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New Publications of Note

Column Editor: Robert L. Kusmer

WESS Newsletter
Spring 1999
Vol. 22, no. 2


RK=Robert Kusmer

JKL = Jeffry K. Larson



Bots, Hans, & Waquet, Françoise. La République des lettres. [Paris]: Berlin: De Boeck, c1997. 188 p.: maps; 24 cm. (Europe & histoire, ISSN 1281-6140) ISBN 2701121116. 100 FF.

A survey of the Republic of Letters, the more or less organized body of intellectuals and savants that prevailed in Europe from the Renaissance to the French Revolution. Includes a 17-page bibliography and an index of names. [JKL]

The European book world. Cambridge, England: Anderson Rand, 1993- 3 pts. in [6+] v.; 30 cm. Pt. 1. Publishing and related organisations; pt. 2. Libraries; pt. 3. Book trade. Accompanied by demonstration CD-ROM. LCCN: sn9732096. $717.

A massive directory of publishers, libraries, and booksellers in 59 countries in Europe. The bulk of the information comes from the organizations themselves. Forematter in English, French, and German. Part 1, volume 1 lists over 17,500 European book publishers by country; volume 2 lists 4000 related organizations and 4000 publishers' agents, and includes ten indices to the two volumes. Part 2, Libraries, is in 4 volumes; the first 3 are arranged geographically, with volume 3 also including library associations and a subject index, while volume 4 includes indices of names of organizations and persons. Part 3, Book trade not yet published. The CD-ROM provides Boolean searching of dozens of fields via function keys, command line input, and menus and browsable indices. The copy supplied contained only the provisional database of booksellers which omitted Iberbook and had incomplete data for Nardecchia, with Touzot and Livraria Portugal not being tagged as exporters. The full CD-ROM costs £1500 per year, and a web version is announced for June 1999. [JKL]

Marani, Diego. Las Adventures des inspector Cabillot. Cover: "Le premier livre en europanto." Paris: Mazarine, c1999. 193 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 2863743015. 79 FF.

Be the first kid on your block to have the very first book in an entirely new language, Europanto. The principal contents are seven stories featuring "Inspector Cabillot ... el autentiquo europeano polizero qui fighte contre el mal por eine Europa van pax und prosperity donde se speake eine sola lingua de Europanto" (p. 29), preceded by a "Basica introductione a l'Europanto" in eight lessons. In the appendix are miscellaneous pieces concluding with a phone call between Chirac and Clinton. The author is an Italian European Community translator living in Brussels who writes a regular column in or on Europanto for Le Soir illustré (Brussels) and Le Temps (Geneva). Literally a sine qua non for any Europanto collection. [JKL]


Bibliographie des écrivains français. Paris, Roma: Memini Évry: diff. Presses universitaires de France, impr. en Italie. 24 cm. No. 13: Seth, Catriona. Les poètes créoles du XVIIIe siècle: Parny, Bertin, Léonard. 1998. 318 p. ISBN 8886609159; FrBN023938301. 360 FF.

No. 14: Rykner, Arnaud. Maurice Maeterlinck. 1998. 657 p. ISBN 8886609167; FrBN023942367. 610 FF.
No. 15: Quenot, Yvette. Jean de la Ceppède. 1998. 109 p. ISBN 8886609183. 220 FF.
Three more installments in a series of classed annotated bibliographies on French literary authors whose first number was noted in our Spring 1996 issue (see also the Spring and Fall 1998 issues). These numbers appear also without the electronic copy on floppy disk that accompanied the early numbers; the series editors indicate that the entire series will be available online and on CD-ROM, but offer no details. This series is being critically reviewed in IFB, hence in IFBA and RRE. [JKL]

Brulotte, Gaëtan. Oeuvres de chair: figures du discours érotique. Paris: l'Harmattan; Laval (Québec): les Presses de l'Université Laval, 1998. 509 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 2763775977 (PUL), ISBN 2738467342 (L'Harmattan); FrBN024235633. 220 FF.

Influenced by Barthes (to whose memory it is dedicated) and Kristeva, an ambitious attempt to catalog the rhetoric or semiotics of physical situations or "postures" in erotic literature, largely but not exclusively of the French Ancien Régime. Includes a 16-page bibliography, but hélas, no index. [JKL]

Larrera de Morel, Bertrand. La tyrannie des idées reçues: nouveau dictionnaire des idées recues économiques et sociales. Paris: Mango Document; 1998. 143 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 2740408110. 99 FF.

Updates Flaubert's satirical masterpiece to our post-Maastricht conjoncture. The author is a neo-liberal ÉNArque who has served in a series of ministries, quangos and state enterprises. [JKL]

Lejeune, Philippe. Bibliographie des études en langue française sur la littérature personnelle et les récits de vie. Nanterre: Centre de sémiotique textuelle, etc. Université de Paris X, 1984-<1998> v. <1-8>; 25 cm. (v. <1-4>: Cahiers de sémiotique textuelle, ISSN 0766-4214; 3, 7, 13, 19); Vol. 5 lacks series statement; (v. <6-8>: Recherches interdisciplinaires sur les textes modernes, ISSN 9896-4322/1166-2212; no. 8, 13, 16). ISBN 2904906029 (v. 8); LCCN: 85130856//r952. 75 FF (v. 8).

A selective, unannotated biennial bibliography of studies in French from many disciplines on personal literature and life stories. The entries (539 in volume 8) are in alphabetical order by author. Includes a subject index and photocopies of tables of contents of selected special issues of journals and colloquium proceedings. [JKL]

La lettre clandestine. Paris: Presses de l'Université de Paris-Sorbonne, 1992-. ill.,; 21-30 cm. Annual. ISSN 1242-3912; LCCN: sn9852219; Electronic version: (HTTP) http://lancelot.univ-paris12.fr/lc-som.htm. No. 5 (paper): 100FF.

