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Column Editor: Mary Beth Clack

Vol. 34, no. 2

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Pan-European Resources

Brian Vetruba's posting on the European Library's Reading Europe leads to an engaging exploration of this rich resource. One may browse by country, subject or language or one may enter the timeline--linking in by century and then scanning the offerings horizontally by year. A few examples of the carefully chosen items from many national collections include: the oldest item, a Commentary on the Apocalypse (1047) with 100 Mozarabic miniatures (National Library of Spain), the only manuscript testimony of the Poema del Cid (1400, also National Library of Spain), a contribution from Iceland, "Instructions on Wedding Ceremonies," intended for the ruling elite and a rare first printing of "Du Contrat social" (1762) with a section on theological intolerance, a portion of which was later deleted by Rousseau (National Library of France). You'll enjoy the visit to this site immensely.

January 1, 2011 marked the launching of Europeana Regia, a collaborative project to digitize Middle Ages and Renaissance manuscripts from several European collections. Coordinated by the BNF, this project will digitize approximately 900 items of interest to historians and scholars of history, politics, and cultural studies. Other participants include the Bibliothèque royale de Belgique, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel, Biblioteca Historica de la Universitat de València.

The Europeana Blog began on March 23, 2011 with a welcome message via video.

Repository 66, is an interesting mashup of open access repository data from ROAR and OpenDOAR overlayed onto Google maps. Created and maintained and by Stuart Lewis of the University of Auckland, the site displays information for institutional repositories worldwide, 1990 to the present. Clicking on the repository placemarker brings up a pop-up set of index cards with website address and other information, OpenDOAR description, Growth Graph and search capability.

The Kluwer Copyright Blog(Wolters Kluwer Law & Business) features news, analysis and commentary on copyright law issues. In English, recent postings cover the Nordic ECL model and the online dissemination of cultural heritage and country-specific copyright issue commentary and case summaries.

The product of a collaboration of several national libraries, Long-Term Preservation Services was published on August 5, 2010 by the National Library of the Netherlands. Other libraries sharing the authorship of this work are The British Library (BL), Koninklijke Bibliotheek – National library of the Netherlands (KB), Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (DNB) and the Nasjonalbiblioteket – National library of Norway (NB). Working group members represented the national libraries of Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands.

Those interested in keeping abreast of European Community news in a variety of sectors may sign up for the free Euractiv Newsletter service. All aspects of poltical, cultural and social life are covered: one can opt for the general updates or specific topic newsletters, 29 in all. A recent article is on Cloud Computing: A Legal Maze for Europe.

Underway since 2005 and launched in 2008, the project and a cooperative network Transeuropéennes/Translating in the Mediteranean Area provides a venue for institutional and non-governmental partners and individual experts to work on translation issues in the Mediterranean area. The archives are placed on file at the [www.imec-archives.com/ Institut Mémoires de l'Edition Contemporaine].

Traduire l'Europe met for its third year in March 2011 in Strasbourg. The event focuses on European literature and translation, but also offers public readings and various events related to the visual arts.

The Mapping History Project, a collaboration of the University of Oregon and the Universität Münster has a section on European history, along with Latin American, American and African maps and modules.

The Society Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP) has compiled a useful set of online exhibits and blogs pertaining to manuscripts, printing and presses, graphic design, typography and illustration and related blogs.

On its blog, The Guardian (UK) has announced its New Europe Series with a focus on Germany, France, Spain and Poland. Both world news and cultural news will be featured. A visualization of European statistics based on the latest data from Eurostat and The Economist Pocket World in Figures 2011, allows viewers to compare trends and topics.

Thanks to Sarah Wenzel, we were alerted to the annoucement of the beta version of the portail européen des archives posted on enssibrèves. This online portal, Archives Portal Europe-beta, is a result of the collaboration of a consortium representing fourteen national archives supported by APEnet and the European Commission's program, eContentplus.

French Resources

The Salon du Livre 2011 will honor a group of countries for the first time. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are being fêted. Other programmatic themes include: Buenos Aires (named UNESCO's world book city), 2011 as the year of "outre-mer," thriller and suspense genres and the serial reader.

From May 5-8, la Ville de Paris will again host Paris en toutes lettres. La Gaîté lyrique, le Point Ephémère et le CentQuatre will welcome writers and artists.

2011 marks the 140th anniversary of the Commune de Paris. The Amis de la Commune site lists a host of activities, including the inaugural event on March 18th and other exhibitions and colloques in various Parisian venues.

Thanks to Sarah Wenzel for alerting us the web presence of MOTif, the Ile-de-France region's publishing association. MOTif issues industry studies and serves as the dépôt légal of the BNF, Dilicom, Livres-Hebdo, l’INSEE, le SNE.

Sarah Wenzel has also announced the new resource for open access publications of all kinds, launched by the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique/CNRS. Isidore: Sciences humaines et sociales aggregates materials including articles (with abstracts), research reports, web sites, blogs, RSS feeds.

HAL-SHS (Hyper Article en Ligne - Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société) is a major French eprint repository covering all areas of the humanities and social sciences with an emphasis on French history, politics and culture and the Francophone region.

