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Column Editor: Mary Beth Clack

Vol. 35, no. 2

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Pan-European Resources

Europeana's Culture on the Go is a new publication devoted to reporting on how mobile users are accessing Europeana based on users' digital footprints.

Europeana is experimenting with a new format for displaying search results, New Feature: Map Search and Display. Clicking on the globe icon brings up a map populated with the first 1000 search results in circles of varying sizes which connect with multi-layered record retrievals.

Europeana has published the following white paper on Scribd, The Problem of the Yellow Milkmaid: A Business Model Perspective on Open Metadata.

National open access and preservation policies in Europe: Analysis of a questionnaire to the European Research Area Committee has been published. Excellent information on individual country efforts, and sections on co-operation and co-ordination and the role of the European Commission and the European Union.

The Europeana Aggregator Handbook 2011 (October) describes the creation of partnerships and national and pan-European aggregators.

Europeana has created a VIMEO animation, Linked Open Data, which is a brief explanation of how open data are constructed and the benefits of the European Data Exchange Agreement for memory organizations.

A collaboration of the Berkman Center and the Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL) has resulted in the publication of an online course on copyright, Copyright for Librarians.

Project Bamboo has launched a newsletter with its Winter 2012 issue covering From Planning to Implementation by Tony Cascardi, Principal Investigator.

UNESCO's Global Open Access Portal provides information for policy makers about critical success factors for implementing open access. Funding for the initiative comes from the governments of Colombia, Denmark, and Norway, as well as the United States Department of State.

Creative Commons has published a new release of New Data FAQs with an invitation to join the discussion on licensing database rights in 4.0 (posted on January 11, 2012).

Linked Heritage is a project shared by twenty EU member countries, Israel and Russia aiming to provide large amounts of new content to Europeana. The site hosts descriptions of seven work packages, tools and guidelines for content aggregation, documentation, etc.

The Council of American Overseas Research Centers news includes a posting dated February 14, 2012: Celebrating 30 Years of Expanding Access to Little-known or Hidden International Scholarly Resources. The article notes that over "265,000 records of ancient maps, musical recordings, photographs, archival descriptions, bibliographic records, selected full-text materials, article-level indices, databases, and other research resources" from member centers’ libraries and other collections have been added to the Digital Library for International Research (DLIR).

OpenAIRE description has a useful downloadable factsheet.

Sarah Wenzel has alerted us to the Infodocket notice about the “European Newspapers” project. Seventeen partners will make more than 10 million newspaper pages available via the EUROPEANA service.

The European Commission has initiated a Public consultation on possible revision of Directive 93/7/EEC on the return of cultural objects unlawfully removed from EU member countries, inviting museums, libraries, and archives to join in this return of unlawfully removed cultural objects.

French Resources

Digital Publishing, Applications tablettes et smartphones is devoted to news about e-books, e-readers, reading and social networking and other topics related to online publishing.

On February 7, 2012, revues.org announced the addition of La Philosophie de la connaissance au Collège de France and Memini. Travaux et documents to the platform.

WWD reported in Changes at French Financial Newspaper La Tribune that the paper has ceased publishing its print edition in favor of a daily online edition and a weekly "tabloid" print edition to appear on April 6, 2012.

Thanks to Sarah Wenzel, we learned of the launch of Le Site Théâtre de femmes de l’Ancien Régime. This 2012 version is a companion site to the anthology, Théâtre de femmes de l’Ancien Régime (Publications de l’Université de Saint-Etienne, 2006-2013 in 5 volumes).

Claude Potts alerted us to the publication of la 'Revue italienne d'études françaises,' with the support of the «Seminario di Filologia francese». Fabula's Parution Revue signals the challenges of publishing in the humanities in the current climate.

A new website for SEAC, Société d'Etudes Anglaises Contemporaines was announced on Fabula. The site includes calls for papers for SEAC Colloquia and tables of contents for Etudes Britanniques Contemporaines.

Presses Universitaires François-Rabelais (Tours) is publishing a new series, Iconotextes featuring commentary on forms of publication including text and images (comics, albums, etc.)

Publications numériques de Québec (PNQ) is a compendium of books, journals, and maps freely available on the net.

The BNF has signed an agreement with the Jouve-Safig-Diadéis partnership to digitize 70,000 works per year (over three years with a one-year renewal). The project is funded by the Centre national du livre. Press release in English (See also the French version of the BNF/Jouve joint communiqué)

Italian Resources

Casalini Libri announced the addition of titles from Olschki to its Torrossa.it platform. Marking the 125th anniversary of the publishing house, the materials include items digitized from print publications (2000+), and institutional subscriptions by thematic sub-collection are offered.