An annual journal on clandestine literature of the Ancien Régime, from Calvin to pornography. No. 5 (1996) contains: Bulletin d'information sur la littérature philosophique clandestine (including a bibliography of recent texts and studies, as well as work in progress and mss. accessible in archives and on the Internet) and a dozen essays titled "Tendances actuelles dans la recherche sur les clandestins à l'âge classique" (which is also the monographic title of no. 5) with an introduction by Robert Darnton. For a critical review, see Bulletin critique du livre français, No. 585-586 (7/97), #172317. [JKL]

Pierre-Adolphe, Philippe; Mamoud, Max; & Tzanos, Georges-Olivier. Tchatche de banlieue: Suivi de L'argot de la police. Dessins de Luz. Nouv. éd. rev. et augmentée. Paris: Mille et une nuits, 1998. 127 p.: ill.; 17 cm. (Le rire jaune; 2) ISBN 2842053575. 29 FF.

A popular pocket dictionary of contemporary suburban slang followed by a guide to police argot. A revised and expanded edition of Dico de la banlieue (Sirène, 1995). Handy to have if caught in a suburban riot in France. [JKL]

Thibault, André. Dictionnaire suisse romand: particularités lexicales du français contemporain: une contribution au trésor des vocabulaires francophones. Ed. Pierre Knecht. Carouge-Genève: Editions Zoé, 1997. 854 p.: map; 24 cm. ISBN 2881823165; LCCN: 98179313. 41 e.

A scholarly dictionary of over 1000 French Helveticisms. Signed entries include phonetic transcriptions where appropriate, semantic and grammatical descriptions, historical and geographical commentary (with bibliographical references), and sourced illustrative quotations. Contains cross references, 16 different indices, a bibliography of sources, and a 27-page secondary bibliography. [JKL]

Vincent, Monique. "Mercure Galant," "Extraordinaire," "Affaires du temps": table analytique contenant l'inventaire de tous les articles publiés, 1672-1710. Paris: H. Champion, 1998. 1048 p.: couv. ill.; 23 cm. (Champion-varia; 26) ISBN 285203820X. 760 FF.

A repertory of the ca. 20,000 articles in the leading review of the Ancien Régime, Le Mercure galant and its supplements, under its first editor. The entries are arranged chronologically within 43 cultural rubrics, from "Académie française" through "Versailles." References are to the Paris edition. [JKL]


Bibliographia Kepleriana: Verzeichnis der gedruckten Schriften von und über Johannes Kepler. Ergänzungsband zur zweiten Auflage. Besorgt von Jürgen Hamel; im Auftrag der Kepler-Kommission der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. München: Beck, 1998. 192 pp. ISBN 3406016871 (Leinen), 3406016898 (Broschur).

Serves as the successor to Max Caspar's Bibliographia Kepleriana, whose 1st edition appeared in 1936, the 2nd in 1968. For the sake of continuity, Hamel's work retains Caspar's numbering system for Kepler works in the first part of the volume, "Die gedruckten Schriften Johannes Kepler bis zum Erscheinen des Somnium 1634." The second part consists of later editions, publications from the posthumous work, letters and translations, while the third cites secondary literature on Kepler through 1996. Several indexes add to the value of this work: a provenance index to persons and institutions; an alphabetical index of Kepler's works by title; index of places of printing and publication of Kepler's works; and an author index to parts two and three of the volume. [RK]

Schäfer, Marc Oliver, and Anke Tanzer. Kleist im Spiegel der Presse: Zeitungsausschnittsammlung 1993-1995. Heilbronn: Stadtbücherei : Kleist-Archiv Sembdner, c1997. 300 pp. ISBN 3931060217.

Following close on the heels of its publications Bestandsverzeichnis (1994) and Bestandsergänzungen Erscheinungsjahr 1990-1995 (1996), the Kleist-Archiv's current work is an index of all newspaper articles, notices, etc., published during 1993-95 and held by the Archive. The entire range of content and quality is represented by these citations, which are not described or evaluated; the rationale given is that through the uncritical "reporting" of every appearance of Kleist in the newspapers of this period, something of the reception of the writer in society is conveyed, aside from all considerations of evaluation. The volume is arranged by citations to Kleist's dramas, and to his tales; to institutions' involvement (publications, exhibits, etc.); to reviews of books on Kleist; and to persons (actors, authors, artists, etc.) involved variously in Kleist. Includes index of persons and institutions. [RK]

Salewski, Michael, with Stefan Lippert. Deutsche Quellen zur Geschichte des Zweiten Weltkrieges. Ausgewählte Quellen zur deutschen Geschichte der Neuzeit, Bd. 34a. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1998. 318 pp. ISBN 3534124707.

A collection of 175 sources documenting the course of German involvement in World War II, from Hitler's proclamation of war against Poland on Aug. 31, 1939 to the final report of the German military on May 9, 1945. Includes a lengthy introduction, indexes of persons, places and broad topics, a chronological list of document titles, and a bibliography of primary sources and secondary works. [RK]

Sprengel, Peter. Geschichte der deutschsprachigen Literatur, 1870-1900: von der Reichsgründung bis zur Jahrhundertwende. Geschichte der deutschen Literatur von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart, Bd. 9,1. München: Beck, 1998. 825 pp. ISBN 3406441041.

This is the latest volume to appear in the still-incomplete history of German literature begun under the late Helmut de Boor and Richard Newald fifty years ago. Herr Sprengel gratifyingly lays the groundwork for his study by devoting the first one hundred fifty pages of his book to a "Porträt einer Epoche," in which the main social, intellectual and artistic movements and backgrounds to the literature are depicted. The remaining five sections deal with the various genres of the literature, covering, as the title suggests, the literatures of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Includes a fifty-seven page bibliography as well as an index. [RK]

Erinnertes Leben: autobiographische Texte zur jüdischen Geschichte Heidelbergs. Norbert Giovannini, Frank Moraw, eds. Heidelberg: Wunderhorn, 1998. 399 pp., illus., facsims. ISBN 3884231294.

