviii, 1521 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 2850366374. 210 FF.

The canon of French literature presented in 150 bio-bibliographies. Each opens with contrasting judgments about the author; then follow a thumbnail biography, a paraphrase of the author’s own literary theories, a stylistic characterization, the work’s reception and posterity, detailed analysis of one or more works, selected quotations, others’ opinions, a selective secondary bibliography, and an audio-filmography. Includes indices of personal names and titles of works. [JKL]


Guggenheimer, Eva H. and Heinrich W. Etymologisches Lexikon der jüdischen Familiennamen. München; New Providence: Saur, 1996. 522 pp. ISBN 3598112602.

This is a translation, as well as revision and expansion, of Jewish Family Names and their Origins: an Etymological Dictionary, published by Ktav in 1992. In addition to adding newly researched names and their variants, the work also increases the number of comparative references to names from history and literature. [RLK]

Harper Collins German Concise Dictionary. 2nd ed. New York: HarperCollins, 1999. xiv, 410,472, 255 pp. ISBN 0062736841. $15.00

The last 255 pages of this dictionary consists of a grammar section and its index, making this portable volume two resources in one. Distinguishes old and new spellings based on the rules of Rechtschreibung. [RLK]

Kant-Bibliographie 1945-1990 / begründet von Rudolf Malter; herausgegeben von Margit Ruffing. (Veröffentlichungen der Kant-Forschungsstelle am Philosophischen Seminar der Universität Mainz). Frankfurt am Main: Vittorio Klostermann, 1999. 976 pp. ISBN 3465029879

The first volume to appear in a planned Kant bibliography whose eventual coverage will be publications from 1749 on. This first fruit of a massive undertaking begun by Rudolf Malter (d. 1994) provides chronologically arranged citations of primary and secondary works. Access is further enhanced by indexes for: cited works by Kant, authors, named persons, and title key words. [RLK]

Lengert, Joachim. Romanische Phraseologie und Parömiologie: eine teilkommentierte Bibliographie (von den Anfängen bis 1997). Tübingen: G. Narr, c1999. 2 v. (xxxix, 2132 p.); 25 cm. ISBN 382335194X (set). 468 DM.

A selectively annotated bibliography of phraseology and proverbs in Romance languages, whose classed organization reaches down to the level of specific phrases. Vol. 1 covers general Romance, French, and Italian; vol. 2 covers Catalan, Portuguese, Provençal, Romanian, Sardinian, and Spanish. Includes an index of personal names, pseudonyms, publishing institutions, and anonymous titles. [JKL]

Lick, Thomas. Eichendorff-Bibliographie: Forschungsliteratur zu Leben und Werk Joseph von Eichendorffs, 1926-1995. St. Katharinen: Scripta Mercaturae, 1998. 259 pp. ISBN 3895900532.

Lick’s enumerative bibliography of over 3000 titles picks up where Karl von Eichendorff's bibliography leaves off; the latter is found as vol. 22 of the 1927 Historisch-Kritische Ausgabe of Eichendorff’s works. It also complements the bibliographies of Kron (1960) and Krabiel (1971). Organization is chronological, and access is enhanced through indexes of authors, Eichendorff periodicals, persons named, geographical terms, works, and topics. [RLK]

Nickel, Rainer. Lexikon der antiken Literatur. Düsseldorf, Zürich: Artemis & Winkler, 1999. 904 pp. ISBN: 3-538-07089-X DM 98,-

A dictionary of 2300 works in Greek and Latin arranged alphabetically by title. This format allows a reader to research a work of antiquity such as Cicero’s "Consolatio" and be quickly informed about it. The information supplied may fall into as many as eight categories, organized by a capital letter. I (Inhalt) briefly describes the work; H (Historisches) provides the historical context; Q (Quellen) reveals the author’s sources; W (Wirkungsabsicht) deals with authorial intent; N (Nachwirkung) examines how later writers received the work; Ü (Übersetzungen) lists translations, mostly German; A (Ausgaben) and L (Literatur) provide lists of editions and secondary literature about the works. Beneath each Latin title (or romanized Greek title) is a German translation of the title. Occasionally entry is by German title, as for example "Chorlyrik." Several appendices are required to facilitate the use of this lexicon. This substantial reference work covers up to the middle of the fifth century CE and includes some Christian literature. It is well organized and presents information in a compellingly clear fashion. What it offers surely is a canon of works from antiquity, although I missed Lucian’s "Dialogues of the Dead". [JBR]

Pasternack, Peer. Hochschule & Wissenschaft in SBZ / DDR / Ostdeutschland 1945 – 1995: annotierte Bibliographie für den Erscheinungszeitraum 1990 - 1998 (Wittenberger Hochschulforschung). Deutscher Studien Verlag, Weinheim 1999, 566 pp. ISBN 3892718784. DM98.