Politiques et sciences has a useful set of "sites pertinents" in a right-hand sidebar. Association sites, news and blogs are listed.

enssib announced Développement et Usage des Archives Ouvertes en France. Rapport 1e partie: Développement (Université Charles-de-Gaulle Lille 3). The report publishes the results of a 2009 research project evaluating open repositories in France, with part 1 presenting figures on the typology, size and content of open archives.

The French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe, 1769-1794 will make interactive maps available in summer 2011. The site focuses on the trade of the Société Typographique de Neuchâtel (STN), 1769-1794, and will be a locus for the development GIS technology applications useful for similar studies and projects.

The Guardian (UK) featured a story in March on the Gallimard: 100 years in publishing. An exhibit Gallimard, 1911-2011: Un siècle d'édition is on view at the Bibliothèque nationale de France, galerie François 1er, until July 3, 2011.

Italian Resources

The Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Roma presents an online exhibition, Elsa Morante - Le stanze di Elsa, which includes a chronology, page images of articles, notes on the texts and a bibliography. The notes on the novels' manuscripts contain hyperlinks to manuscript images, along with brief notes on the novels themselves and related editions.

The Fiesole Collection Development Retreat Series, "an informal meeting of leading library and information industry participants devoted to thinking through and debating the new world order in collection development," will meet from May 11-13, 2011 at the National Library of Russia, St. Petersburg. The program will include talks on publishing trends in Eastern Europe and Open Access and its effects on research funding in Russia.

2011 marks the 150th anniversary of the Reunification of Italy. Trolling for information about it, one sees that the blogosphere reins supreme. Here is the best of the sites describing related events: Buzz in Italy.

Spanish Resources

Anatomía de la edición announced that FANDE (Federación de Asociaciones Nacionales de Distribuidores Españoles) issued its 15th (2010) report on the book and periodicals publishing sectors.

OpenAIRE news reports that the Spanish government has issued a Royal Decree with article 14.5 (January 2011) that all universities will mandate deposit of theses in instiutional repositories.

Revisiting Libranda, we learn that the Libranda b2b platform has seven supplying publishers: Metro Group, Random House Mondadori, Grupo Santillana, Roca Editorial, Grup62, SM Group and Wolters Kluwer Group and it has expanded its distribution network to include 40 online stores.

Editores y estrategia digital: 64 respuestas was featured in a posting to Anatomía de la edición on January 14, 2011. Publishers interviewed responded to questions about e-books, the future of publishing and online marketing.

Portuguese Resources

The National Library of Portugal announced that the 4th volume of Bibliografia das obras impressas em Portugal no séc. XVII has been published. This volume, covering Letras S-Z, will be followed by an Index, comprising volume 5 of the series.

In a January 2011 post, Publishing Perspectives reports that Brazil's e-book market grew over the past year from one store, Gato Sabido, to several (Cultura, Saraiva,Ponto Frio, Casas Bahia, Singular and Grioti). Poised to enter the market are the e-content distributors Xeriph and Simplíssimo.

German Resources

Thanks to Jim Campbell, we learn that www.recensio.net will offer an open access multi-lingual platform for reviews of works on European history. The Bavarian State Library is responsible for archiving and descriptive metadata. The platform is a collaboration of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Institut für Europäische Geschichte Mainz (IEG) and Deutsches Historisches Institut Paris (DHIP) and is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

EGO: European History Online, "a history of modern Europe from the perspectives of communication and transfer," will publish over 200 articles by 2013. EGO is a multi-media source for recent research arranged in ten thematic threads and is published by the Institute of European History (IEG), Mainz. Launched in pilot phase with funding from state of Rhineland-Palatinate as part of the university programme "Wissen schafft Zukunft" (2007−2009), the site has been funded since 2009 by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation–DFG).

literaturcafe.de has sections for Reports and News, podcasts (recently including perspectives from the Leipzig Book Fair 2011), Literature Events, Links, e-book news, a Literature Quiz and other informative and timely items.

A Project Launch press release has been issued as a call for items for "The First World War in everyday documents." Citizens of Germany are asked to bring their memorabilia to one of four roadshows in Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart this spring. The online archive, an additional means by which to contribute, World War One in pictures, letters and memories is open as of March 2011.

Austrian Resources

Literaturzeitscriften in Österreich is the Austrian National Library's portal for literary magazines, 1945-1990. Over 300 titles are included along with critical essays.

Swiss Resources

The Swiss National Library's Swiss Literary Archives (Das Schweizerische Literaturarchiv SLA/Archives littéraires suisses) celebrates its twentieth anniversary with a presence at the Salon du livre de Genève. Volume n° 32 (avril 2011) of Quarto, the SLA's journal, will be dedicated to the work of Friedrich Glauser.

Since first announced in this column, Digicoord has launched six projects, three of which have been completed. Of particular interest are the journal and image databases. See for Browse>>digitized journals for a listing by classification.