From an initial request to document the names, addresses and accounts of the Jewish participants in the 800th anniversary celebration of Heidelberg grew the present volume, which far exceeded the germinal idea. Rich in personal narratives and photographs, the editors have admirably assembled a mosaic of reflection upon Jewish culture in Heidelberg from the Weimar Republic years through the end of World War II and into the exile period, with a final section documenting the return visit. With over 30 autobiographical accounts, including those from the estate of Max Oppenheimer, we are presented with the gift of a time and place recalled, a heritage lost to German society. Includes name index. [RK]

Siehe, ich schaffe Neues: Aufbrüche von Frauen in Protestantismus, Katholizismus, Christkatholizismus und Judentum. Eds. Doris Brodbeck, Yvonne Domhardt, Judith Stofer. Bern: eFeF-Verlag, 1998. Illus. 1. Aufl. ISBN 3905561182. DM 36,00.

Portraits of nineteen influential Christian and Jewish women from 19th and 20th century German-speaking Switzerland. Includes name index and primary and secondary bibliographies. [RK]

Goez, Werner. Lebensbilder aus dem Mittelalter: die Zeit der Ottonen, Salier und Staufer. 2., überarbeitete und erweiterte Aufl. Darmstadt: Primus Verlag, 1998. 534 p., illus. ISBN 3896780913.

This revision and expansion of Werner's book, which appeared in 1983 under the title Gestalten des Hochmittelalters, includes twelve additional essays, an updated bibliography and reworkings of the rest of the material. The result is now thirty-four profiles of figures from the medieval ecclesiastical and secular spheres. The essays are subdivided into three main historical periods, as indicated by the subtitle, encompassing the period from 919 to 1254. [RK]

Goethe-Handbuch: Chronologie, Bibliographie, Karten, Register. Ed. by Bernd Witte. Stuttgart: Metzler, 1999. 344 pp., col. facsim. maps. ISBN 3476015904.

This title supplements and completes the 4 vol. (in 5) set published from 1996-1998, Goethe-Handbuch: in vier Bänden. The completed work takes its place among others commemorating the 250th anniversary of Goethe's birth. [RK]

Wilpert, Gero von. Goethe-Lexikon. Stuttgart: Kröner, 1998. 1227 p. ISBN 3520407019.

4,000 articles by the well-known Germanist on all aspects of Goethe's life and work, including names, works, topics, localities (biographical and work related), plots, characters, philosophical and scientific concepts, etc. The articles on works contain bibliographies. Alphabetic arrangement. [RK]

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. Der junge Goethe in seiner Zeit: Texte und Kontexte: sämtliche Werke, Briefe, Tagebücher und Schriften, in zwei Bänden und einer CD-ROM. Herausgegeben von Karl Eibl, Fotis Jannidis, Marianne Willems. 1. Aufl. Frankfurt am Main: Insel, 1998. 2 vols. (1479 p.) + 1 CD-ROM. DM 78.00. ISBN 3458169148.

As noted by the editors, this is the fourth "junge Goethe" to appear, following versions in 1875, 1909-12 and 1963-74. Based chiefly on the texts of the Fischer-Lamberg edition, the current work attempts to distinguish itself from its predecessors by its commentaries (totaling 125 pp. in addition to footnoted explanatory references throughout), its critical apparatus (including updated bibliography, name glossary and chronology) and the accompanying CD-ROM. The latter, through the inclusion of texts which serve to augment the understanding of the semantic context (such as varying German translations of the Bible) but not included in the print set, attempts to "justify" the phrase "in seiner Zeit" that appears as part of the title. CD-ROM, unlike the text, also includes some (b&w) illustrations and is keyword searchable. [RK]

Steinhauer, Kurt, comp. Hegel Bibliography: Background Material on the International Reception of Hegel within the Context of the History of Philosophy. Part II = Hegel Bibliographie: Materialien zur Geschichte der internationalen Hegel-Rezeption und zur Philosophie-Geschichte. Teil II. München: K.G. Saur, 1998. 2 vols. (1128 pp.). DM 498.00. ISBN 3598107870.

Continues Steinhauer's bibliography of 1980 by the same title, retrospectively designated as Part I (Teil I), and whose coverage was up to 1975. Part II's coverage is "1976-1991, with addenda and corrigenda to Part I." Includes list of most significant periodicals and series, and name and keyword indexes. [RK]

Schwaderer, Richard. Italienbild und Stimme Italiens in den deutschsprachigen Kulturzeitschriften, 1945-1990: kommentierte Bibliographie. Tübingen: G. Narr, c1998. xxxix, 917 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 3823351877; LCCN: 98187511. DM 198.

A lightly annotated bibliography of articles on or from Italy in 145 post-war German-language periodicals. Arranged by periodical and then chronologically, with indices of authors, personal names, translators, and subjects. [JKL]


Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias Cinematográficas de España. Diccionario del cine español. Ed. José Luis Borau. Madrid: Alianza Editorial, [1998] 1106 p., [100] p. of pl.: ill.; 25 cm. ISBN 8420652571; BNE19982164115. 7725 ptas.

A substantial new dictionary of Spanish film, covering names, titles, and topics. Signed entries are typically followed by selective filmographies or bibliographies. Includes cross references and an index of film titles. To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]

Alía Miranda, Francisco. Fuentes de información para historiadores: obras de referencia y bibliografías. Gijón, Asturias: Ediciones Trea, 1998. 177 p.; 22 cm. (Biblioteconomía y administración cultural; 21) ISBN 8489427968; LCCN: 98181224. 2900 PTAS.