Documents 50 years of higher education and science in the DDR as reflected in publications from 1990-98, including five "pre-natal" years (1945-49) and six "post-mortem" years (1990-95). Includes 1,931 monographic titles, including "graue Literatur," and 14 periodicals. (abstract based on the one provided by the Institut für Hochschulforschung Wittenberg at its website, q.v.): http://www.hof.uni-halle.de/index.htm [RLK]

Primärbibliographie der Schriften Karl Jaspers’ / im Auftrag der Karl Jaspers Stiftung auf der Grundlage der Bibliographie von Gisela Gefken und Karl Kunert völlig neu bearbeitet und herausgegeben von Christian Rabanus. (Basler Studien zur Philosophie, 11). Tübingen: Francke, 2000. 399 pp. ISBN 3772020801. DM 120.

An impressive bibliography of all Jaspers’ published journalistic and monographic writings as author, editor or co-editor, in all editions and printings as well as in all appearances as translations. (Selective printings/editions from the period following Jaspers’ death are understandably omitted). The earliest published instance of each title/essay is printed in boldface. In addition, a discography of Jaspers’ sound recordings, originally broadcast as radio addresses, and a filmography of Jaspers’ works on microfilm is provided. The bibliography, covering the publishing period 1909-1997, concludes with indexes to titles of Jasper essayistic and monographic works and to personal names. [RLK]

Strosetzki, Christoph. Hispanistik an den Hochschulen in Deutschland, Österreich und der deutschsprachigen Schweiz Frankfurt: Vervuert, 1998. 132 p.; 21 cm. ISBN: 389354111X. 8 DM.

A directory of Hispanic studies departments in German-speaking institutions of higher learning. [JKL]

Wimbauer, Tobias. Personenregister der Tagebücher Ernst Jüngers. (Rombach Wissenschaften, Reihe Litterae, Bd. 66). Freiburg im Breisgau: Rombach, 1999. 296 pp. ISBN 3793092100. DM 98.

Comprises a personal name index to all of Jünger’s published diaries and travel journals, spanning the years 1929-1996. Over 5,100 individuals from literature, philosophy, art, mythology, religion, science and history appear. [RLK}


Albaigès i Olivart, Josep M. Enciclopedia de los topónimos españoles. Barcelona: Planeta, 1998. 678 p.; 23 cm. (Enciclopedias Planeta. Serie mayor) ISBN 8408025872; LCCN: 98217994. 4300 ptas.

A popular Spanish gazetteer covering municipalities over 5000 in population, those of historical significance, those with interesting etymologies, and major geographical features. Entries of varying length indicate the historical importance of the place, without specific bibliographical references. Includes a one-page general bibliography. Includes cross references but no index. [JKL]

Anto: revista semesteral de cultura. Amarante: Associação Amarante Cultural/Edições do Tâmega [Apartado 90, 4600 Amarante]. Director, Antônio José Queirós. ill.; 24 cm. 4500 escudos/year.

A literary review with, in No. 5, Primavera 1999, drawings by Ana Hatherly, poems by Casimiro de Brito, an essay on Bocage by Daniel Pires, and other scholarly studies, the longest of which is a 32-page study of Horace and Chinese poetics. Not found in RLIN or OCLC. [JKL]

Anuario de estudios literarios galegos. 1992-. [S.l.: Galaxia], c1993-. (Vigo: Artes Gráficas Galicia); 24 cm. LCCN: 94655575. 1998 (published in 1999): ISBN 8482882856. 2650 ptas.

An annual survey of creative works and studies in Galician literature and theater. Includes scholarly articles, communications, panoramas, book reviews, and a 50-page classed, unannotated bibliography of books (including translations into Galician), articles, periodicals, and web sites. [JKL]

Bibliografía de lingüística general y española, 1964-1990. Vol. V. Eds. Valerio Báez San José ... [et al.]. [Alcalá de Henares]: Servicio de Publicaciones, Universidad de Alcalá, 1999. 378 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8481383473. $21.50.

