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German Studies Web: Major and Minor Digital Projects

This page provides an overview of major digitization projects of interest to scholars and students in German Studies. It focuses on retrospective digitization of older materials. For digital versions of modern reference books etc. consult, for example, the Reference Shelf.

For more comprehensive listings and additional projects consult the following sites:


A superb compilation of digital projects in German Studies or from German-speaking countries.
Portal zu Bibliotheken, Archiven, Museen.
A subset of the DFG projects in GEPRIS (below.)
Convenient access to a number of major digitization projects conducted by the BSB.
Includes incunabula , dictionaries, and various historical sources.
Very large, international list of digital collections containing German books.
Literally hundreds of millions of digitized photos from German cultural institutions.
Collection of links to historical source documents of the early modern period.
A database of digitization projects conducted under the auspices of the DFG.
A guide to hundreds of German digital projects and the sponsoring institutions.
A guide to digital collections from European museums, archives and libraries.
  • Vascoda (2003-2011)
Interdisciplinary internet portal sponsored by the DFG, now defunct.
In progress. Another portal attempt, compiled at the Hochschulbibliothekszentrum des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Periodicals & Newspapers

Historical Source Materials and Images


Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Digitized Books & Manuscripts

Web Editions of Individual Authors

(Only freely accessible scholarly projects are listed)

  • Karl Gutzkow Digitale Gesamtausgabe
  • Heinrich Heine Portal
    A major project that combines the Düsseldorfer Heine-Ausgabe and the Heine-Säkularausgabe.
  • Immanuel Kant: Gesammelte Schriften
    The 23 volumes of the Akademie Ausgabe are available in searchable full text.
  • FPG (Frederick Philip Grove/Felix Paul Greve)'s invented AUTOBIOGRAPHIES A Search for America (1927, 2005 e-Ed.) & In Search of Myself (1946, 2007 e-Ed.)
    are available on the FPG (Greve/Grove) & FrL Website at Archives & Special Collections, University of Manitoba, where further e-Publications, some big, some small, can be found.
    Greve (1879-1948) disappeared from Berlin in July 1909 with a faked suicide to start a new life in America. Three years later, he appeared as Grove in Manitoba, from where he emerged as a Canadian author in 1922. See an FPG Chronolgy in Three Parts
    Else [Ploetz, divorced Endell, abandoned Greve, 1874-1927] followed him in 1910 to Pittsburgh, where she soon was briefly arrested for cross-dressing & smoking in public. She became a noted New York dada artist as Baroness von Freytag-Loringhoven (FrL). Her papers, including a revealing autobiography in which FPG looms large, are at the University of Maryland, College Park.

See also Literature

See Library Catalogs for bibliographies, catalogs and other finding aids

WESSWeb > German Studies Web > German Digital Texts & Images

Acknowledgements The German Studies Web is designed to provide access to scholarly resources in German Studies, including all German-speaking countries. The resources organized here have undergone a selection and evaluation process. If needed, annotations have been provided augmenting the research value of these resources to scholars.
The editor for the German Studies Web is Jo McInnis. We welcome contributors.

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