A bibliographic guide for historians, librarians, and documentalists focusing on Spain and Latin America. Part I is a discussion of the principal references sources, both Hispanic and foreign, general and historiographical, electronic and print, followed by a 3-page bibliography. Part II is a 35-page "Bibliografía de bibliografías de historia de España y de América latina," some of which are less than book length, with each entry listed at least twice: first in an alphabetical main-entry section, and then again in a classified subject section. Should prove useful in many reference collections. To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]

Catálogo analítico del Archivo Romancístico Menéndez Pidal-Goyri: A: Romances de Tema Nacional. Ed. Diego Catalán. Barcelona: Quaderns Crema, 1998. 2 v. (xliv, 1565 p.); 21 cm. (Archivo General del Romancero del Centro de Estudios Históricos Menéndez Pidal II-III: [Documentación]; 1-2) ISBN 8477272077 (v. 1-2). 17,000 ptas.

A catalog of materials-manuscripts, transcriptions, printed editions, notes, published studies, etc. relating to Spanish "national" ballads in the important collection of the Archivo General del Romancero del Centro de Estudios Históricos Menéndez Pidal. The arrangement is thematic, with each of the almost 12,000 entries receiving a thematic code number. Entries show the ballad's assonance, the type of document, location of the original manuscript, type of informant, geographic provenance, and physical description. Includes the following indices: title, thematic code number, musical settings, places and singers, collectors, libraries, anthologies, and manuscripts. Includes a 190-page bibliography. [JKL]

Cervantes, Michael A. Historia Domini Quixoti a Manica. Versio latina ab Antonio Peral Torres. Alcala Henares: Centro de Estudios Cervantinos, 1998. 714 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8488333242. 6500 PTAS.

Versio optima, cum bibliographia. [JKL]

Diccionario General de la Lengua Español: ilustrado. [Ed. Manuel Alvar Ezquerra]. Barcelona: Vox [Bibliograf], 1997. 1177 p.: ill.; 31 cm. ISBN 8471539713. 13,500 ptas.

An updated edition of an often revised standard desk dictionary (1945, 1953, 1973, see Walford6 v.3/#5815). Some 92,000 entries with more than 170,000 meanings. Includes tables of contents of insets and illustrations. In appendix: geographical names and foreign terms. [JKL]

Diccionario general de la lengua española: Vox CD-ROM. Barcelona: Vox/Biblograf, 1997. 1 cd-rom ; + Presentació e instrucciones de uso (17 p.; 20 cm.). ISBN 8471538962. 10,440 ptas.

A digital version of the standard Vox dictionary (Walford6 v.3/#5815), presumably of the latest edition (see previous entry). Runs on Windows 3.1 or 95 or Macintosh OS 7.0 or above, requires 4 Mb of RAM. [JKL]

Dicionário Verbo. Oxford: inglês-português. [Lisboa]: Verbo, 1997. 703 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 9722218530; LCCN: 98142337. $50.00.

An English-Portuguese dictionary based on the Oxford Corpus of Modern English, covering 85,000 terms and offering more than 130,000 translations. Entries give grammatical information and sample use in phrases; no sources. Claims to cover British, US, Lusitanian, and Brazilian usage. Forematter in Portuguese. Includes a grammatical appendix. [JKL]

Directorio de Fundaciones Gallegas. La Coruña: Fundación Pedro Barrié de la Maza, Conde de Fenosa, 1998. 211 p.; 26 cm. ISBN 8489748209. 1248 PTAS.

A geographically arranged directory of 443 active or dormant foundations located in or focusing on Galicia. Includes indices of names of foundations and by province. Concludes with texts of applicable laws. [JKL]

Dotú, Javier. Diccionario escatológico de necesidades perentorias. Madrid: JD Ediciones, 1998. 301 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8489185001. 2500 ptas.

A glossary not of eschatology, but of scatology (the terms are homonyms in Castilian), divided into four chapters: "Caca," "Culo," "Pedo," and "Pis." Entries for the more than 500 terms offer derivations, technical terms, synonyms, antonyms, and slang, along with illustrative texts. No index. [JKL]

Farnés, Sebastián. Paremiologia catalana comparada. Ed. Jaume Vidal Alcover et al. Barcelona: Columna, 1992-<1998> v. <1-7 >; 25 cm. Incomplete contents: 1. A - 2. B-CEC - 3. Cecília-Dona - 4. Donació-Guardiola - 5. Guardó-Maties - 6. Matinada-Pecat - 7. Pecuni-Secret. ISBN 847809427X (obra completa); LCCN: 93144397. 8178 ptas (v. 7).

A scholarly comparative catalog of Catalan proverbs. Entries arranged by keyword, offer variants, sources, and bibliographical references. [JKL]

Gran diccionari de la llengua catalana. Barcelona: Enciclopèdia Catalana, 1998. xli, 1781 p.; 29 cm. (Diccionaris de l'Enciclopèdia) ISBN 844122790X; LCCN: 98176008. $89.

A substantial monolingual desk dictionary based on the Diccionari de la llengua catalana (1982, 3rd. ed. 1993 noted in our Fall 1995 issue), adding the scientific technical vocabulary from the Gran Enciclopèdia Catalana (Walford5 v. 3/#1488), some 6350 entries from the Institut d'Estudis Catalans' Diccionari de la llengua catalana (1995, noted in our Spring 1996 issue), and other recent lexical additions and approved orthographical modifications. Entries offer definitions, examples of usage, grammatical information, brief etymologies, syllabification, pronunciation of barbarisms, and homphones. Includes grammatical and thematic nomenclature insets. [JKL]

Guía de autores. Madrid: Asociación Española de Amigos del Libro Infantil, 1998. 491 p.: photos; 21 cm. (Colección Temas de Literatura Infantil; 21) ISBN 8492067268. 2000 ptas.

A dictionary of bio-bibliographies, typically one or two pages long, of living Spanish authors who have written books for children, based on information supplied by the subjects. The bibliographies are limited to titles for children. Updates the association's previous 100 autores españoles de literatura infantil (1986) and Autores españoles de literatura infantil y juvenil (1991); a new edition is projected in 2005. [JKL]

Junceda, Luis. <i>Diccionario de refranes, dichos y proverbios. Madrid: Espasa, c1998. x, 750 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 8423994260; LCCN: 98188058. 4901 ptas.