The final volume of the work (LCCN: 95235069) noted in our Spring 1996, Fall 1997, Spring 1998, and Fall 1999 issues. Contains 7662 classed citations in the history of Hispanic language and dialectology. No index in this volume; a volume of indices and abbreviations is promised. [JKL]

Bibliografía en resúmenes de la literatura española: (artículos) 1995. Dirección de Emilio Martínez Mata; redacción de Manuel Angel Fernández Alvarez ... [et al.]. Oviedo: Universidad de Oviedo. Servicio de Publicaciones, 1999. 214 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 8483171643. 2225 ptas.

Continuation of the classed bibliography with signed abstracts of scholarly articles on Spanish literature that was noted in our Spring 1994 issue. Now includes an author index. Announces the volumes for 1994 (which we missed) and 1996 (published in 2000, already in RLIN), and a web version "muy pronto" but not found on the U. of Oviedo’s web site. [JKL]

Biblos: enciclopédia Verbo das literaturas de língua portuguesa; 3: Leite -Pávia. Lisboa: Verbo, [1995-<1999>]. 26 cm. LCCN: 95237266. $75/vol.

A continuation of the ambitious dictionary of literatures in Portuguese annotated in our Fall 1995 and Spring 1998 issues. Substantial (mostly) signed articles cover major and minor figures, major works, institutions, and abstract terms and movements. Many articles end with brief primary and secondary bibliographies. To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]

Boca do inferno: revista de cultura e pensamento. Cascais: Câmara Municipal, Pelouro da Cultura, 1996- Director, José Jorge Letria. ill.; 24 cm. ISSN 0873-223X; LCCN: 98649058. Esc 2000/no.

A review largely literary in orientation with essays, scholarly articles, and documents dealing, in issue no. 3 (1998), with Machado de Assis, Eça de Queiros, Graça Moura, Camões, et al., and selected literary texts. The non-literary articles deal with the history of Portuguese music and a survey of Portuguese archeology. Contains no information about frequency or price. [JKL]

Boletim/Centro de estudos regianos. Vila do Conde: Câmara Municipal. Director, Eugénio Lisboa. ill.; 24 cm. ISSN: 0874-1921. Esc 3500 (outside Europe).

A semi-annual devoted to the study of José Régio; based on Dezembro 98, no. 3. Not found in RLIN or OCLC. [JKL]

Catálogo de pliegos sueltos poéticos de la Biblioteca Nacional Siglo XVII. Ed. María Cruz García de Enterría et al. Alcalá Henares: Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, 1998. 882 p.: ill., facsim.; 28 cm. ISBN 848138285X. 10400 ptas.

A catalog of 1091 poetical chapbooks (up to 32 p.) in the Spanish national library, covering the century after Rodríguez-Moñino’s [Nuevo] diccionario bibliográfico de Pliegos Sueltos poéticos, siglo XVI (the revised edition was noted in our Spring 1999 issue; see Martha Zaráte’s review in RRE). Descriptive entries, arranged in alphabetical order by title, are accompanied by a facsimile of the title page and are followed by brief references to the scholarly literature. Includes the following indices: titles, names, authors, printers/publishers/book sellers, imprints (geographical/chronological), incipits, accounts of events (chronological), provenances, and shelf marks. To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]

Cerdá Díaz, Julio. Archivos municipales españoles: guía bibliográfica. Gijon: Trea, 1999. 230 p. 22 cm. (Biblioteconomîa y Administración Cultural, 27) ISBN 8495178311 19.85 USD.

After a substantial list of general works on municipal and local archives, this guide is subdivided geographically by region or autonomous communities and then by province. Around 3,000 entries arranged alphabetically by author include descriptions of archival collections, finding aids such as guides, inventories and catalogs, and editions of documents. Indexes to authors and cities complete the work. [SFR]

Clemente San Román, Yolanda. Tipobibliografía madrileña; la imprenta en Madrid en el siglo XVI (1566-1600). Kassel: Reichenberger, 1998 3 v. (1256 p.): facsims.; 24 cm. (Teatro del Siglo de Oro. Bibliografías y catálogos; 21-23) ISBN 3931887537. 28,000 ptas.