A recent post on the FutureBook blog, An e-book in Italy describes the recent If Book Then conference on the future of publishing and creating a European platform for books, music and video in the global arena, likening it to the idea of the Airbus.

Thanks to Thomas Izbicki, we learn of the Lux in Arcana Exhibit, an exhibition marking the fourth centenary of the Vatican Secret Archives. One hundred documents, including manuscript codices, parchments, strings and registers will be on view in the Capitoline Museums until September 2012.

Spanish Resources

Memòria Digital de Catalunya, a new digital collection in Europeana, contains 2,000 posters from Catalonia, highlighting politics, advertisements, cultural events and sports. Of particular interest is the Vinyals collection (1970s-1980s).

A new blog by Patricia Figueroa of Brown University Library will feature interviews with contemporary authors writing in Spanish. Nuevas referencias: retratos de nuevos autores hispanohablantes presents interviews in which authors also comment on social networks, web resources, blogs and other resources that they recommend.

An article in "Liber Quarterly," vol. 21, no. 1 (2011), Mass Digitization at the Complutense University Library: Access to and Preservation of its Cultural Heritage, gives an excellent summary of the digitization initiatives at the Complutense University Library, a project begun in the mid-1990s and enhanced in 2006 via the partnership with Google to digitize public domain materials. As of 2011, holdings are now in the Complutense Library Catalogue, Google Books and HathiTrust Digital Library.

Digitalia, providing e-books and e-journals from Spanish and Latin American Publishing Houses, continues to grow. In the past six months, it has added e-books from LOM Editores (Chilean texts on Poetry, History of Chile and Latin America, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, Memoirs, Stories, Folktales and Short Stories). Estudios Nietzsche is the newest e-journal. Individual subscriptions are available.

Portuguese Resources

revues.org announced in December that it was including two Portuguese journals, Cadernos de Estudos Africanos and Etnográfica via LusOpenEditions.

Simplissimo is a blog that posts information on e-book authors, courses, workshops, and production. It was created in March 2010 by a small team of collaborators in Brazil.

Research Reveals Current Situation of eBooks in Brazil, an article in the blog, Futureebook (Bookseller), describes a publicly-available survey by Simplissimo on Portuguese e-bookselling and publication.

Revolução E-book is another lively blog on various aspects of e-publishing.

German Resources

The German National Library goes LOD & publishes National Bibliography appeared on the 'Open bibliography and Open Bibliographic Data' site, published by the Open Bibliographic Data Working Group of the Open Knowledge Foundation. Another informative posting is on semanticweb.com: The German National Library Opens Up its Data.

Erste Jahrgänge von „Neues Deutschland“ online lesen was reported on the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin newsfeed.

During its 350th anniversary year, the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin issued its mobile app displaying 24 library treasures to the public: 24 Kulturschätze via App sehen und hören.

digital humanities deutschland will establish a chapter organization within the European ALLC (Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing). The first meeting will be an "inaugural unconference" at the University of Hamburg on 17 July 2012.

Austrian Resources

Austrian Books Online, whereby the Austrian National Library in a "Public Private Partnership with Google" will digitize its historical book collection, will be discoverable via the ANL's digital library, Google Books, and Europeana. Over 600,000 items will be digitized. More information in this FAQ and in this Slideshare document, a presentation at LIBER 2011 by Max Kaiser.

The LENTOS Kunstmuseum, opened in 2003 as the successor to the New Gallery (City of Linz), has a well-developed site allowing visitors to search its collections of 13,000 artworks. Contemporary art holdings include Aigner, Golz, Krystufek, Lienbacher, Kempinger, and Lois and Franziska Weinberger. The historical collections draw from classical Modernism, German and Austrian Expressionism, Neue Sachlichkeit, and international artworks (Appel, Bayer, Nay, Warhol, Haring, Lassnig, Lüpertz, Rainer, Chillida, Cragg, Scully, Balkenhol, Export). In addition to paintings, sculptures and graphic works, photographs by A. Rodtschenko, Man Ray, and H. Bayer are also held.

Swiss Resources

The Swiss National Sound Archives lists additions on a rolling basis, including new entries in these musical categories: classic, folk, jazz, rock & pop along with spoken recordings. Latest entries.