A popular Spanish dictionary of proverbs, with unsourced entries arranged in alphabetical order. Includes a thematic index and an index of cross references. Obsolete and obscure terms are glossed. Makes no explicit reference to the author's briefer 1996 Diccionario de refranes (Espasa de bolsillo), noted in our Fall 1996 issue. [JKL]

Losada-Goya, José-Manuel. Bibliographie critique de la littérature espagnole en france au XVIIe siècle: présence et influence. Genève: Librairie Droz, 1999. xxii, 670 p.; 26 cm. (Travaux du Grand Siècle: v.9) ISBN 2600003134. 120FF.

"This critical bibliography provides a description of French [literary] works translated, adapted, or otherwise inspired from Spanish originals, together with a critical assessment of the relationship between them. 517 entries cover the Spanish sources of works of French literature such as Corneille's Le Cid and Molière's Dom Juan, but the spectrum embraces all literary genres including the short story and lyrical poetry" (publisher's blurb). The Spanish entries are arranged alphabetically by main entry, and the French derivatives are listed immediately after the Spanish source; for both there are long descriptions of the first editions with listings of subsequent editions. Entries include bibliographical references and locations of copies. Includes a 20-page "bibliographie générale," cross references, and indices of authors and titles. [JKL]

Marcet i Salom, Pere, & Solà, Joan. Història de la lingüística catalana, 1775-1900: repetori crític. [Vic, Spain]: Eumo Editorial; Girona [Spain]: Universitat de Girona; [Vic, Spain]: Universitat de Vic, 1998. 2 v. (xciv, 2,395 p.); 25 cm. (Biblioteca universitària. Historia de la llengua. Sèrie major) ISBN 8476028172 (obra completa); LCCN: 98133631. $152.

An ambitious chronological bibliography of "works [manuscripts, news items, books, and periodical articles] concerning the Catalan language," "works concerning any language or any aspect of linguistics written by authors in the Catalan-speaking territories," "linguistic works published in the Catalan territories," "biographies and bibliographies if they affected the aspects and the authors in the previous sections," and "a complete bibliography of Pompeu Fabra" (Preface). Entries offer physical descriptions, locations, information about the contents, publishing details, bibliographic sources, and descriptors. Forematter in Catalan, Castilian, French, and English. Includes lists of sources and libraries consulted and works considered but not treated, including plays in Catalan, as well as indices of authors, titles, publishers, and subjects. [JKL]

Martín, Josep A. El teatre de titelles a Catalunya: aproximació i diccionari històric. Barcelona: Abadia de Montserrat, 1998. 281 p., [32] p. of pl.: il.; 19 cm. (Biblioteca Serra d'or; 197) ISBN 8478269045; BNE19982716927. 2500 ptas.

An historical survey of puppetry in Catalonia followed by a dictionary of persons, groups, organizations, and terms involved in the field. Includes a 3-page bibliography and an index of names, titles, and concepts. [JKL]

Messner, Dieter. Dicionário dos dicionários portugueses. Salzburg: Institut für romanistik der Universität Salzburg, 1994-1998>. Contents: I. Aba-Abc; II. Abd-Abu; III. Ac; IV. Ada-Afu; V. Aga-Aju; VI. Ala-Alg; VII. Alh-Alz; VIII. Am.; [XLV]. U. (Bibliotheca hispano-lusa [ISSN 1019-1119]; 3-4, 6-12)

In this ambitious exercise in historical lexicography, for each term entries are taken from as many as 61 dictionaries and other lexical sources, dating from 1554 (Amato Lusitano) to 1858 (Moraes 6th edition); the number was reduced to 36 in volume 2. Forematter in Portuguese. Successive volumes have different prefaces and give references to reviews or commentary on the project. Volume V was published before volumes III and IV; the volume for U [XLV] was published as no. 9 in the larger series, as a control to see if early lexicographers changed their criteria and methods as they advanced through the alphabet (they did). Title found neither in RLIN nor OCLC. [JKL]

Moliner, María. Diccionario de uso del español [A-H, I-Z]. 2a ed. Madrid: Gredos, 1998. 2 v.: 1520, 1593 p.; 26 cm. ISBN 8424919734. 17,700 ptas.

The second edition of a standard monolingual desk dictionary, whose first edition was in 1966 (Walford6 v.3/#5797). Entries offer definitions, etymologies, variants, pronunciations, morphology, usage (chronology, geography, register, syntax, etc.), synonyms, thematic catalogs, phrases, and grammatical category. Includes an index of technical terms and a grammatical appendix. Also available on CD-ROM (ISBN 8424918088, $119). [JKL]

Pellicer, Joan Enric, & Ferran, Francesc. Gramática de uso de la lengua catalana [on front cover: especialmente concebida para castellanohablantes]. Barcelona: Mil999, Editorial, 1998. 255 p.; 19 cm. ISBN 8493023604. 2300 ptas.

A Catalan reference grammar if you know Castilian. Arranged in two sections: "Ortografía" and "Morfosintaxis." An appendix contains conjugation tables. Includes an index of grammatical concepts and terms. [JKL]

Pérez-Rioja, José Antonio. Diccionario de personajes y escenarios de la literatura española. Barcelona: Ediciones Península, 1997. 296 p.; 20 cm. (Diccionarios / Península) ISBN 8483070685; LCCN: 98113175. 1950 ptas.

A dictionary of characters and places in the canon of Spanish literature. Includes a 2-page general bibliography, cross references, and an index of authors and titles. [JKL]

Portela Peñas, Paloma, & Escobar Vidal, Paloma. Directorio de entidades consultoras y de servicios de información y documentación en España. Above the title: Unesco, Grupo de Trabajo de Información y Documentación. Madrid: CINDOC, [1997] 105 leaves; 30 cm. ISBN 8400076370; BNE971845413. 2315 ptas.