Part of a collective enterprise (see Moreno Garbayo below), this thorough chronological catalog of 977 Madrid imprints of the last third of the 16th century corrects, complements and supplements Cristobal Pérez Pastor’s Bibliografía madrileña (1891, 1906, 1907). The introduction includes notices on Madrid printers. Entries include bibliographical references and holding locations. Includes indices of main entries; other personal names; and printers, book dealers and sponsors; also includes a list of holding locations. [JKL]

Colomina i Castanyer, Jordi. Dialectologia catalana: introducció i guia bibliogràfica. Alacante: Universitat de Alacant, Secretariat de Publicacions: Departament de Filologia Catalana, 1999. 353 p.; 24 cm. (Biblioteca de Filologia Catalana; 7) ISBN 8479084553. 3000 ptas.

A 130-page introduction to Catalan dialects, followed by a classed unannotated bibliography of books, articles, etc. Includes indices of subjects, places, and authors. [JKL]

Costa, Jose Ricardo Marques da. Livro dos provérbios portugueses. Lisboa: Editorial Presença, 1999. 551 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 9722324101. $40.

A thematically classed collection of unsourced Portuguese proverbs. Includes a 2-page section of unclassified proverbs, a 10-page glossary, a list of saints’ days, a 26-item bibliography, and an index of keywords. [JKL]

Diccionari de freqüències, vol. 1: Llengua no literària. Cover : Diccionari del català contemporani. Corpus textual informatitzat de la llengua catalana. Ed. Joaquim Rafel i Fontanals. Barcelona: Institut d’Estudis Catalans, 1996. 1539 p.; 25 cm. + 1 computer optical disc (4 3/4 in.) ISBN 8472833313 (v. 1); LCCN: 97177246. 6000 ptas.

Volume 1, covering the non-literary language, of the Catalan word frequency dictionary noted in our Fall 1999 issue. Lists of Catalan words from non-literary texts in the following orders: alphabetical, by frequency, by index of dispersion, and by use, followed by alphabetical lists of principal and secondary lemmas. The introduction describes the entire corpus and the criteria of treatment, with tables and graphs. Includes a 3-page scholarly bibliography, and alphabetical and chronological lists of the texts in the corpus. The CD-ROM includes all the lexical and quantitative data of the printed text, plus chronological and typological characteristics, searchable by an interface that requires an Intel processor 386 or higher with at least 4 Mb of RAM and Windows 3.1 or higher or Windows 95. Accompanied by a 20-page manual for using the CD-ROM. [JKL]

Ex æquo: revista da Associação Portugesa de Estudos sobre as Mulheres (APEM). Director, Virgínia Ferreira. [3001-401 Coimbra (Apartado 3087): APEM; 2781-901 Oeiras (Apartado 151): Celta Editora]. 24 cm. ISSN 0874-5560. $18.00/year (US).

A scholarly annual devoted to women’s studies, principally sociological or historical. No. 1 (1999) bears the special title, "Representações sobre o feminino." Includes abstracts of contents in English and French. Not found in RLIN or OCLC. [JKL]

Fernandes, A. de Almeida. Toponímia portuguesa: exame a um dicionário. [Arouca]: Associação para a Defesa da cultura Arouquense, [1999] 576 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 9729474133. $65.

An etymological dictionary of selected Portuguese place names. Entries give brief references to 19 cited authorities. Claims to update and correct José Pedro Machado’s Dicionário onomástico etimológico da língua portuguesa. [JKL]

Guía del escritor; Aficionado y profesional. [on cover: Orientaciones sobre el acceso al mundo editorial, derechos de autor, legislación.../ Directorios de Editoriales, asociaciones y revistas literarias, ayudas y becas, agencias, fundaciones, centros de documentación, Internet...]. Madrid: Ediciones y Talleres de Escritura Creativa Fuentetaja, 1999. 298 p.; 23 cm. ISBN 8495079836. 3280 ptas.

