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European Studies - Regional and Historical Resources

Contemporary Europe

Texts and Text Collections

From Brigham Young University
Searchable millions of digital & multimedia items.
A meta-search engine of several e-text collections
European open-access research theses online

Guides to Library Resources

Intended as a resource for WESS members and colleagues, this page includes links to subject pages, guides and bibliographies created by WESS members for their home institutions.

Book Reviews

Reference Reviews Europe is intended primarily for Anglo-American academic librarians interested in acquiring European reference sources for their collections. Abstractors and Reviewers provide English-language abstracts of reviews of reference works from the journal Informationsmittel für Bibliotheken as well as original reviews.
From Universität Konstanz. Lengthy reviews, in German, of reference works in all major European languages.

Member Resources

WESS Membership Directory


WESS Conference Information

WESS Schedule for Midwinter ALA Conference 2015

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WESS Organization

WESS Activities and Publications

WESS Newsletter

Full text of Western European Studies Section Newsletter in its entire run from 1975 to the present

Current issue

European Book Fairs

Academic Librarianship & Foreign Languages Recruitment Page

WESS-SEES De Gruyter European Librarianship
Study Grant

WESS is extremely pleased to announce that the Walter de Gruyter Stiftung für Wissenschaft und Forschung is the new sponsor of this unique and important opportunity for research in European-studies librarianship.
2012 recipient: Liladhar R. Pendse. ACRL Press Release

Related Organizations

Collaborative Initiative for French Language Collections
Part of the Global Resources Network.
German-North American Resources Partnership
Part of the Global Resources Network.
Seminar for the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials - with an Iberian section
West European Studies Library and Information Network
Enables collaboration among UK Library Groups for West European Languages


WESSWEB has two goals: to provide western Europe specialists with information for their work to provide WESS members with information about the Section. WESSWEB does not intend to replicate the excellent guides prepared in Europe, but to supplement them and make links among them from an international perspective.

What is WESS?

The Western European Studies Section (WESS) is a section within the Association of College and Research Libraries, which is itself a division of the American Library Association. WESS is professionally involved in the acquisition, organization, and use of information sources originating in or related to Western European countries. Our aim is to promote the improvement of library services supporting study and research in Western European affairs from ancient times to the present.

WessWeb depends on volunteers...

WessWeb needs people to develop new projects, to coordinate areas, to manage pages, to locate interesting new URLs or new addresses for existing URLs. If you're interested in participating at any level, you can ask for a password for wiki editing (wess @

Policy for WESSWEB is set by the WESS Publications Committee. Individual sections are edited by:

  • Founding coordinator: James Campbell
  • General coordinator through 2007: Reinhart Sonnenburg
  • General coordinator and wiki administrator, 2008- : Richard Hacken
  • British Studies: Gordon Anderson
  • Classics Studies: Blake Landor
  • Dutch Studies: Richard Hacken
  • Francophone countries: Nathalie Soini and Patrick Reidenbaugh
  • German speaking countries: Joleen Westerdale
  • Iberian Studies: Marianne Siegmund and Richard Hacken
  • Irish Studies: Aedin Clements
  • Italian Studies: Nathalie Soini
  • Medieval and Renaissance: Thomas Izbicki and Paul Victor, Jr.
  • Scandinavian Studies: Richard Hacken
  • Social Sciences and History: Gordon Anderson

Your FEEDBACK is most welcome!

WESS is grateful to

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