A directory of 69 Spanish information and documentation services and brokers. The arrangement is alphabetical by the name of the organization (there is also an alphabetical index of organizations). Entries include directory information (some e-mail addresses noted; no URLs found), area of specialization, principal activities, services and products offered, sources used, principal clients, etc. Includes indices of types of activities, subject areas of specialization, and location. [JKL]

Real Academia Española. Diccionario de la lengua española: edición en CD-ROM. 21. ed. Madrid: Espasa, c1995. 1 CD-Rom; 12 cm + 1 Manual de instrucciones (105 p.: ill.; 20 cm.). ISBN 8423998002. 19,500 ptas.

A digital edition of the authoritative Castilian dictionary (Balay AC727;Walford6 v.3/#5813). Minimal requirements: 80386 processor, Windows 3.1, 4 Mb RAM. Permits Boolean searching, as well as inverse entries and anagrams. [JKL]

Diccionario escolar de la Real Academia Española. 2a ed., [ed. curso 97/98, renovada y amp.]. Madrid: Espasa-Calpe, 1997. XXIV, 1215 p.: ill. (some col.); 20 cm. ISBN 8423994201; BNE19980985822. 2490 ptas.

A students' portable edition of the authoritative Castilian dictionary (Balay AC727; Walford6 v.3/#5813), with 33,000 entries. Includes grammatical and orthographical appendices. [JKL]

Repertori de catalanòfils: 4-5. Ed. Jenny Brumme. Barcelona: Abadía de Montserrat, 1998. 2 v.: 368, 241 p.; 19 cm. (Estudis de Llengua i Literatura Catalanes; 36, 37) ISBN 8478269231 (v. 4); 847826972X (v. 5); 847826924X (obra completa). $19.50 (v. 4); $15.50 (v. 5).

Bio-bibliographies of members of the Associació Internacional de Llengua i Literatura Catalanes; the bibliographies are limited to scholarly items relating to Catalan language or literature. Entries are tagged with subject codes; the Índex de Matèries (v. 4, p. 369-372) does not however provide references to specific entries, but only a decoding of the tags. According to the Pròleg, this edition is neither a supplement nor a reiteration of the information in the previous editions (1983, 1984, 1988-LCCN: 84256036). [JKL]

Repertorio bibliografico degli ispanisti italiani: integrazione fino al 1992 e aggiornamento (1993-1996). At head of title: Associazione ispanisti italiani. Eds. Antonella Cancellier, Luisa Selvaggini. Roma: Bulzoni, 1998. 303 p.; 25 cm. + 1 floppy disk. ISBN 8883192222. L45000.

A compilation of personal bibliographies and addresses of Italian scholars of Spain, Portugal, and Latin America that complements and supplements the 1993 edition of the same title (LCCN 95219671, not seen). Accompanied by a disk containing the text in PDF format accessible through Acrobat Reader. [JKL]

Rodríguez Moñino, Antonio R., 1910-1970. Nuevo diccionario bibliográfico de pliegos sueltos poéticos (siglo XVI). Half title: Pliegos sueltos poéticos del siglo XVI. Edición corregida y actualizada por Arthur L.-F. Askins y Víctor Infantes. Madrid: Castalia; Mérida: Editora Regional de Extremadura, c1997. 1021 p.; 25 cm. (Nueva biblioteca de erudición y crítica; 12) ISBN 8470397583; LCCN: 97175111//r98. $125.

A posthumous update of an authoritative bibliography of 16th-century Spanish poetic booklets or plaquettes (pliegos) first published in 1970. Entries include bibliographical references and locations of copies. Includes a half dozen indices and a 20-page secondary bibliography. To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]

Salvador Ventura, Francisco. Prosopografía de hispania meridional v.3: Antigüedad tardía (300-711). Granada: Universidad de Granada, 1998. 246 p.; 21 cm. (Biblioteca de estudios clásicos; 9) ISBN 8433824856. $14.

An index of references to individuals in Roman and Visigoth Andalusia in all sources, including literary, epigraphic, archeological, and numismatic. Volume 3, the first to appear, covers late antiquity; other volumes are planned to cover the Roman republican and imperial eras. The 395 entries include names, sources, secondary bibliography, and details about the individual in various fields. Includes indices of names; type of source; individual's origin, status, and calling; geographical provenance of source; onomastic linguistic group; and period. Includes a 16-page bibliography of sources and secondary literature. [JKL]

Sanmartín Sáez, Julia. Diccionario de argot. Madrid: Espasa, c1998. xxiv, 877 p.; 18 cm. (Diccionario léxico Espasa) ISBN 8423992489; LCCN: 98233796. 1901 ptas.

A popular glossary of mostly 1990s Castilian slang, covering more than 4700 terms and offering 5300 unsourced examples, from scholarly studies, television, and songs. Entries include definitions, milieu, variants, and grammatical information. Includes a 4-page bibliography. Includes cross references. [JKL]

Sargatal, Ramon, & Canal, Susanna. Diccionari d'escriptors en llengua catalana. Una tria personal de més de dos-cents autors des de l'Edat mitjana fins als nostres dies. Barcelona: Edicions 62, 1998. 269 p.; 19 cm. (Cangur Diccionaris; 256) ISBN 8429743804. 1300 ptas.

A selective pocket dictionary of Catalan authors from all periods. Entries include brief bibliographies. Cross references; no index. [JKL]

Tempus: revista de actualización científica. Madrid: Ediciones Clásicas, 1992-; Trimestral. ISSN 1132-0958. 600 ptas/no.