A guide for aspiring authors that may prove of use to selectors in North American libraries, with its selective yet extensive directories of publishers, literary and cultural reviews, professional associations, etc. A previous edition was published in 1996. From the same publisher: ?Escribes o trabajas?: guía de opciones profesionales para el escritor (1999, 212 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 8495079828. 1950 ptas) and Guía de premios y concursos literarios en España (1998, 331 p.; p., 24 cm. ISBN: 8492123168. 2900 ptas), the latter not seen. [JKL]

Indice: Directorio nacional de publicaciones. [Cover: La Guía definitiva de la Prensa Española]. Madrid: Utilpress XXI, S.L. No. 1, Junio 1998: 142 p.; No. 2, verano/otoño 1999 [ISBN: 8460580121]: 177 p. D.L.: M-32071-1998. Cover price: 3500 ptas.

An annual or semi-annual classed directory of periodicals and distributors in Spain. Contains the following rubrics: dailies, general periodicals (subdivided by subject), professional and trade reviews (subdivided by subject), annuals,association organs, scholarly journals, official publications, and free titles (the last 3 categories are omitted in the 1999 edition). In appendix are tables giving ranked circulation figures of selected titles. Simple entries include only title, frequency, price, and distributor; paid entries include more detailed directory, personnel, and circulation data. Includes alphabetical, subject, and geographic indices (the latter index is omitted in 1999). Contains display advertisements for magazines and equipment for news stands. Though relatively few scholarly journals opt for paid entries, this tool may prove useful to North American librarians, especially in the absence of any alternative. [JKL]

Jornais e revistas portuguesas do século XIX. Eds. Gina Guedes Rafael & Manuela Santos. Lisboa: Biblioteca Nacional, 1998-. v. 1: [O 1o de Dezembro-Isto]: ill.; 480 p.; 24 cm. (Bibliografias) ISBN 9725652290. $35.00.

A catalog of almost 2900 19th-century Portuguese periodicals (excluding "almanaques, boletins, relatórios, memória, etc." that "não apresentavam carácter jornalístico") held in the Biblioteca Nacional in Lisbon. Entries, arranged by title, have been cataloged according to the Regras Portuguesas de Catalogação and ISBD(S). Includes indices of personal names, places, and chronology. [JKL]

Mira, Alberto, [et al.]. Para entendernos. Diccionario de cultura homosexual, gay y lésbica. Barcelona: De la Tempestad, Ediciones, 1999. 777 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 8479480386. 4995 ptas.

Touting itself "the first Hispanic dictionary of homosexual, gay and lesbian culture", this encyclopedia covers its subject in all countries and periods with about 1000 entries that understandably focus on Spain and Latin America. Of particular interest to library selectors is the 2-page article "Publicaciones," which cites reviews, publishers, and book shops. Includes cross references, a 6-page selective bibliography, and an index of article headings that consist of people, works, and topics. As of 4/5/00 only a vendor record appears in RLIN or OCLC. [JKL]

Moral, Rafael del. Enciclopedia de la novela española. Barcelona: Planeta, 1999. 712 p.; 23 cm. (Enciclopedias Planeta. Serie mayor) ISBN 8408026666; LCCN: 99516266. 4500 ptas.

A dictionary of some 750 Spanish novels from the 15th century through 1998 arranged by their titles. Entries give a brief appreciation of the authors’ intentions, themes, and context; plot; esthetic evaluation and comparison with other fiction; and very selective bibliographical references. Includes a chronology, a 30-page bibliography, and indices of authors and characters. [JKL]

Moreno Garbayo, Justa. La imprenta en Madrid, 1626-1650: materiales para su estudio e inventario. Ed. Fermín de los Reyes Gómez. [Madrid]: Arco/Libros, c1999. 2 v. (1470 p.): ill.; 25 cm. (Colección Tipobibliografía española) ISBN 8476353790. $186.32.

Part of a collective enterprise (see Clemente San Román above) to continue and update Cristobal Pérez Pastor’s Bibliografía madrileña (1891, 1906, 1907), this posthumous catalog describes nearly 3700 Madrid imprints from the second quarter of the 17th century. Entries give physical descriptions, holding locations, and bibliographical references. The editor’s introduction provides notices on printers. Contains a 6-page bibliography and 10 indices: author/title, printers, sponsors, personal names (general), dedicatees, names in legal forematter, translators/poets and engravers, places, subjects, and first lines. [JKL]

Neves, Orlando. Dicionário de expressões correntes. Lisboa: Notícias Editorial, 1999. 404 p. (Colecção dicionários.) ISBN 9724609537; LCCN: 99459434. $30.