The Virtual Library Eduard Imhof, a digitization project by the ETH-Bibliothek of the ETH Zurich, documented an exhibit of the full range of his works, including his impressive relief shading on school maps and atlases.

The Swiss National Library Digitization Projects page includes the Swiss press, journals and books related to the 2012 exhibition on Swiss patois and dialects, and thirty feminist journals. The journals covered by the project join others via the retro.seals.ch platform. Nebelspalter, the Swiss satirical magazine, will also be available online from its earliest issue (1876) through 2000.

Launched in December 2011, poesieromande.ch features "toutes les poésies, toutes les actualités." Visitors to the site can submit announcements of events, publications and critiques via webforms open to all.

Newly digitized by the Swiss National Library is 'L'Afrique explorée et et civilisée,' (1879 et 1894), a collaboration with retro.seals.ch.

New from the Swiss National Library, Le catalogue de la Bibliothèque nationale s’enrichit de nouvelles tables des matières, describes the library's collaboration with German and Swiss libraries in this scanning initiative. Participants include the Universités de Bâle et de Berne, the Zentral- und Hochschulbibliothek de Lucerne, the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek and the Hochschulbibliothekszentrum Rhénanie du Nord-Westphalie.

HelveticArchives has added papers of Golo Mann, Franziska Baumgarten-Tramer, Jakob Flach und Gertrud Wilker. News release

Scandinavian Resources

The Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly devoted its volume 44, no.4 (2011) issue to the theme of E-books: Scandinavian Points of View. The journal will broaden its scope in the next year, becoming the 'Scandinavian Library Quarterly' (edited by the National Library of Sweden). This issue foreshadows the change with articles of interest to all library sectors: publishing, borrowing, cross-border library services and agreements, etc.

The National Library of Norway hosts 'Digital Stories,'. Each link leads to resources that illustrate objects in the collections (such as the object of the month), or full websites such as The Promise of America. The Promise of America is a collaboration between the National Library of Norway and the Norwegian Emigrant Museum to present materials on Norwegian Emigration to America and Norwegian-American culture and history, 1825-1900.

BeNeLux Resources

A census of open access repositories in the Netherlands has been published based on data in NARCIS - National Academic Research and Collaborations Information System.

The SURF Foundation brings together Dutch research universities, universities of applied sciences, and research institutions, supporting innovative projects related to higher education and research. The site's wiki illustrates innovations funded by SURF, such as the VRE Starters Kit, a collaborative forum for institutions establishing Virtual Research Environments (VRE).

revues.org now includes Slavica bruxellensia (Université libre de Bruxelles).

English Resources

Royal Society journal archive made permanently free to access. The archive makes 60,000 historical scientific papers accessible (papers published over 70 years ago), including the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, the first peer-reviewed journal.

The British Academy has just published 100 of its humanities and social sciences publications online with Oxford University Press. A free trial is available.

The Virginia Foundation for the Humanities announced the Magna Carta Online project. Translation and digitization of the document along with 150 early English laws is being led by Bruce O'Brien (University of Mary Washington).

e-Research South, a consortium of institutions devoted to applying e-research technologies to research in a variety of disciplines, has expanded its coverage to include Digital Humanities and Social Sciences in addition to other science disciplines. The core sites (Oxford, Reading, Southampton and STFC) are now joined by UKOLN, Brunel Energy Group and the Centre for e-Research (CeRch) at Kings.

The preservation landscape in the UK and Ireland has been published and will be used to create strategies for The Preservation Advisory Centre's activities and advocacy work.

Brain Pickings by Maria Popova, "culling and curating cross-disciplinary curiosity-quenchers," has just published 7 Must Read Books on the Future of Information and the Internet.

JISC announces new structure to reshape for the future: JISC will become a company limited by guarantee on 1 August 2012. The company will manage its infrastructure, data and content services as well as JISC Futures/Solution Services, the latter supporting education, students and research.

Impact of digitised resources - Arcadia funded research describes a grant of $143,000 to Simon Tanner of King's Digital Consultancy Service (KDCS) for the development of a methodology to assess the value and impact of digitised collections.

The British Library launched a page of original source materials to celebrate Dickens. Literary manuscripts, newspapers, letters, workhouse records and other items are part of Dickens in Context.

The JISC report, Value and benefits of text mining, is a systematic analysis of the costs, benefits, barriers and risks associated with text mining within UKFHE research.

Please continue to submit notifications and/or reviews for inclusion in the upcoming issue of Europe in Bits & Bytes, as well as any comments to Mary Beth Clack.

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