A review and current awareness journal covering classical studies in Spain. Contains bibliographical surveys in the rubric "Actualización científica," e. g., Ángel Ruiz Pérez' classed bibliography with commentary, "La investigación en religión y mitología griega en publicaciones españolas (1990-1995)," pp. 5-31; Luis Rivero García's "Revisión de estudios sobre el orden de palabras en latín," pp. 33-68, is a more of a bibliographical essay. There are also full-length book reviews (ca. 10 pp. each in the issue in hand). In "Novedades bibliográficas españolas" are briefer annotations (2 or 3 to a page) in three sections: Greek/Latin/History-archeology, including some titles not in RLIN or OCLC. Another section indexes in the same three categories the reviews that appeared in the previous year in Tempvs. Finally, there is a classified "Revista de Revistas," pp. 139-159, that covers some 75 journals, not all of them Spanish. All of the above references are in no. 18 (1998). There is no record of this journal in RLIN or OCLC--it deserves to be better known. [JKL]


Altre storie: inventario della nuova narrativa italiana fra anni `80 e `90. Ed. Raffaele Cardone, Franco Galato, Fulvio Panzeri. [Milano]: Provincia di Milano, Assessorato alla cultura: Marcos y Marcos, 1996. 216 p.; 20 cm. ISBN 8871681797; LCCN: 97145728. L18000

A survey of recent Italian fiction, opening with a brief chapter on the publishing scene (including statistics); another chapter discusses the role of libraries; and yet another offers critical blurbs on elected titles in 10 different waves or categories. The volume concludes with a 62-page "Catalogo bibliografico" that lists works by new authors, anthologies, special issues of reviews, works on the writer's profession, and criticism. [JKL]

Carta di donna: narratrici italiane del `900. Ed. Neria De Giovanni. Torino: SEI, c1996. vii, 256 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 8805055921; LCCN: 97107778. LITS 24,000.

A scholastic anthology of major 20th-century Italian women novelists, preceded by a brief overview. Includes questions for class discussion, bio-bibliographies, and a brief general bibliography. [JKL]

Devoto, Giacomo, & Oli, G. C. Nuovissimo vocabolario illustrato della lingua italiana. Firenze: Le Monnier; Milano: Selezione dal Reader's digest, 1997. 2 v. (xxxi, 3544 p., 136 p. of plates): ill. (some col.); 29 cm. (Edizioni di Selezione dal Reader's Digest. Grandi opere) Contents: [v. 1.] A/L -- [v. 2.] M/Z. ISBN 8870452107; LCCN: 99160469. L189,000.

A standard pulpit dictionary, a revision of Vocabolario illustrato della lingua italiana, 1967, and Nuovissimo vocabolario illustrato della lingua italiana, 1987 (Balay AC525/Walton6 3:5761), as well as based on the authors' Dizionario della lingua italiana, 1990, 1995 (noted in our Spring 1996 issue). Entries includes definitions, pronunciation, morphology, etymology, and occasional illustrative quotations sourced by author. Includes a list of colored plates. Appendices cover abbreviations, symbols, units of measurement, and nation states. [JKL]

L'enciclopedia della letteratura. Eds. Marco Drago, Andrea Boroli. Novara: De Agostini, c1997. 1182 p.: ill.; 24 cm. (Compact) ISBN 8841539763; LCCN 98187608. L59,000.

A popular encyclopedia of largely European and American literatures, with excursions to other continents. Brief unsigned articles cover authors, movements, periods, national literatures, anonymous works, literary terms, reviews, and prizes. Brief excerpts from canonical critics grace about 75 of the articles. Includes cross references. The index of literary titles includes brief discussions of major works. A short section outlines the principal themes in literature (eros, travel, family, war, etc.). A short bibliography lists general works; other bibliographical references are embedded in the entries. [JKL]

Grande dizionario Garzanti della lingua italiana. 1998. Garzanti italiano On cover: "Con sinonimi e contrari." Ed. Pasquale Stoppelli. Milano: Garzanti, c1998. xxiii, 2598 p., 109 p. of plates: ill. (some col.); 26 cm. Accompanied by a CD-ROM: Minidizionario visual [Digita] Garzanti Natura e ambiente. (Grandi dizionari Garzanti) ISBN 8811102049. L112,000.

A revision of the Grande dizionario Garzanti della lingua italiana (1987, 1993; Walford6 v.3/#5763), offering 200,000 terms and acceptions, 2000 recent neologisms, 55,000 etymologies, 6000 author quotations, 110 black-and-white or color plates, 63 nomenclature tables, and 52 grammatical insets. Entries offer pronunciation, secondary forms, grammatical category, phono-morphological indications, usage indicators, definitions, examples, derivatives, synonyms and antonyms. In appendix: Latin quotations and proverbs, prefixes, suffixes and formative elements, symbols and abbreviations, elements, and illustrative plates (e. g., showing soccer formations). The CD-ROM, which runs under either Windows or Macintosh without prior installation, includes 115 illustrative tables with references to the Grande dizionario Garzanti, a basic grammar, and word games. [JKL]

Guglielminetti, Marziano, & Marchand, Jean-Jacques. Scrittori e scriventi italiani esuli ed emigrati in Svizzera dall'Otto al Novecento. Lausanne (CH): Université de Lausanne, Faculte des lettres,Section d'italien, 1996. 122 p.; 24 cm. (Quaderni italo-svizzeri; 3) ISBN 2884020039. $26.

Two surveys of Italian writers in Switzerland, followed by a 9-page bibliography of authors writing in Italian who are or were residents of Switzerland. The two indices, of persons and places, cover the essays. [JKL]

Guglielmino, Salvatore, ed. Guida al Novecento. [5+?. ed. ampliata]. Milano: Principato, 1998. 1280 p.: ill. (some col.) 25 cm. ISBN 8841613335. L66,000.

A secondary or post-secondary literary history and anthology of 20th-century Italian literature and its context and antecedents. Earlier editions had the subtitle: profilo letterario e antologia. Includes a 15-page classed bibliography and an index of names. [JKL]

IUPI: Incipitario unificato della poesia italiana, Vol. IV: Bibliografia della lirica italiana nei periodici. Eds. Silvia Bigi & Maria Giovanna Miggiani. Modena: Panini, [1996] xiii, 334 p.; 25 cm. (Strumenti/Istituto di studi rinascimentali, Ferrara) LCCN 89-186226. LITS 120,000.