A glossary of Portuguese phrases that are only occasionally sourced. Includes cross references and a thematically classed list of the fixed phrases, but no bibliography or notes. [JKL]

Niederehe, Hans-Josef. Bibliografía cronológica de la lingüística, la gramática y la lexicografía del español (BICRES II): desde el año 1601 hasta el año 1700. Amsterdam; Philadelphia: J. Benjamins Pub. Co., 1999. 472 p.; 23 cm. (Amsterdam studies in the theory and history of linguistic science. Series III, Studies in the history of the language sciences ; v. 91.) ISBN 9027245797 (Eur.); ISBN 1556196350 (US). 198 fl.

A descriptive bibliography of 1270 17th-century Spanish grammars that succeeds the volume that Niederehe devoted to the earlier period, noted in our Spring 1995 issue. Entries indicate holding locations and bibliography commentary and references. Includes a 22-page bibliography of sources and studies, and indices of titles, of places of publication and publishers, of scribes, printers, and editors, of holding locations, and of authors. [JKL]

Publicaciones literarias españolas: 1900-1950; Catálogo. Madrid: Ayuntamiento de Madrid, 1999. 72 p.: ill.; 24 cm. (Hemeroteca Municipal de Madrid. Sección de Historia de la Prensa; 8) ISBN 8478124640. 1000 ptas.

A catalog of Spanish literary serials in Madrid’s Hemeroteca Municipal. Entries offer brief cataloging (no physical description) and holdings information. Includes two appendices: facsimiles and monographic series; also includes a (redundant) title index. [JKL]

El público: historia, antología e indices. / dirección y selección antológica de Cristina Santolaria; colaboración de Sara Akkad ... [et al.]. Madrid: Sociedad General de Autores de España, 1999. 492 p.: Photos; 24 cm. ISBN 8480483261. 2800 ptas.

A brief history and selective anthology of El público (ISSN 0213-4926; LCCN: 85650405) the important theatrical review that was published by the Spanish Ministry of Culture from 1983 to 1992, followed by 300 pages of indices to the main title and its supplements: personal names, play titles, dramatic companies, authors of articles, subjects, and authors and titles of works published in supplements; book reviews are indexed in the first and fifth indices. [JKL]

Roteiro da literatura portuguesa. Ed. Ilídio Rocha. 2d ed. rev. & ampl. Frankfurt am Main: Verlag Teo Ferrer de Mesquita, 1998. 261 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 3925203613. 34 DM.

A chronologically arranged collection of 501 entries about genres, topics, but mainly major Portuguese authors. Previous edition was 1995. Entries are followed by brief primary bibliographies that give only title and date. Includes an index of authors’ names. [JKL]

Ruiz Villamor, Jesús María, & Sánchez Miguel, Juan Manuel. Refranero popular manchego y los refranes del Quijote. Ciudad Real [Spain]: Diputación Provincial de Ciudad Real, 1998. 286 p.: ill.; 21 cm. (Biblioteca de autores manchegos; 111) ISBN 8477891346; LCCN: 99191259. 1200 ptas.

A classed arrangement of largely unannotated proverbial phrases characteristic of La Mancha and a separate list of those (annotated) occurring in Don Quixote. Includes a 3-page bibliography; no index. [JKL]

Sala Valldaura, Josep Maria. Cartellera del teatre de Barcelona [1790-1799]. Barcelona: Curial Edicions Catalanes/ Abadia de Montserrat, 1999. 222 p.: ill.; 23 cm. (Textos i Estudis de Cultura Catalana; 67) ISBN 8484150771. 2000 ptas.

Chronological tabular listings of plays in Barcelona in the 1790s, showing attendance when available. Includes indices of works, indicating authors and performances. [JKL]

Torres, Augusto M. Diccionario Espasa cine español [3. ed.]. Madrid: Espasa, c1999. 1055 p.: ill., pl.; 25 cm. ISBN 8423994511; LCCN: 99525876. 7185 ptas.

A much enlarged version of the earlier pocket editions, this dictionary covers Spanish film from 1896 to 1998. Its 1600 entries cover 1050 films (with credits) and 550 cast and crew members. Includes a brief history of Spanish cinema, a list of box office leaders, a graph of production, and indices of personal names and film titles. [JKL]

Valero Garcés, Carmen. A selected and annotated bibliography on English / Spanish cross-linguistic studies (1980s-1990s). Alcalá Henares: Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, 1998. 100 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8481382639. 1500 ptas.