Slated for digitization in 2010-2011, the National Library's Helvetica Rara (160 of the rarest items in the collection) will be available online later this year.

infoclio.ch, "the professional portal of the historical sciences in Switzerland," includes news, a blog, research databases, a research portal, reviews, information on history and digital media and digital tools. The site is an initiative of the Swiss Society of History (SGG) and the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAHS).

Scandinavian Resources

Recently updated, Worlds of women - International Material in ARAB’s Collections gives an overview of resources at in Sweden's Labour Movement Archives and Library (ARAB). Links to essays and inventories are provided.

Sponsored by the National Library of Norway, Beacon for Freedom of Expression was launched in March 2011. Based on the initiative begun in 1995 by the Norwegian Forum for Freedom of Expression (NFFE) documents censorship past and present with a database of 50,000 works.

SagaNet, an international collaboration between Cornell University and the National and University Library of Iceland, provides access to manuscripts and books of Old Icelandic literature and criticism published prior to 1900.

The Digitization Policy of the National Library of Finland was published in December 2010. One of its provisions is for "community enrichment of content," including crowdsourcing to correct errors in text recognition. An example is set forth on the Digitalkoot site, where an invitation to correct errors in the index of old Finnish newspapers is extended via participation in Facebook.

BeNeLux Resources

Cataloguing the Illuminated Manuscripts of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek and the Museum Meermanno-Westreenianum is an informative summary of the history of collecting and cataloging 11,000 Dutch illuminated manuscripts (including works from the Museum Meermanno-Westreenianum temporarily housed in the KB during the museum's renovation, 2001-2002).

Luxembourg's National Library announced its conference, Nothing is more constant than change: the German National Library and digital revolution, April 4, 2011. Speaking will be Dr. Elisabeth Nigggemann, Director General of the German National Library, Chairman of the Conference of European National Librarians (CENL), chairman of the Europeana Foundation, member of the Comité des sages.

The National Library of Luxembourg features an article by Patrick Peiffer in forum, issue 305: Dossier "Propriété intellectuelle" Dossier "Intellectual Property". The article is entitled, "Urheberrechtliche Aspekte zu Europeana."

English Resources

Editing Modernism in Canada (EMiC) hosts a collaboration among researchers and institutions in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, and the United States. The project aims to produce crtically edited texts of all kinds (poetry, fiction, drama, autobiography, correspondence, and non-fictional prose) by modernist Canadian authors (and others who have relationships to Canadian modernism).

Portico will partner with Oxford University Press (OUP) to preserve OUP's e-book collection (using the Oxford Scholarship Online resource and Handbooks Online resource).

Bodleian Libraries News reports on two significant initiatives. The University of Oxford's £1 million award from JISC Collections to enable the Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership (EEBO-TCP) to digitize 43,500 early printed texts. This important addition will further the goal to provide access to English publications printed before 1700. Secondly, the Bodeliean will partner with the Bibliotheca Apostolica Vaticana (BAV) in a project to pool professional knowledge and resources, "with the aim of promoting understanding of their outstanding collections of early books and manuscripts."

University of Oxford Humanities has a wonderful summary of the digital projects created via various collaborations and grants.

The University of Birmingham announces that the Dickens Journals Online project will complete its digitization of Household Wordsand All the Year Round in time for the Dickens centenary in 2012. A freely-available resource, biographies, bibliographies and secondary sources will complement the original works.

OCLC notes that an initial proof of concept for a UK national public library catalogue is being drafted in March 2011 by The Combined Regions and the Online Computer Library Center. Drawing on WorldCat data, the new UK catalogue would provide access to materials owned by authorities with a current full subscription to UnityUK (an inter-library loan service provided by The Combined Regions).

The British Cartographic Society Map Curators Group publishes an Directory of UK Map Collections, listing 400 entries describing holdings in national, university and local authority collections.

The Digital Literary Atlas of Ireland, 1922-1949, is based on the Trinity Long Room Hub at the University of Dublin. Various perspectives--literary, historical and cartographic--for fourteen prominent authors are presented in a Google Earth timeline and map.

New to this author was the description of the collection of dust jackets at the Victoria & Albert Museum containing over 11,000 items from the British Library collection activity from 1956 to 1991. The BL removed the expertly illustrated jackets from publications from Britain and around the world. See Links to images and more information.

The UK Open Access Implementation Group has posted its Workplan 2010-2011. In early 2011, three studies of the impact of open access on private, public and third sectors will ensue. Phase 2 (late 2011) will consist of the Development of an evidenced policy position paper on open access.

The Royal Irish Academy in cooperation with higher education and cultural institution partners has launched DHO: Discovery, a portal for Irish cultural artifacts. Items from collections at the Chester Beatty Library, Irish Traditional Music Archive, National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG), Queen’s University Belfast (QUB), Royal Irish Academy (RIA), St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra (SPCD), Trinity College Dublin (TCD), University College Dublin (UCD) and University College Cork (UCC) are included.

Please continue to submit notifications and/or reviews for inclusion in the upcoming issue of Europe in Bits & Bytes, as well as any comments to Mary Beth Clack.

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