The 4th volume of this first-line index to Medieval and Renaissance Italian poetry (Balay BE1316), first noted in our Spring 1993 issue, indexes articles dealing with poetry up to Tasso that appeared in 47 scholarly periodicals between 1868 and 1989. The entries are arranged by modern author. Includes indices of first lines of poems discussed, of medieval and renaissance poets discussed, and of original sources of the poems. [JKL]

Molteni, Patrizia. Bibliografia dell'italiano come lingua straniera. Frascati (Roma): Linguistic Club, 1998. 183 p.; 30 cm. (Biblioteca di Culturiana; 2) ISBN 8887076014. L30,000.

A classed, annotated selective bibliography of some 1300 books and articles published in France, Italy, Great Britain, and Spain on teaching Italian as a foreign language at all levels. The imprints covered are from between 1975 and 1997, with the first decade covered more selectively. Annotations indicate the title's intended audience. The entries for monolingual dictionaries are not annotated. Instead of cross references, entries are reduplicated in different chapters. Includes an index of names. Vol. 1 in the series was Renzo Titone's 1997 bibliographic guide, Orientamenti attuali nella glottodidattica della lingua italiana (LCCN 98154843). To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]

Peresson, Giovanni. Le cifre dell'editoria: 1997. Milano: Editrice bibliografica, 1997. 412 p.; 24 cm. (I mestieri del libro. Sez.: Osservatorio del mercato e della lettura; 2) ISBN 8870754553. L90,000.

Statistics relating to publishing and the book market-including readership and libraries-in Italy and their social and cultural contexts, presented in hundreds of tables in 33 chapters. Updates a 1995 edition (LCCN 95223035). Source shown for each table. Detailed table of contents; no index. [JKL]

Le regioni della poesia: riviste e poetiche negli anni ottanta. Ed. Roberto Deidier. [Milan, Italy]: Marcos y Marcos, 1996. 214 p.; 21 cm. (Chiaravalle poesia; 1) ISBN 8871681665; LCCN: 97190278. LITS 22,000.

Signed chapters offer an overview of Italian poetry reviews, with the bulk being focused on particular regions. Includes a directory of 79 new reviews. [JKL]

Sammut, Alfonso. Bibliography of Anglo-Italian comparative literary criticism: 1800-1990. Edited by Peter Vassallo, Franco Lanza; with a foreword by John Woodhouse. [Msida] (Malta): University of Malta, 1997. xii, 430 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 9990944121. LITS 120000.

"The bibliography comprises comparative criticism from 1800 to 1990 pertinent to Italian influence on English literature. [After a bibliography of bibliographies] it is divided into three main sections. The first section is dedicated to the following topics: Renaissance, drama, language, poetry and prose fiction; the second deals with the fortuna in England of individual Italian authors in alphabetical order and the third [not found?] consists of a miscellany under which are listed titles of essays regarding other cultural relations such as music, fine arts, history and politics. * The bibliography covers monographs, articles, sections from books and references relating to the subject in various publications. * Essays published in England or written on Italian authors by English scholars without any reference to England are not included. The titles of many entries are self-explanatory and some of them are accompanied by brief annotations while contents of monographs strictly related to the subject are reproduced." -Compiler's note. This posthumous bibliography of almost 2 centuries of criticism (over 4000 items) includes indices of names and topics and of scholars. See abstract of review in RRE. [JKL]

Thornton, Anna M; Iacobini, Claudio; & Burani, Cristina. BDVDB: una base di dati sul vocabolario di base della lingua italiana. At head of title: Università di Roma La Sapienza, Dipartimento di studi linguistici e letterati. 2. ed. Roma: Bulzoni, 1997. 213 p.; 23 cm. + 1 computer disk (3 1/2 in.) ISBN 8883190831. L40,000.

From the Abstract (in English): "This volume presents BDVDB, a lexical data base of the Italian basic dictionary (VdB), implemented by means of the DBMS DBIIIplus and contained in the diskette. The volume includes a) a guide to BDVDB; b) a presentation and discussion of some data on the Italian language obtained from the data base. Chapt. 1 presents the criteria used in selecting the over 7000 words contained in VdB. Chapt. 2 presents the structure of the data base. Chapt. 3 reports some quantitative data drawn from the data base. Chapt. 4 outlines how to use the data base, although it is highly recommended to refer to the DBIIIplus User's Manual [not seen!]. The volume also contains a short paper on the origin of Vdb." The six lists of elements in the Appendices include a reverse index of all the lemmata. "The data base on the diskette is not protected, and can be added to by users to include new information." Includes a 4-page bibliography. [JKL]

Veneto. Roma: ICCU; Milano: Bibliografica, 1997. 3 v. (x, 756 p.). (Catalogo delle biblioteche d'Italia). At head of title: Ministero per I beni culturali e ambientali/ Ufficio centrale per i beni le istitutzion culturali e l'editoria/Istituto centrale per il catalogo unico delle biblioteche italiane; RegioneVeneto, Direzione regione cultura, informazione e flussi migratori/Servizio per i beni librari e archivistici. ISBN 8871070844. LITS 110,000.

The volumes covering Veneto in the Italian directory of libraries noted in our Spring 1995 and 1998 issues. Arranged by province. Includes indices of library names, collection names, specialties, place, and postal code. [JKL]

Zingarelli, Nicola. Lo Zingarelli 1999: vocabolario della lingua italiana. 12. ed. A cura di Miro Dogliotti, Luigi Rosiello. Bologna: Zanichelli, 1998. 2176 p.: col. ill.; 26 cm. ISBN 8808009211. L11,2000.

A standard desk dictionary whose entries provide definitions, etymologies, indications of dated usage, morphology, idiomatic phrases, occasional phonetic transcriptions, illustrative quotations with author cited, synonyms, antonyms, and proverbs. Includes colored plates, black-and-white illustrations, usage notes, nomenclature by category, as well as a table of contents of the preceding. Appendices cover abbreviations/signs/ symbols, locutions, proverbs, personal names, Italian place names and inhabitants. Revised, enlarged and updated reprint of the 12th ed. [JKL]

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