Addressed to linguists and language teachers, this bibliographic survey of English-Spanish contrastive linguistics covers the field in four chapters (phonological, lexico-semantic, morpho-syntactic, and discourse analysis). Includes an index of subjects and the text on diskette, which permits keyword searching. [JKL]

Vidal [Manzanares], César. Enciclopedia del Quijote. Barcelona: Planeta, c1999. 682 p.; 20 cm. (Enciclopedias Planeta) ISBN 8408030485. 3900 ptas.

After a 150-page analytical presentation of Don Quixote, this popular Dictionary covers elements and terms of the novel and related topics, e. g., its commentators. Articles refer to the novel’s chapters. Includes a list of proverbial phrases in the novel with explanations, a chronology of Cervantes and his times, a 68-page secondary bibliography (arranged by author), as well as indices of references to the novel’s chapters and of subjects treated. [JKL]


Biblioteche e centri di documentazione della Svizzera italiana: guida / a cura di Claudia Antognini ... [et al.]. Bellinzona (CH): Fahrenheit forum per le biblioteche, 1999. xvii, 253 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8877132841. L30,000.

A geographically arranged directory of libraries and documentation centers in Italian Switzerland, with each entry to a page. Includes indices of subjects, special named collections, type of library, and governing institutions. In appendix: the library statutes of the canton of Ticino. [JKL]

Clerici, Luca. Viaggiatori italiani in Italia, 1700-1998: per una bibliografia. Milano: S. Bonnard, c1999. 405 p., [11] leaves of plates: ill.; 22 cm. (L’ordine dei libri) ISBN 8886842058; LCCN: 99517496. L55,000.

A chronological bibliography of 1826 modern travelogues, some in ms., by Italians in their own country. Entries are often annotated, indicating places visited, alternative editions, etc. Includes indices of authors and places. The compiler has also edited a companion anthology, Il viaggiatore meravigliato: [italiani in Italia: 1714-1996] (Milano: Il saggiatore, 1999. ISBN 8842807192’ L55,000). [JKL]

Cortelazzo, Michele A. DIC: dizionario dell’italiano contemporaneo. Brescia: Editrice La Scuola, c1998. vi, 714 p.: ill. ; 27 cm. ISBN 8835094224. L28,000.

A scholastic dictionary of 20,000 terms in contemporary usage. Entries give definitions, illustrative examples, syllabification, pronunciation, grammatical information, synonyms, antonyms, and occasional drawings and inset tables. [JKL]

De Luca, Valentino. Stampa ed editoria leccese: 1960-1994: catalogo. Lecce: [s.n.], 1997. 536 p.; 25 cm. L48,000.

A bibliography of 35 years of imprints from the province of Lecce. Contains an index of personal names, corporate bodies, periodical titles, and places (with subject subdivisions for the latter), and separate indices of series and chronology. [JKL]

De Mauro, Tullio, & Moroni, G. G. DIB: dizionario di base della lingua Italiana. 2. ed. Torino: Paravia, 1998. 1467 p.; 25 cm. + 1 v. (139 p.): ill. Title of v. 2: Dizionario visuale. ISBN 8839550747. L50,000.

A scholastic dictionary of 15,000 terms built around a basic vocabulary of 7000 words that are marked in 3 levels of frequency or importance (with the core list at the end). Entries give definitions, illustrative examples, pronunciation, syllabification, grammatical usage, etymology, synonyms, and antonyms. The visual dictionary has more than 2000 references from the main volume and includes a subject index. Also comes on a CD-ROM (not seen). [JKL]

Dizionario dei tipografi e degli editori italiani. Il Cinquecento / diretto da Marco Menato, Ennio Sandal, Giuseppina Zappella. Milano: Editrice Bibliografica, 1997- v. 1: A-F. 30 cm. (Grandi opere; 9) LCCN: 98213377; ISBN 8870753646. $195.86.

The first volume of an historical encyclopedia of Italian printers and publishers who for the most part started after 1500. Signed entries provide biographical and professional data, production information, typographical features, and bibliographical references. Contains a 63-page bibliography. No information about indices. [JKL]

Merlante, Riccardo. Il dizionario della Commedia. Bologna: Zanichelli, 1999. 320 p.: ill., maps ; 21 cm. ISBN 8808094251. L24,000.

A brief dictionary on Dante’s Commedia, with over 1900 entries on characters, places cited, Dante’s life and works, philosophic terms, basic concepts, metrics, and rhetorical figures. Articles do not offer bibliographical references. In appendix are diagrams, chronological tables, maps, and a classed 22-page "Bibliografia essenziale." Includes cross references, but no index. [JKL]

Moderna: semestrale di teoria e critica della letteratura. Ed. Romano Luperini]. [Anno] 1., n. 1 (1999). - 1999. - 289 p. Pisa [etc.]: Istituti editoriali e poligrafici internazionali, 1999-. 24 cm. ISSN 1128-6326. $150 (foreign institutions).

A semi-annual academic journal devoted to literary modernity (though not restricted to modern literature). It opens with substantial articles in two rubrics: "Teoria" and "Critica," the latter more focussed on literary texts and authors. Also includes a bibliographic section titled "Bilanci," which in the inaugural issue is devoted to Montale, including a present state of Montale studies by M. A. Grignani, and closing with a classed annotated bibliography for 1994-1998 in 6 sections including translations by several hands. An occasional rubric of "Discussioni" is also announced. [JKL]

Opere della bibliografia bolognese edite del 1889 al 1992: che si conservano nella Biblioteca dell’Archiginnasio di Bologna / classificate e descritte a cura di Gianfranco Onofri; con la collaborazione di Michele Giorgio e Roberto Landi. Bologna: Pàtron, 1998. 1241 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 8855524593. L110,000.

A classed bibliography of books, articles, etc. of and about the territory and diocese of Bologna published between 1889 and 1992, based on the holdings of the Biblioteca dell’Archiginnasio. Includes indices of authors, subjects, and publishers and printers. [JKL]

Pallavicini, Piersandro. Riviste anni ’90: l’altro spazio della nuova narrativa. Ravenna: Fernandel, 1999. 155 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 8887433104. L20,000.

A survey of new Italian literary reviews, followed by a dialog of editors on their operations, a descriptive directory of 30 journals, and a brief anthology of fiction selected from 6 of them. [JKL]

Sansone, Giuseppe E; Cursietti, Mauro; & Giannetti, Andrea. La filologia romanza in Italia: bibliografia 1945-1995. [Roma, Italy]: Zauli, [1998] vi, 242 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 8886441118; LCCN: 99171339. L40,000.

Sponsored by the Società Italiana di Filologia Romanza, this unannotated bibliography presents Italian research--books, journal articles, conference papers in the field--arranged by authors, who are either members of the SIFR or professors of the subject. No index. [JKL]

Santoro, Marco. Libri quotidiani: i termini dell’intesa. 1. ed. italiana. Napoli: Liguori, 1998. 185 p.; 24 cm. 1 computer disk (3 1/2 in.) (Metropolis; 11) (Profili) ISBN 882072815X; LCCN: 99207255. L40,000.

A study of book reviewing and coverage of different publishers in Italian newspapers in the 1980s and 1990s. "Analysis of literary criticism in the cultural pages of 11 leading Italian newspapers for the period 1980-89, and 18 for 1997, with details of production, distribution, sales and readership, 1980-97" (Casalini blurb). Contains many statistical tables. The forward refers to an appendix containing a 300-page index of all the reviews covered (with bibliographic information on the titles reviewed, arranged by the book’s author), accompanied by indices of reviewers and publishers; these were found and opened with difficulty (there are no instructions) in a ZipArchive on an accompanying diskette. [JKL]

La stampa periodica romana durante il fascismo: 1927-1943 / a cura di Filippo Mazzonis. Roma: Istituto nazionale di studi romani, 1998. 2 v. (814 p.); 25 cm. L100,000.

In this 2-volume treatment of Roman periodicals published under the Fascist regime, the first volume contains essays by different hands on different categories and aspects of the topic, while the second (edited by Simone Misiani, Paola Salvatori, Maurizio Simoncelli) consists of a catalog-directory arranged in alphabetical order by serial title. Entries give cataloging and publishing information (duration, periodicity, editors, etc.), as well as contents notes and holding locations. Includes indices of corporate authors and personal names, as well as a list of codes for holding libraries. [JKL]

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